Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (65)

@dinning table–
Everybody is having dinner silently but our syappa queen is making faces seeing everbody’s plate n then her bowl of spinach soup.. (Omg! Imagine her havibg eye on everyone’s plate n then her food, looking so cute)
Everybody is supressing their laughter seeing her antics.. Usha interrupted her thoughts..
U- twinkle puttar.. Kya hua?? Finish ur foid soon… Afyer that u have to take medicibes also..
Twinkle interrupted…
Tw- NO.. No medicines from today( almost shouting)
Everybody laughed seeing her horrifies expressions listenibg abt medicines..
U- oh.. Aacha puttar m bhul gayi thi.. Kya karun bhuddi ho gayi hu na..?
Tw- oh maa.. Dont worry.. See u have this soup.( passing her the boul of her soup) u will have enery and ur brain will race like horse.. Ok maa.. Now give me ur food I will eat ur food.. U eat mine.
She said this in the innocent way possible n everybody brusted laughing..
Mahi- twinkle ki bacchi… Ye sab bahame pata h hume tumhare.. Dont make us fool and finish ur soup..
Twinkle smiled sheepishly…
N started having her soup staring everybody n making faces…
As soon as she finished.. She ate full glass of water n demanded chocolate from kunj ..
Tw- see I have finished my food.. Sid now give me the chocolate u promised… It was so bitter.. I m feeling like vomiting.. Give me asap..
Kunj slightly laughed at her antics n handed her chocolate..
Twinkle happily take it n left for her room..

After she left .. Manohar startef talking seriously..
M- I want to talk to all of u.. Come to hall after ur dinner n make sure twinkle would have slrpt.. Its important.
Everybody finished their dinner n kunj left to check on twinkle..
He entered her room n saw her sleeping peacefully.. He came towards her n adjusted her blanket carefully.. N kissed her forehead lovingly n left wishing her good night.. Twinkle smiled in her sleep feeling his touch n slept having angelic smile on her face..

Everybody was gathered in hall..
Kunj- papa.. U were saying something.. Anything serious.??
M- serious to h beta..
U know about twinkle.. Now her operation is successful.. N her health is improving..
Its not good to hide such a big truth of her life from her.. I think we should tell her the truth of her marriage..
U- par ji.. Usse kuch hoga to nhi na..
M- usha..samajhne ki kosis karo.. Usse haq h ye janne ka ki kunj hi uska pati h..
K- par dad.. Agar vo sach janne ke baad hume chod kar chali gayi to.?
I can’t affod to loose her..
(His eyes are filled)
Uv patted his shoulder assuring him that everything would be fine..
Adi- u r right papa.. Sach janne ke baad uska jo bhi decision hoga hume manna hoga.. Aakhir ye uski life h. Him kab tak usse andhare me rakh sakte h..??
Pari- par usse batayega kaun??
K- I will tell her but in my own way..
Before telling her I wanna confirm her about her feelings on me..
Like u know I love her .. N I feel she also have some feelings for me.. I just wanna confirm that first..
M- do what u want but tell her as soon as possible..
K- ji papa.. I will try my best.. By the end of this week I will tell her truth..
M- hmm ok..
U- beta dhyaan rakhna. Uske health par koi effect ni hona cahiyae..( teary eyed)
Aliya- (hugged her mom) maa dont worry twinkle bhabhi ko kuch ni hoga.. Him sa h na unke saath..
One by one everybody left from hall thinking about the consequences of the truth..
Kunj was determined to tell her truth n get her in his life as hus wife..
Kunj was left alone in hall as everybody left already…

Kunj POV–
What is this??
I knew one day we have to tell her the truth but I never thought that the day will come so soon..
What will happen when she will come to know the truth …
Today she think me as her friend, her well wisher butvwhat will happen after the truth will be out..
I know she too have some feelings for me.. N I love her too. Then why can’t we be together.. ?? Why god??
I know u r punishing me for my deeds but u kniw na I can’t live without her.. Plz god do something that she will alwas stay with me ..

Yeh! This is good idea..
Tonorrow I will take her on date n will propose her.. If she have any feelings for me she won’t deny then I will tell her about our relation… I m sure she will understand me n will forgive me..
Bas god now give me strength.. To get twinkle in my life..
Plz help me god .. Plz..
Kunj POV ends–

He was having tears in his eyes thinking about all this..
Someone came n put his hands on his shoulders.. He tured back to see the person n immediately hugged him..
Uv caressed his hairs..( yes he is uv only.. Both brothers share a great bond) n tried to calm him down.. No one spoke anything.. Their actions are saying all.. Uv parted himself from hug n handed him the water glass.. After that he took him to his room n asked him to sleep..
Kunj complied n slept thinking about tomorrow’s work.. Uv adjusted his blanked n after caressing his hairs left from there…

Mahi was watching their bond standing on door n admiring them teary eyed..
Uv turned n saw mahi standing there.. Mahi assured him through eyes.. Uv side huggee her n both left for their room in same side hugging position..
Screen freeses…

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  1. U know I just LOVE u yarr.. ????? Ur description as always beyond of the boundary’s swettttttttness overloaded urggh ?? mai pagal ho jaunga yarr kya bol rahe hu mujhe bhi pata nahi ???
    But as always u made me overwhelmed warming in ur hot sweet episode ???????? I love the way u share their bond towards each other it’s just splendid ?????? post next update soon eagerly waiting 4 it ??? Love you ????

  2. SidMin

    Loved it such a cute episode
    Felt sad for Kunj bechara
    Twinkle’s cute antics were so sweet
    Love you post soon ❣?

  3. Presha

    Hey monaa first to comment the epi is very rocking but sage ki storyline shocking lag rahi PR we will wait for next
    Post soon
    Love u

  4. Simiyy

    Hey Mona
    It was really good
    I cant wait to know what happens when Twinkle finds out the truth
    Try to post soon
    Loads of Love

  5. Sohi

    Lovely and cute episode
    Waiting for their date
    Do continue

  6. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhhh god monna di too cute 😀
    lovely episode shooo sweet twinkle uff hhaahaha osm her tantrums
    n d family talk cant w8 for nxt plss post asap di
    luv u lods♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous….

  9. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesome.. and loved twinkles cute antics??. . She’s so adorable.. wondering what will happen after she comes to know the truth.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  10. SidMin23

    Nice update and twinkle and soup moment was good and I feel sad for kunj what will happen when twinkle got to know Truth I hope she understands and get back everything normal.

  11. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey mona
    Cute epi… Loved Twinkle’s antics… Cant wait to know Twinkle’s reaction after knowing the truth plz post next soonest…

    Love you❤

  12. Chiku

    Awwww!! Thats soooo sweeet. Lovely ????post soon

  13. Ramya

    Monaaa so sry fr late
    But it was awesome amazing episode
    I loved yunj bonding
    It’s so adorable
    Loved it
    Loads of love keep smiling

  14. Aanya_pandey

    Mona darling!!!
    Amazing episode.. twinkle k nakhre… Hayyee..
    N yrr dat last scene.. kunj’s breakdown.. that ws so emotional

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