Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (81)


Kunj came out of his home and as instructed walked toeards main road.. and entered a car..
As soon as he entered there.. he was given a packet.. he took it..
The car dropped him in front of a hotel n give the keys of room no – 201 and asked him to open the packet there..
he went ther… opened the packet and found a charming white coloured ethenic wear kurta.. and a note..

wear this and come in hotel’s parking ..
n again sit in the same car which dropped u there..

Reading the note he again went there..
Car again started and stopped in front of a jeweller shop..
He then received a message to collect a packet from this shop.. he just need to go there and tell his name and he will get the packet..
and yes pay the bill too..
he did as was told..

Again a message beeped..
message- good boy!! now go to xyz restaurant and get the food packet..
n yes her.. u need to give the payment for food too..

he again went there and collected the food packet too..
Like this he got red roses too..

He got confused as why the kiddnaper is asking him to do these stupid things.. but he jerkrd his thoughts and he was hell worried for twinkle..
At last he reached before a jungle..
He received a message to come straight.. his twinkle will meet him there only..

Jungle was so dark.. after walking for about 2-3 minutes.. he reached before a tree house..
He was asked to step in..
he went ther..
he limed tree house and opened the door..
there was so much darkness.. he became afraid for twinkle as he know that twinkle is afraid from darkness..

kunj- twinklee..(shouted) twinklee.. are u here?/
as he was calling out her name someone came and back hugged him..
He became starteled with this act and jerked the person who was hugging him..

As soon as he did this.. lights of tree house switched onn..
and what he saw made him starteled..

he was twinkle standing ther looking just stunning in red coloured saree looking divine..
(link- Here)

Kunj just forgot to breath seeeing her fine in front of his eyes..
then suddenly he realised something and hugged her tightly asking whether she is fine or not??
k- twinkle.. omg!! twinkle .. u ok??

he broke the hug and started looking her if she is fine and cupped her face in cooncern..
tw- (cupped his face seeing him so panic) kunj.. (he was not listening) kunjj.. kunj plz listen to me.. see.. see im all fit n fien..
kunj saw her and releived seeing her fine..
he again hugged her and she too reciprocated..
kunj the came in senses.. considering all the events that happen with him soome time ago..
k- tw.. but how can u be her.. vo phone call… (realised something) omg!! it means it was u.. who was playing with me from last one hour..
Twinle looked into his eyes and nooded fearfully..

Listening thsi kunj jerked her..
k- what d hell?? how could u twinkle how could u do this to me…
u know i was soo scared listening that u got kiddnaped.. n her u were playing prank with me.. dont u have a senses..
tw- (tried to speak)vo.. kunj.. i was.. i wanted..
k- (angrily) what!! ha.. what u wanted?? why u did this…
twinkle’s eyes are filled with tears listening his scoldings..
He again tightly hold her from her shoulders leaving his finger marks on her sking and was shouting at her angrily..
k- tell me.., what was ur motive behind this prank??
tw- (it was now enough.. she has listened soo muuch.. now its time to reply) TO CONFESS I THAT I LOVE U KUNJ… I LOVE U SO MUCH.,.
k- what!! that is alright but how could u.. (registerd her words in her mind) what!! what u said?? U said u..
tw– yes kunj/… I LOVE U SOOO MUCH..
Kunj’s eyes was shedding happy tears and triede to hug her but now she jerked him..
tw- what do u think of urself?? i did soo much for u just to confesss u .. but u .. jab se aaye ho.. u r just shouting on me.. (teary eyes)
k- vo twinkle..(cupped her face) i .. i m .. vo ii got soo much tensed listening ur kidnapping that i lost all my senses..
twinkle turned her face ..
Kunj smiled seeing her antics..

Kunj went in front of her..
tw- (became emotional) u know kunj.. i lov e u soo much.. aaj se nhi balki tab se jab se mera accident hus ttha .. n u cared for me..
but i realised it little late.. that day when u confessed me.. i got to know that .. i too love u.. thats why i shared my past with u.. but when u told me that u r only KUNJ SARNA..
i broke down.. i broke down completely.. n i just wanted some time for me to think wisely.. thats why i left from home..
That day i see guilt , pain and love in your eyes for me..
Those days which i spend without seeing u and without talking to u.. those days were hell for me..
And from last 15 days.. i m tring to talk with u but u were ignoring me.. even i planned that picnic so that i could spare some time and confess my feelings to u..
but u still didnt cared.. u just ignored me.. n it hut me.. here( pointing towards her heart) ..
i told maa about this .. she supported me and asked me to confess as soon as possible..

