Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (36)


Twinkle n Kunj were talking continuously or u can say as usual silly fights.. Meanwhile pani puri was being put in her plate n she without thinking just put it in his mouth.. kunj was shocked n Twinkle giggled seeing his this face..
After giving one pani puri to him.. she started eating like anything n didnt notice kunj n kunj was just standing as it is with pani puri in her mouth.. Twinkle started speaking..
Tw- (mouth filled with pani puri) are sid.. kaisa h.. aacha h na.. (in weired voice) again gulped one more pani puri.. n continued speaking.. are sid kho na.. deko meri puri plate khatam ho gayi aur tum ho ki khhate hi nhi.. (she saw towards kunj)
tw- hey sidd… (angry) what is this?? u have not yet eaten the one wich i put in your mouth.. samajhte kya ho tum khudko.. agar mere haat se nhi khanna tha to bol date na.. aaise muh fulakar kyu kahde ho.. (suddenly smirked)
ha ha.. sid ek min aaise hi rehna.. (kunj was boggled)
twinkle took her mobile phone n clicked a selfie with him .. (ha ha with his mouth filled of pani puri)
suddenly she is laughing loudly watching kunj..
ha ha sid.. see see.. how u are looking same like hanumaan ji.. (hupp.. making same faces as kunj is having now) [ are yr koi itni der tak muh me pani puri rakh kaise sakta h.. mera to tummy hi mujhe aaisa nhi karne dega, but nevermind.. he is KUNJ.. he can do anything] saying this she showed him his pic.. n kunj was shocked n suddenly gulped the pani puri.. (it was soo spicy, i told u about twinkle taste)
suddenly he started coughing badly.. to wich twinkle became worried n patted his back.. kunj eyes were red because of spice.. he couldnt stand n just sat down at the same place.. Twinkle was hell worried n asked pani puri bhaiya to give sonme water.. but getting no response she ran towards their car to get water botte..
[are bechara pani puri vala jawab kaise dega.. pani jo lene gaya tha..] pani puri bhaiya came n give water to kunj n ebven give some shakkar also n kunj was feeling better but his eyes were red.. he became normal n shouted..
k- Twinkleee!! (angrily) (without seeing towards her.. )[he he.. she was not not there.. went to take water bottle..
what the hell do u think of urself.. i told u i dont eat pani puri n then soo much spicy.. abhi mar jaata m.. bla bla bla..
he was speaking so much n then her didnt get any answer then he look towards twinkle direction n she was not there.. he became worried.. suddenly someone shouted..
tw- SIDDD.. dont worry i m bringing water for u..(showing her hands having water bottle from other side of the road)
She was running on the busy roads..
kunj saw her running on roads n panicked n ran towards her but suddenly.. THUD!!
Suddenly, a car comes in fast speed and crashes into twinkle. Blood splashes on kunj’s face. She falls on the ground. kunj gets horrified seeing her on road n in the pool of blood.. he became numb for sometime n as soon as he came back in senses, he rushed towards her n took her in his lap..
he immediately calls doctor n asked to send ambulance there.. he mentioned the location. Listening to location doctor replies that it will take a lot of time for ambulance to reach there..
k- (on call) i.. i i dont know.. do something doc, so much is comming from her head.. i i . she (his hands are shiverring along with his voice) is closing h. he.. her eyess..(crying) doc wha.. what!! should i do..
d- listen mr sarna.. plz stop panicking first n yess.. do one thing press the part of her head from where blood is flowing.. n if posssible dont let her close her eyes otherwise it would not be good.. (Kunj was just seeing twinkle while listening on phone)
mr sarna.. are u listening what i m saying??
n plz with the help of nearby people bring her hospital as soon as possible..
Kunj cut the call listening this.. n started patting twinkle’s cheecks..
[sad tune is playing in the background] he took his hankey n put it in the affected area of her head n presssed it so that blood flow can be stopped or reduced.
She closes her eyes. He askes her to open her eyes..
k- tw.. twink.. twuinkle.. listen to me.. damn!! no no.. no twinkle dont close ur eyes.. u cant do this.. are u listening to me.. Don dont dare to close eyes..(fake anger)
Twinklw slightly opens her eyes. He continues talking to her n tries to keep her awake. He says he’s her boss..she will have to listen to him. She’s fighting with him since day they met. She’s a fighter and she will fight. He talks about random things and keeps her awake.
He tells her many stories of him, mahi uv n much more to keep her awake..
Twinkle closes her eyes. Kunj tells her, “look at me, Syappa queen”. She finally opens her eyes. He says he’s talking with her. How she can ignore him. She used to say him ruden sadu, but in real, she is rude n yes that sadu. He will start calling her “Ms. sadu” now.
He continued his talks n took him to his car in his arms but didnt stop talking to her. Twinkle gets interest and asks him questions. He continues with his talks n is driving n put her in the passanger seat and keeping her awake.

