Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (80)


@morning- 4A.M.
Ladies of house was seen in the hall having their sargi..
Mahi and pari were teasing twinkle for keeping fast for kunj and usha was admiring their bond and ofcourse our heroines blushing face..

After 10 minutes or so.. manohar, uv and adi also arrived and demaned sargi from usha afterall.. they are also gonna keep fast for their respective wives..
usha gave sargi or u can say food to her bhukkad sons.. but didnt gave to manohar and strictly told him not to keep fast..

manohar- usha ji.. where is my plate.. u have given to ur sons.. what abt me??
usha- no need.. keep quite and come on dinning table at the time of breakfast..
manohar- but ..(interrupted by usha)
usha- n yeah.. u r getting old.. no need to keep fast..
Manohar made a pout face.. (innocent walla… lol.. imagine him being innocent.. ha ha.. i cant stop laughing imagining him like this.. hope u too are laughing)
listening this all started laughing.. on manohar…
manohar gave them dearth glare… everyone quitely left from there having sargi plate in their hands..
Manohar went near usha..

manohar- its not good usha ji.. i m not that old..
usha- (started laughing) ji bilkul ji.. aap kah old h.. buddhi to m ho gayi hu..
Usha started leaving from there..
Suddenly manohar started singing..

[Ai meri joharaajabin, tujhe maalum nahin
Tu abhi tak hai hasin aur main jawaan
Tujhape kurbaan meri jaan, meri jaan

Ye shokhiyaan, ye baankapan jo tujhamen hai, kahin nahin
Dilon ko jitane kaa fn jo tujhamen hai, kahin nahin
Main teri aankhon men paa gayaa do jahaan

Tu mithhe bol jaan-e-man jo muskuraa ke bol de
To dhadkanon men aj bhi sharaabi rng ghol de
O sanam main teraa ashik-e-jaawidaa]

Usha blushed listening him .. n beat him on his chest and both left from there..
(haa ha.. ha… oldies romance… have u ppl ever seen oldies romance in any other ff.. see i gave u the opportuniny to see it also.. lol)

After they both left.. kunj who was quitely listening everything from start.. started laughing seeing his parents romance..
and came towards kitchen.. to see whether anything is left for him or not..
he sighed not finding anything..
kunj- (monologue) kunj beta.. ajj to u have to keep fast without morning sargi.. babaji.. sambhal lena.. (saying this he started laeving)
but usha suddenly came in front of him having a plate in her hands.. n handed it over to him..

usha- u were finding this only na..(raising her eyebrows)
kunj- no.. (shuttering because of nervousness) na.. ma.. m to .. ha.. vo i needed water.. pani.. pani lene aaya tha..
usha- no need to hide anything from me..
(caressing his hairs) i know.. my kunj is also gonna fast for her twinkle haina.. see i have already prepared plate for u..
Kunj smiled sheepishly and was going from ther..
Usha was also leaving..
k- vaise maa.. papa is soo romantic .. nhi.. (asking her)
usha blushed listening him..
usha- hat.. shaitaan.. (left from ther blushing)
kunj too left..

@10 a.m.
twinkle and usha were setting up temple in home and talking..
twinkle– maa..what should i do now..??
how will i tell him ur dumbhead son my feelings.. he is ignoring me from a long time..
not even talking with me.. see here i m keeping fast for him.. n he dont have time to even see me.. u know.. he left for office even before his usual time.. without having his breakfast..

usha- i know puttar… n he loves u soo much.. tabhi to.. he has kept fast for..
Twinkle became shocked listening this..
tw- what!! he has kept fast for me..(twinkle eyes filled with tears imagining his love for hr)
tw- but maa.. when he love me soo much.. then why is he soo away from me.. whenever i tried to talk to him.. he makes one or the other execuse and left without even meeting my eyes..
now i cant tolerate anymore.. (teary eyes)
usha- then so something n tell him ur feelings.. vo kya h na.. my kunj is seriously dumb head.. now only u need to do something..(winked n left from ther)
Twinkle now became determined and left from ther thinking something..

Some pooja was going on.. (karvachowth vrat pooja) And all ladies are rotating ther plates doing some ritual..
And all the gents were staring their respective ladies lovingly..

uv- haye.. babaji.. kya lag re h mahi.. (dreamingly)
adi- and my pari is seriously looking pari.. (and so on)
Both were admiring their wives..
and kunj was smiling listening their talks.. and he too was admiring twinkle..