See i have made all these arrangement for us.. for my confession.. but u u r scolding me.. u r soo bad.. (making pout face)
Kunj saw towards decorated tree house and Cutely hold her both ears and smiled innocently and muttered sorry..
twinkle melted seeing him like this..
tw- (smied) aacha ok.. now leave ur ears..
See chanda mama has arrived and i m soo hungry because of u.. chalo hurry up now and break my fast..
k- (shocked) twinkle!! u did fast ?? how can u .. u know na.. u r still not fine ..(angry)
tw- (angrily- fake one) now dont start again.. n see i m totally fit n fine..
but if u will not break my fast in next 10 min na.. then surely i will die of hunger..
kunj hurriedly put his hands on her lips to stop her from speaking..
and nooded in no..

twinkle went and get her plate of puja and stand towarrds window from where moon was clearly seen..
Twinkle asked kunj to come..
he too went there..

Twinkle started rituals.. after seeing moon from steive.. she saw kunj from it.. did his aarti and give water to moon..
She did complete her rituals and bend to take his blessing but kunj stopped him..

k- are syappa queen.. u r not looking good in this sati savitri role.. u just be my sherni syappa queen only.. n yeah i cant tolerate this sanskari girl..
Twinkle laughed listening him and complied..
Kunj then broke her fast with his hands by giving her water.. After him twinkle too make hi m drink water..
k- but mujhe kyu??
tw- aab jyada bano mat.. i know u too have kept fast..
Kunj smiled seeing her..

Tw- (making her hands roam on her tummy) are kunj now chalo.. show me the food packt.. i m too hungry..
kunj and twinkle together served dinner which collected from restaurant on the way and both feed each other.. smilingly..

K- vaise twinkle.. why have u sent me to collect all those things ..
tw- are buddhu.. i was here na.. preparing alll this..(showing all the decorations) so who would have bought food.. thats why i told u..
k- and what about the packet from jewellery shop and these roses..
tw- simple.. for the proposal.. (casually)
k- omg!! twinkle.. am i deaming.. u r gonna propose me.. twinkle, the one and only syappa queen is going to propose KUNJ SARNA, THE GREAT
tw- oh.. mr kunj sarna.. jyada hawa me udne ki zarurat ni h..
I asked u to bought this so that u could propose me for the marriage after my confession.. (showing tashan)
Kunj’s jaw dropped listening her…

Screen freeses on this shocked face..

He he.. hello friends.. how is the episode?/
hope u liked it??
HOW was twinkle’s confession??
Do tell me ur views regarding the episode..
i made it too long and yyeah tried to make it interesting too..
do comment gys..
bbyee.. seee u soon with next episode..

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  1. Sohi

    Twinkles confession was 8th wonder yaar
    Loved twinj scenes and
    And their dialogues were superb
    But what is the reason of their separation
    Liked twinkles saree
    Do continue and post soon

  2. Ramya

    Awesome monaa
    Amazing twinkle proposal was like superb lovely awesome n mera guess sahi nikla
    Post soon
    Love u keep smiling

  3. Monaa darling dii??????amazinggg and beautiful episode….. Twinkle ka proposal was so cutee and unique …..excited for the next??but won dress ka link open nahi huaa ?but no worries??post next soon ??

  4. Presha

    Hey monaa..
    Its just awesome…
    I really loved it…
    Twinkle proposal was ??
    Post soon..
    Love u…

  5. Lovely episode

  6. Amazing episode

  7. Awesome episode
    Post soon

  8. Marvelous episode

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous cute lovely epi

  10. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….So cute episode….

  11. Simiyy

    I loved the confession
    Wondering the reason behind Twinj speration
    Post soon

  12. SidMin

    Just awesome … Loved the episode it was too good …
    Twinkle rocked Kunj shocked … wah she is the first girl who has prepared for her partner to propose her ?
    Loved it. ..
    Love you post soon ❤

  13. SidMin23

    It was fabulous and twinkle and her ways of proposing kunj was unbelievable and yes waiting for kunj proposal too. Do post soon.

  14. Baby

    Hahahahhahahahahahhaaaa…..monnaa diii hey bhagwaan epic….phellii baar zindagi mein….twinkle ko apne liye apne pati ko hum sab ko heart attack dete hue apne liye roses food n jewellery for her proposal hahahahaaaaa payment bhi bechaare kunj ne hi kiyaa…..Hahahahhahahahahahhaaaa…..twinkle ki jai ho……..Hahahahhahahaaa……osm speechless marvellous maza aagya ohhh god what can I say dii dey were soooo amazing n finally proposal happened it took place wow….. 🙂
    Beautiful n sooo adorable plus never the less……funny…..hahaaha….. 🙂
    Lods of love dii…. 🙂
    Post nxt asap…. 🙂

  15. Wow monaa it was awesome amazing nd wt not
    Really I loved it
    Twinkle’s confession was superb

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