Other side-
mahi n uv were talking n spening their time with each other planning their future n about their would be child.
m- i na want a baby boy.. what u say?
uv- no no.. what are u saying.. i want a princess.. she will be very cute..
m- no uv i want a baby boy .. my son.. smart intelligent .. n i will make him cricketer same to same like DHONI.. (childish way) [(aww i like dhoni soo much , thats why i mentioned him, he he)] like this they contnuied talkig random things n their talk went to kunj’s marriage..
m- uv .. now na i want devrani.. what u say??
uv- hmm.. khe to tum bilkul sahi rahi ho..
m- to aaj aane do kunj ke bache ko.. aaj vo humse bach ke nhi ja sakta.. m aaj pakka usse baat karungi..
uv- mahi pat ni jab se kunj amritsar se wapas aaya h bhot ajeeb ho gay h.. i dont think vo maanega..
m- ha vo kuch batata bhi to ni h ki maa papa aur uske beech aaisa kya hua h ki vo ghar chod kar aa gaya h..??
uv- i think its something serious..
m- ha vaise bhi pahle humne galti ki maa papa ke khilaaf shaadi karne .. jo hume unse door rehna pad ra h.. n now kunj also is away from his family…
uv u truy to ask him na.. may be he will share something with u..
uv- what u think i have not tried?? no mahi.. i m tired asking him but he.. he dont wanna talk about maa papa.. but if u say i will try once again..
both are tensed thinking this.

screen freezes on mahi-uv tensed faces n kunj driving n twinkle unconscious on seat next to him…
hello friends.. hows the episode.. plz do comment n tell me ur views.. i tried to make it interesting .. i hope u will like it.. now i will post next episode on sunday.. thank u so much bbyee..

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  1. Paavu

    Jey monaa today’s epi was really heart touching I think u are mixing kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi story in it as she is doctor in their hose first saved mahi as sona saved ishwari became her docto after attwmpts of mr attitude their friendshio and then that accident is perfectly same as I love krpkab also

  2. dreamer...arundhati

    Monaa darling osum epi.. I m glued to this one.. Update soonish

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Omg monaa darling
    U nailed it dear
    The episode was going so cute with twinj moments but ………….. u r ……..fab ….I’m speechless
    Plzz dear try to post next part soon
    Eagerly waiting for it
    Muahhh ??

  4. hey!!! Paavu u r ri8…. I also noticed it….but Monaa I just loved it…it’s really awsm….. actually I also write FF on Fb….. Fan Fiction of TwiNj is my page

  5. Hey!!! I just loved it…. I always waited for ur FF….. and plzz post it daily…. actually I also write FF on Fb ….. My page is Fan Fiction of TwiNj

  6. wonderful . cant wait . pls post soon . and dhoni is my favourite too . same pinch .

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Wow… Monaa….episode was awesome….

  8. Baby

    hey monaa di intresting toh hogya
    bt hmari bechari twinkle oh god
    di post nxt asap n twinj ko kb sch pta chalega oh god
    post nxt asap di
    luvd it 2 d core
    very emotional episdoe osm di
    luv u di

  9. Sameera

    Awww awesome mona darling
    Loved it yaar
    So emotional

  10. Awesome and emotional epi.. loved it.. now kunj will take care of twinkle.. do cont soon ?

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing shocking emotional epi

  12. Ranabulbul

    Very nice and emotional epi

  13. Chiku


  14. SidMin

    OMG Twinkle ka accident Hope she is fine and Hwwww……….. My Kunj was so concerned for her Just loved it
    waiting for the next episode please post it soon
    Want to ask one thing when is your birthday? 🙂
    Post soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  15. Nice very nice plz post regularly na
    Yaar kunj ko kab pata chalega ki tinkle hi uski wife he i m waiting plz unite them

  16. Kritika14

    You just nailed it. Throughly enjoyed the episode. Write soon x

  17. Thanmy

    Monaaa diii awesome for sometime while reading the accident part I just thought of krpkab I just loved it that track of devakshi was very special and this one also amazing

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