Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (37)

Hello friends, well actually accident scene is somewhat like krpkab but after accident nothing as such will happen but there is gonna be a shock.. guess guess.. well if u cant guess then stay calm n read the further story..
chalo aab m jyada bakwas nhi karti aur seedha episode par aati hu..
Episode starts with mahi-uv convo..
m- Dont u think our kunj has change from last one month..
uv- oh yes, i m too noticing the change in him from the day twinkle came in our life again..
m- what!! Twinkle! are u serious??
uv- what?? (confused) kuch galat kha kya maine?/
m- oh my uv..(pulling his cheeks) u r choo sweet.. u know what i m too noticing kunj..
uv- why!! are u a spy??
m- oh shut up uv(rolling her eyes)
uv- are!! (surprised) abhi to i was choo sweet..(mimicking her) n now shut up!
yr tum ladkiyon ka kuch ni hona… kuch seekho twinkle se.. tumse to vo hi aach h..
m- exactly uv.. thats what i m saying! twinkle is perfect for kunj
uv- what?? have u gone mad! kunj ne sun lia na to vo tumhe to maarega hi meri bhi jaan le lega.. oh aacha.. u are joking na.. ha ha ha very good joke..
m- nhi uv.. i m not joking.. i m serious.. (turning her face making pout)
uv- have u gone mad? kunj ko jaanti ho na tum.. ladkiyon se kitni chid h usse.. n upar se twinkle aur kunj to aaise jhagda karte h jaise tom n jerry ho..
m- are buddhu..(slightly pushed his forehead) tum bhul gaye humari love story bhi to aaise hi shuru hui thi.. ladte ladte inhe bhi pyar ho jayega.. i m sure.. infact mujhe to lagta h kunj has already started feeling something for her..
uv- (shocking) are u serious..
m- yup!! (confidently) n if not we can teastem whats say!?
uv- (thinking something) hmm.. we can try..
mahi n uv both brust out into laughter..
Other side–
kunj was taking twinkle to hospital in his car.. he put her on the passanger seat n drove off.. whole way he was trying not to let her fall asleep.. she was in pool of blood..
as soon as he arrived hospital.. he took her in his arms n went inside shouting for doctor.. put her on stretcher.. 2 nurses cam n took hr in operation theatre..
as soon as they took her in .. he was like something imporatnt part of his life is going far from him.. he moved from ther n walking her n there in corridor n remincing past happy moments with her.. (her smile, her laugh, her antics, her crying n sobbing alone n many more)
he was out of world for sometime n was not able to think anything.. then he came back in his senses from the voice of patients n nurse..
he dialed uvs number but as uv was with mahi in her room n his phone is in hall. so he was not able to attend call.. he tried again n again but again no response.. he became hell worried n frustated n banged his hand on nearby wall..
on the other hand mahi n uv were talking n enjoying n thought to call kunj as he became so late..
m- uv vaise where is ur bhai.. aab tak ni aaya.. twinkle ko to usne kabka drop kar dia hoga na..
uv- haa .. wait let me call him n ask
m- ok..
uv- (searching his phone) oh shit!! i forgot my phone in hall. u wait her i will come ..
m- ok.. (as soon as is went mah picked her phone n called kunj)
Mahi calle dhim n kunj phone shows the caller id of mahi.. he hurriedly picked the call..
m- are yr kunj.. where are u?? we are waiting for u.. kitni der aur lagegi.. (she stopped speaking as she feat his sobbings)
m- hey kunj!! what happen why are u not saying anything.. is everthing alright??
k- told everything to mahi.. while sobbing..
as soon as mahi listened about twinkles accident she was shocked n dropped the phone in shock .. in the mean time uv arrived.. n saw her this way n rushed to her..
he saw phone in her lap n took it n started speaking after seeing kunj caller id..
uv- hey kunj!! what happen yr.. what u said that mahi became like this..
k- he again told him about twinkle accident n asked them to came to hospital..
uv assured him n give water to mahi n bith rushed to hospital……..