Pooja was completed and everyone went to terrace to find chanda mama.. (moon) but moon was nowheer to be found..
When everybody was busy talking about food and moon.. twinkle received a message and she quitely left from there..
Usha asked everyone to settle down her only as moon can come anytime..
everyone gathered there but twinkle was nowhere to be found..
Usha asked kunj to see where is twinkle..
Kunj nooded and came downstairs to find her but didnt found her anywhere..

Kunj received a call ..
caller- what happened?? finding someone.. (laughed wickedly)
kunj- who are u ?? kaun ho tum??
caller- mujhe janne se jyada zaruri h tumhara ye janna ki tumhari lovely wife.. ooops not wife.. so yeah.. what i was saying .. ur lovely twinkle is with me..
k- what kaun?? kaun ho tum?/ (panicking) aur aur meri twinkle kha h..
caller- ha ha ha ha…. (laughing madly)

u wanna know na ki twinkle kha h.. to chup chap jo m bolta hu vo karo..
k- okk. ok… tell me what i have to do..?? but plz leave twinkle..
kya dushmani h tumhari usse..
caller- dushmani usse nhi.. tumse h.. aur tumhari jaann to usme basti h..
now stop this nonsense and do whatever i m saying..
k- ok ok.. tell me what i have to do??
caller- yeah listen carefully… (mute)
k- ok..
and he cut the call and without thinking anything left from there…

Screen freeses on kunj shocked and worried face..

H ah.. how the episode gys??
do tell me..
He he.. And how was oldies romance??
and yeah where is twinkle/??
She is really kiddnaped or she is doing all this to confess her feelings..
is this kiddnaping something related to present??
is this the reason kunj and twinkle are not together in past..
guess guess..

n tell me through ur comments what do u think will happen??
ha ha.. waiting for ur response gys..
see u soon with next interesting chapter..


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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Amazing episode ….Mona darling

  2. Sohi

    Really interesting Mona
    Ab plz tum mat kehna ki ur quiting or ending this ff I’m seriously fed up of it
    I think twinkles kidnapping is related to the present
    And ya oldies romance was fabulous
    Do continue and post soon

    1. Purvi128

      Yarrr Sohi .. I m sorry yarr..

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Suspense bhot h…bt the epi was amazing awesome

  4. Purvi128

    Hey Monaa di…
    That was amazing… oldies romance toh ????
    Nd i think the kidnapping is related to present… just a guess..
    Post next soonest…
    Love u

  5. Presha

    Hey monaa..
    Its awesome..
    Just loved it…
    Loved oldies romance…
    Twinj re away bcoz of this kidnapping..
    Post soon…
    Love u

  6. SidMin23

    Nice and I don’t expect oldies romance ?? actually I was waiting for twinj romance but it okay Soon will see and I think twinkle want to confess to kunj that why she is planning this kidnaping idea of it can be someone kidnap her do post soon.

  7. Ramya

    Monaa phir suspense mai chod di
    It’s awesome amazing
    N oldies romance was like awesome so lovely
    Post aoon
    Love u keep smiling

  8. Haaan Mona darling dii????? app bhi quit karne ke baat mat karnaa?because seriously this a trend going on nowadays on our TU?rather Twinj world?………BTW the superbbb episode??oldie romance was so cutee ??and I am confused?yeh puraa Flashback mein chal raha hai kya??? Toh present kab aya tha???please bata dena???byeee

    1. Monaa

      Present eas just 2 episodes in which it was shown that twinj are living in separate city and manohar is in coma and kunj us planning to destroy luthras.. After this all the flashback is twinj thinking at their respective places.. Hope u r clear?? ?

      1. Ooo ….yass now I understood??but they are living in separate cities ?hmmmmm…….post next soon ????

  9. Awesome

  10. Cannot wait for suspense and next one was asap

  11. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome . ..inyresring suspense and twist … post soon can’t wait ..
    Love you ❤

  12. Baby

    Amazing osm wow….srsly monnaa dii maza aagya sch mein kahin nhi dekha nahi pada oldiee romance uff…itna cute hahahaa…lovely episode….bt srsly dil baith gya wen read twinkle ko kuch hogya….n kiai ne pata ni kya hua hai….kunj well lovely episode…lods of love…. 🙂

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