Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (5)

***Hello friends.. i m back after so much time.. i hope u missed me.. actually.. yesterday only i returned from my home.. i wanted to write yesterday only but u know this metro..

its just stuck in middle n i reached late n was tired too.. hope u will understand but today i m gonna write some interesting part.. a twist will be revealed in twinkle’s life.. so

enjoy the episode..
twinkle listened some noices from outside the room.. she was disturbed from her thoughts n ran to the direction of sounds… she hurriedly went out of the room.. she was

shocked to see her mother in law crying like hell n blaming herself for something.. (lets see why she is crying n what has she done.. common frnds.. lets see)
twinkle went near them n was looikng at them with shocked expressions.. whole sarna family.. means her inlaws were present there exceptt her husband… she didnt understand

what is going on…
her inlaws were cyring n talking on some serious matter.. there was letter in the hands of her m-i-l.. she was just seeingbthe letter n tears were comming fro her eyes..
usha- ye sab mere vajeh se hua h.. do zindagiyan barbad kar di maine
manohar- usha shant ho jao.. we ill foind our son at any cost.. u know na that he cant stay without talking to u..
u- nhi ji.. this time he wont come back.. i know him he is too stuborn.. he warned me .. but…
mahohar- what he warned u.. when.. how.., i mean u didnt told me..
u- ji.. i forced him into this marriage.. he denied but i was not ready to listent to him.. he left me.. my son left me..
everyone- shocked 😮
manohar- deko.. usha aab rona band karo.. hume uss bacchi k bhi to sambhalna h..
u- hanji.. meri vajeh se uski life khatam ho gayi h..
twinkle was listening to them but she was not able to understand anything…
suddenly ..
mahonar- twinkle puttar.. tu yha..
tw- ji papaji.. ye sab kya ho ra h.. why mummy ji is crying so much..kuch hua h kya..
everyone looked towars twinkle n usha sant from the floor n went towards her..
us- mujhe maaf kar de puttar.. (joining hands in front of her).. maine sab khatam kar dia… becoz of me u r in stuck in this life..
tw- nhi mummyji.. why are u asking sorry from me.. whaat did u do.. i cant understand anything.. kuch hua h kya??
us- (handover the letter to tw)
tw- schocked to read the letteer..
Dear maa..
i know after reading this u would feel very bad but i dont have any other option.. i dont wanna marry now.. but u forced me to marry… i couldnt do anything at that time as u

gave me ur oath.. so i was forced to marry.. but i cant stay with the one whom i didnt even seen.. so I M GOING.. I M GOING VERY FAR AWAY FROM U LL.. n I ILL NEVER COME

BACK.. her life will also be spoiled.. mom how can u think that i can marry a peron whose name i dont know… no mom no.. i m leaving forever.. plz dont cyry n take care..
your kunj…
letter ends—-
twinkle was shocked to read the letter.. she didnt know how to react.. she dropped the letter n ran to her room n locked herself n tears are rushing from her eyes…
twinkle’s pov–
i . i dont know what is happening all this.. today i got married n my husband left me.. i too didnt marry him nor anyone but my fate let me marry him.. but how could he just jo…

he could have told me.. if could;nt deny to her mom.. i would have denied.. but now what should i do.. i cant even go back to my home.. (flashback scene.. remember she

listened her parents talk of her marriage).. they would have left noww… what should i do. i cant do anything…
thinking all this n crying for the whole nyt.. she dozed off in the morning at abt 4am on the ground in the sitting position itself..
[@hall– after twinkle left…
usha- tw puttar .. sun i m sorry .. i m so sorry… she landed on the land crying bitterly..
mahohar came to him n consoled her..
manoher- usha ji .. no need to go to tw.. she need some time.. we should give her space.. we will see what would be her decision… we will treat as our daughter..
us- ji..
m- abb chalo n thoda rest kar lo..
he ordered all of them to go to their rooms n
m- we will discuss abt this matter in the morning
adi n aliya were also tensed n were thinking about all the happenings n was feeling bad abt their brother n twinkle too..
aaliya was determined to bring tw back form this sorrow.. n she will be with her in every situation like a sister ..]
@morning– sarna mansion..
usha n manohar went to twinkle’s room n saw her sleeping on the floor having her head on the side of bed.. usha came close to her n caressedher face haires as if giving all the

love n affection to her own girl.. with the sudden touch she got up from the sleep.. n usha againg started apologising from her.. she holeded her hands n nodded in no n rested

her head in her lap.. (all all on the floor itself).. she gave motherly love to her…
EPISODE ENDS … i hope its upto ur expectations…
i just wanted ur views regarding the next episode as i m confused whether she should left this house or should stay here in her in laws house but like daughter of house n not

dil.. u can suggest via comments becoz all the story depends on this one phase.. plz plz suggest as i m confused.. thank u so much.. bbyee.. meet u soon with next episode…. 🙂

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    Twinkle should stay here & find kunj…..& nice epi….

  2. Sameera

    Yep twinkle should stay here as daughter of the house n superbb epi Monaa
    ???Plzz continue asap

  3. Osm epi…..Loved it

  4. Fan

    Awesome epi..

  5. Angita

    Aww just hope kunj comes back and yaar loved usha love to twinkle

  6. Nice yar

  7. Stay in house

  8. Sayeeda

    Amazing….. she should stay …waiting for next one

  9. ahe could stay in the house n then kun can meet her knot knowing that ahe is the same hr wife n then afterwards it could be revealed that she is the same Twinki n make her modern aa well sorry if i am writing to much jst came to mah mind Twinkies should forget kunj n start new life

  10. Shatakshi

    Hey monaa
    The episode was too good
    N regarding the suggestions…if u really want then according to me twinkle should stay with her as their daughter… N there should be a leap of short span whenin twinkle is an independent working woman n she confronts kunj n slowly they fall in love with each other…u can spice it up with ur imagination
    I hope u liked it…
    If not then I m sorry for such ideas
    N loved today’s episode❤❤

  11. Kruti

    Good one

  12. Yup tw should stay here…
    N bring back kunj….
    Epi ws heartbreaking….
    Do cont asap

  13. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..heart breaking one…she should stay in her in laws house…do cont asap..

  14. Dreamer...arundhati

    Monaa I think twinkle shuld remain in the house as their daughter
    Osum epi..worth waiting
    Ctd soon

  15. yes nyc episode monna n yah she shuld stay here as a daughter n find hr kunj

  16. Well sooo sorry for a such late comment but
    I really loved ur ff yaar… Amazing… And regarding the suggestions.. I prefer to let twinkle remain with Sarnas…as a d-i-l and a daughter..

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