Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (71)

Sorryyyyy… sorryy.. sorryy.. i m really sorry for the late update.. but i was out of town.. so sorry once again..

Twinkle’s POV—
i twinkle taneja.. oops.. sorry twinkle sarna.. i mean i dont know.. what is my real identity??
n it is so painful..
like yesterday.. everything was soo soo perfect..
prefect family.. perfect friend.. no no not friend.. but the best friend.. but what was that??
Lie.. everything was a lie..
My best friend.. my partner in pranks.. my saviour.. even my enemy.. he became my everything but i didnt know that it will all be a lie..
He turn out to be the same person.. who once left me on wedding night..
i to totally forgot him.. was living my life on my terms.. even was chasing my dreams.. my new family which i got because of him became my life..
but they lied.. they all lied to me..
when they knew him to be the same person, why didnt they tell me..?? whyy??
i was so much stressed.. when maa came n she didnt spoke a single word but just started caressing my hairs as if understanding my inner turmoil..
hes every action made me overwhelmed.. she is just like my mom.. no no… not like.. but she is my second mom..
i was feeling good in her presence n i kept my head in her lap..
She gave me an apologistic look but i denied her..

After sometime.. when i became calm.. i asked her-
me- maa.. can i ask a thing?? its killing me inside..
usha- (still caressing her hairs) ofcourse baccha.. u can ask anything??
me- when did u came to know about sid??
usha- (calmly) when u met with accident n u were in hospital..
me- then why didnt u tell me anything? its been approx 6 months to that accident.. Didnt i have the rights to know about this..?? (water flowing fromher eyes)
usha- na baccha.. we wanted to tell u everything at the same instant when u woke up but doc said that u r not emotionally strong.. n not t give u any stress..
then kunj suggested not to tell now as it may effect ur health.. n we all agreed as ur health was more important for us..
(she told her everything about hospital…- kunj meeting with family, family’s scoldings, blames to spoil twinke’s life, slaps n anger .. everything.. even the reason of uv’s separation from family n his innocence .. everything.. each and every detail)
And i was listening without even uttering a word..

I listened everything.. n didnt speak a sinle word.. n i got some strength to speak..
me- maa.. i wanna be alone for sometime..
Usha got up n said-
usha- beta.. everything is in your hand.. take whatever decision u want.. ur family will always be there for u.. i m always with my daughter.. (gentely kissed her forehead before leaving)
after reaching the door she again spoke–
usha- twinkle puttar.. (tw saw towards her) but keep one thing in mind.. he really started loving u.. n i know ur feelings too.. so just keep every thing in ur mind while taking any decision.. i just want my daughter’s happiness..
i nooded n she left..
i again lay on my bed thinking deeply everything what maa has said..
POV Ends—

Usha reached hall where everyone was waiting for her to know about twinkle.. kunj was the most desperate person..
manohar- what happened usha .. our daughter is fine na??
u- ji.. i told her everything.. now its just her decision which she has to take.. n i m with her in her every decision (she said this while looking at kunj)
Kunj bowed his head down..
everybody nooded..
All- ofcourse we all r with her..
u- she need some time alone to think about this matter..
Mahi-uv saw towards kunj n felt bad about him.. but its his punishment to do wrong with an innocent soul..
Everybody left from there being sad..

How’s the episode friends.. do tell me through ur comments..
sorry for late.. i will try to be regular from now.. but i can give more than 2 episodes in a week.. but if i will get time then i will surely update more..
byee.. take care keep smiling..:)

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it too good the talks between Usha and Twinkle was the best part …. I mean the cutest daughter and mother duo…
    Loved it …. feeling sad for Twinkle and Kunj ….
    Love you post soon ????

  2. Sohi

    Hey after a long time yaar
    Episode was emotional but twinkles pov is true
    Plz try to post regularly
    Do continue

  3. SidMin23

    It was good and twinkle and usha were good in then scene

  4. Mia12

    Awww soo much emotinal episode,,?? love each and every scean very much,,???????? everyone’s bond was amazing,,??????? but I want kunj to suffer more,,??? And no pblm when u post but post soon,,???
    With lods of love,,❤❤

  5. Presha

    H3y its so awesome just lo5v3d it

  6. Where were you Monaa darlingg ???? diii ..,…… Beautuuuuuuuutifuuullll episodeee …..Post soonn???

  7. Chiku

    Awwww!!! Sooo much emotional lovely. Loved it.
    Plzz post soon

  8. Superb episode i loved the bonding between twinkle and Usha post soon

  9. Awesome…. Too much emotional….superb…..luvd it to the core…..plzzzzzz try to post nxt asap……luv u sooooooooo much for such a nice ff and sorry for not cmnting in previous episodes….?

  10. Ritzi

    Hey monaa…finally ur back.. Lovvveeddd the epi

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  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  13. Baby

    monaa di loved it to core………♥
    srsly too good too emotional too cute
    motherly love n affection…….☺
    lods of love♥♥♥

  14. Aanya_pandey

    Love the update mona..

  15. Ramya

    Awesome amazing MONAA
    Domt know twinkle decision
    I’m so excited
    Love u keep smiling

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