Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (40)

hello friends.. i m so sorry but i couldnt upload one more episode yesterday itself.. n u know today is holiday from my college… so thought to write one more episode.. hope u will like it..
So sorry friends for not writing in english.. actually hindi ke bina emotions nhi aate kya karun?? but i will try my best to write more in english rather than in hindi.. but plz thoda sa manage kar lo.. pleasee
chalo come to the episode..
The episode starts with kunj being with twinkle beside her.. n was very sad seeing her in this condition..
meanwhile nurse came n give prescription n asked kunj to bring the medicines for the patient.. He was not in mood to go away from twinkle even for a second but medicines are also necessary for her.. so he left to bring medicines..
(uv n mahi are home as mahi was restless n was not feeling well) Before leaving kunj ordered nurse to be with her untill he comes back..
As soon as he left twinkle’s family arrived.. they directly went to reception desk to know about whereabouts of twinkle n kunj just passed from there back.. no one noticed him n even he didnt notice them…
After asking about twinkle , usha manohar adi n pari along with their baby rushed towards icu..(she is in icu as her critical hours are going on)
Usha n manohar rushed in as more members are not allowed in the icu.. (infection, u know)
Usha started crying seeing her child on this hospital bed having bandage on her head.. some scratches on her one arm n other arm has aslo bandages… fracture in one of her foot..
She was just crying seeing her bubbly chubbly daughter in this condition.. tears were not stopping from her eyes..(aasuon ki tanki..;);))
Both slowly went towards twinkle n usha sat on side stool n lovingly caressing her head..
Manohar was standing beside usha seeing her miserable condition.. his hands on her shoulders trying yto console her.. but usha to usha hi h..
u- (slowly n lovingly) twinkle.. twinkle puttar.. uth ja puttar dekh m aa gayi.. mujhe pata h tujhe mere aawaj sune bina nind ni khulti na.. dekh shona.. tere maa aa gayi aab jyada aalas na kar aur uth jaa..(still caressing her haed)
u- (looking towards manohar) dakhiyae na ji.. twinkle to aakhein hi nhi khol re h.. aap hi bolo na shayad aapki baat hi sun le..
m- he was just trying to console her .. he was just blank n nothing was comming in his mind..
u- aap aaise kyu khade h.. samjhaiye na isko.. aapki baat nhi taalegi..
m- ha ha.. twinkle.. dekh puttar aaise ni karte.. dekh ter maa kitna dukhi h.. chal uth ja aab.. bhot ho gaya..(tears rushing through his eyes)
m- dekh twinkle aab bhot ho gaya.. tujhe mera gussa pata h na fir.. m naaraz ho gay to fir kabhi baat nhi arunga.. (fake angrily but still having tears in eyes)
u- continuously crying…
nurse- Dakhiyae.. Dont disturb the patient.. it could harm her health.. its her medication time.. u plz go outside n wait in the waiting area..
manoher n usha just went from there without uttering anything but befor eeaving usha kiised her forehead n both left..
adi n pari came to them running as soon as they came outside..
adi- maa.. kya hua .. twinkle theek to h na..
pari- ha maa… bataiyae na.. humari twinkle theek to h na.. kuch ni hua na usse..
usha couldnt control n hugged adi n again started crying..
u- humesha uske saath hi aaisa kyu hota h.. pahle to usse uski shaadi se koi khushiyan nhi mili.. fir aachank uske parents chale gayi..(still sobbing) aur aab jab kuch time baad uska sapna pura hone jaa ra tha to ye accident..
kyu humari bacchi to koi kushi nhi milti..
adi- maa.. plz shaant ho jao.. kuch ni hoga humari doll ko.. sab theek ho jayega..
manoher sat on the nearby bench covering his face with his both hands..
Soon they were asked to wait in waiting area n they left from ther unwillingly..

After sometime kunj came back taking medicines n went to twinkles room n handed over the meds to nurse n came out from the icu n sat in the bench outside icu..
his all strength have been gone by now.. his eyes are red shwing his tiredness.. but still he dont wanna go from ther leaving twinkle alone..
mahi n uv came n saw him in this state n felt very bad..
uv- kunj.. (putting his hands on his shoulders) haalat dekh apni… aaise rahega to twinkle ka dhyaan kaise rakhega..
jaa ghar ja.. fresh ho kar aa n kuch kha lena.. hum log h yahan par..
He denied several times but agreed unwillingly due to continuous forcing of uv n mahi..
Both assured him to take care of her then he agreed n left from there..
Both mahi n uv are sitting there waiting for twinkle to get up..
Adi came there to take twinkles reports from doctors n shocked to see uv stiing there…
Adi- uv (shocked)
uv- (shocked too) Bhai aap yha..
screen freezes on there shocked faces..
Hows the episode friends.. i tried my best to portray the felings.. hope u liked it..
Waiting for the next one??
i know..
Vaise bhi aage to dhamaka hone wala h..
Any guesses twinkle ka kya hoga.??
Kunj ko apni feelings ka ehsaas kab hoga??
aur twinkle aur kunj ka kya reaction hoga saachai jaanke??
socho socho..
but next episode tak wait karna hoga..
Abhi ke liye .. bbyee .. tata.. see you soon…

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  1. Sameera

    Woah awesome epi yaar
    Loved it alott ??

  2. SidMin

    loved the episode Usha and Manohar’s Love for Twinkle is so sweet Loved it Adi has seen UV !!!!! Waiting for the next episode pls post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

  3. Mona darling epi dede yaar ek aur .. this wz awesime


    suspense girl monaaa amazing awsome

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional sad epi…

  6. Sach bolu toh am waiting for your dhamaka ?
    Jald kunj and family ko milao please

  7. dreamer..arundhati

    Mona…plz pkz update soon

  8. Baby

    monnaa di uf wowwwwwwwww
    sch mein dhamaka boom boom hone wala hai
    cnt w8 fr nxt epside u vry well portrayed d emotions nooooo doubt luvd it di
    post nxt asap cnt w8 bilkul bhi w8 nhi kr skti mein sch me amazing di………….

  9. It nice

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  11. Fabulous epi…

  12. Kritika14

    It was fab. The emotions that you should were just amazing! Eagerly waiting for the next episode … So write soon x

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    awesome…cant wait fr next epi..plz post soon…love u..

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    A proper..Kamal dhamaal dhamaka…voohooo

  15. Awesome ….
    Amazing …
    Eagerly waiting for nxt part…..:*:*:*:*:*:):):)

  16. Amazing epi.. usha n manohar’s love n concern for twinkle was too good.. eagerly waiting for the next.. PlZ post soon ??

  17. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…monaa awesome episode…so emotional… Waiting for next episode

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