her kunj was hell worried n roaming here n ther in tension in front of operation theatre…
Doctor came out from ot n he rushed to him n asked..
k- doc?? how is she?? she is alright na?? nothing will happen to her na..
doc- listen mr sarna.. plz calm down.. n listen to me carefully…
patient ke sar me bhot gehri chot aayi h n blood bhi bhot bhe chuka h..
k- sir vo theek to ho jayegi na..
doc- kuch bhi khena muskil h.. mri report aane ke baad hi hum kuch khe sakte h..hume jald se jald unka operation karna hoga.,..
k- holding doc from his shoulders.. doc plz aapko jo bhi karna h jaldi kejiyae.. usse kuch ni hona cahiyae
doc- hum kosish kar re h..
nurse came from the room ..
nurse- aap plz ye consent form fill kar dejiyae..
k- laki doc uski family yha nhi rehi..
doc- dekhiyae jyada time ni h inke pass
k- no no..(stammering) aaisa mat boliyae.. bataiyae kaisa form fill karna h..
nurse passed him the form n is started filling.. (his hands were shaking)
Doc asked nurse to prepare for the operation..
Doc went from ther n he started filling the form.. n nurse was standing just beside her..
hile filling the form he was recalling his moment with her.. their one day outing n all the happy n sad moments..
he again started filling the form n filled ‘FRIEND’ in space for relationship with patient.. he signed the form n gave it to nurse.. she went from ther..
he sat on nearby bench n he recalled the scene of her accident.. an unknown fear occupied in his heart… he was staring blankly at ot.. just then uv n mahi came.. mahi signalled uv to go to him..
uv sat beside him but he was just staring at ot.. uv placed his hands on his shoulder.. he asw him n pointing towards ot..
kunj hugged him n said in broken voice..hai.. tw.. twinkle.. n he started sobbing hard.. bhot khun bha h yr uska.. her head, her hands..
uv- listen bro.. kuch ni hoag twinkle ko.. hum sabki prayers h na uske saath.. u first relax.. ye le (giving him water bottle) pani pe le..
he took water bottle n.. said.
k- doc said ki injuries bhot gehri h n kuch bhi ho sakta h..
mahi came from behind.. m- kuch ni hoga kunj humari sherni ko.. i m telling u na.. humari twinkle bhot strong h.. (sobbing)
kunj suddenly hugged mahi n started crying..
m- she will be okk.. (patting his head)..
trio were waiting outside ot n waiting for some good news.. kunj was only staring at ot..
Screen freezes on their tensed faces……………………………………………………………………….

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  1. Loved it yaar and Can’t wait yarr post the next one as early as possible

  2. Plz plz plz…..

  3. Sameera

    Amazing fab awesome epi mona

  4. Dude I m a silent reader I luv ur ff a lot❤.
    Usually I’ll be waiting for it ff so pls can u post it at least 2 times a week nd plz post d next epi asap!

  5. Dude I am a silent reader I luv ur ff a lot ❤.
    Usually I’ll be waiting for ur ff so pls can u post it at least 2 times a week nd post d next epi asap.

  6. Fab episode and i like this

  7. I toi agree with pinkyy plshhhhh pist asap ????

  8. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Yaar monaa yeh kya itne suspense mode pe Tumne screen freeze krdi………..but ..anyways the epi was fab n u know wat …kunj nervousness n care for twinki was beautifully described………his way of saying to uv was fab ….but u know wat ..the thing for which I’m desperately waiting is that ..the day when twinj will get to know that they r married n I don’t know that maybe after twinki accident …….I mean it’s just prediction that kunj will think of informing twinkle state to her family n when he will call……. Usha will get to know that he is none other than her kunj …….she will reach hospital n everybody will get to know that twinj r actually married but twinki won’t be knowing …n this is only thing i want to see that how will they tell her the truth ….anyways it was just a prediction n can be wrong but just thought to share it with u ……loved it……post next one sooooon

    1. Monaa

      Yeh yeh.. U r right.. Something like that can happen.. U gys just wait n read what is gonna happen soon.. Vaise bhi uv n mahi to started liking her as kunj’s bride.. Soon there truth eill be revealed.. But before that there confession shold happen na.. For that only I m waiting so that after that I can reveal their truth in front of them..;) :).. So I can just say ki wait for sometime..:) see you soon.. Bbyee

  9. Sonali05

    Ths epi was really emotional…
    Too amazing…
    Hope kunj will realise his feeling for twinkle soon…
    Eagerly waiting for next..

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous shocking emotional epi

  11. Baby

    oh god monaa di osm
    it was lyk sho cute kunj wrid fr twinkle bt at d same tym it was lyk crying bcz winkle is in danger n dont no wt ll hpn nxt as u said deres gonna b a shock bt di i didnt gt d shck hehee sry bt haan………so di aapne bta dia apne cmnt me ki twinkle ll b f9 n ofcourse she is r punjabi patakka usse toh thik hona hi hoga osm di post nxt asap cnt w8
    luvd it 2 d core

  12. SidMin

    Loved it Kunj actually as started falling in Love with Twinkle ,No he is in love with Twinkle
    Yuhi are so intelligent to be specific Mahi is Feelings tho girls ko he samajh meh hate hai
    Loved the episode waiting for Kunj to realise his feelings for Twinkle 🙂

  13. Chiku

    Moona darling its awesome.
    Waiting for next one.

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Monaa….episode was so emotional….liked it a lot…..

  15. dreamer..arundhati

    Mona darling m superb epi

  16. Shreya098

    Amazing epi

  17. Kritika14

    It was awesome. Loved seeing kunj caring for twinkle so much. Post the next episode soon x

  18. amazing…loved it…kunj pain n love 4 tw…n yuhis view…post nxt asap…

  19. Awesome monaa…..


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