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hello friends i m back with another episode.. but before that i m giving a brief summary of the fan fiction as someone of u asked for that..
A girl marriage functions are going on but it seems that she is not interested in this marriage.. so she decided to talk to her parents about this.. when she went to her parents she listend them talking about some serious matter relating to luthras and regarding their daughters marriage..
after listening their talks she decided not to tell her parents about her not being happy with marriage.. she compromised for her parents sake.. she decided to do the marriage n will fulfil her parents wish.. so she married… the girl was twinkle .. marriage rituals are done n she was being taken to her in laws house.. after reaching there.. on her first night she came to know about her husband leaving her on the foirst day of marrriage itself..
she felt like shayyered listening this … her inlaws blamed themselves for their sons this behaviour.. they apologised her n make her their daughter n not daughter in law.. she always wanted to become doctor but because of the marriage.. her dream left behind.. then her inlaws became her real family as her her own parents left the country on her wedding night itself..

twinkle have never seen her husband befor e marriage.. she only know his kname.’kunj sarna’.. n now she moved on with her new family.. new parents n new siblings.. her parents(in laws) disowned their own sone for her sake.. but she know the condition of her maa for being away from their son.. she too think it as her own family.. adi n aliya..(kunjs siblings) now are her siblings..

they supported her to fulfil her dream of becoming doctor.. with her in laws support after a struggle of one year she got admission in medical colege of mumbai.. upto now ther was no sign of kunj..
twinlle shifted to mumbai.. she met a guy named sid in airport fior the first time n her starts their arguments.. like this they started meeting regularly n their khatti meethi nok jhok started.. one day twinkle saved a lady from accident of approx her age.. she dropped her to her home., the lady was mahi.. wife of uv.. she is revealed to be pregnent.. her husband n devar thanked her .. n her devar was revealed to be sid..(yes that only )
mahi n twinkle became good friends.. later sid is revealed to be kunj only.. as both twinkle n kunj didnt know each other or has never seen each other thats why they didnt recognise each other.. kunj even didnt know the name of his wife.. like this they used to meed regularly.. one day mahi n uv were in hospital n they came to know about mahis complication sin delivery n suggested to apponted personal nurse for mahi at home.. n they recommended twinkle..
no one knows that twinkle is the intern who was being suggested.. uv n kunj talked to her on phone but she refused then kunj became angry n decided to bring her hom efor mahi by hook or crook..he confronted her n came to know that twikle is the only intern.. so he talked to her.. listening ot mahis name she decided to accept their offer but thought ot tease kunj so she put a condition before kunj for one day of with her for mumbai darsahn.. kunj accepted.. then their day out..(you can read it in episodes..)

their beach masti.. movie, street food, horror movie, rain dance, kunj being at twinkle home at night, etc etc.. kunj find something fishy in twinkle behaviour, he decidedx to know about twinkles sorrows.. their unknown feelings for each other..
twinkle now regularly came to mahi house.. mahi n twinkle siso bonding n much more…
(thus is just togive an idea about the story line.. other u can read in the episodes)
thank u so much for the support friends till now..

Previous episode links..
He.. i m monaa… i m here to provide you with the links of my previous episodes.. n here these are..
are yr… itni mehnat to maine apne exams ki preparation ke liye bhi ni ki jitni aaj in links ko dhundhne ke liye ki h…
i hope mere mehnat baker nhi jayegi.. n yes jinhe bhi story ko laker koi doubt
there are the links available.. u can read it through it.. h ..

so friends.. these are the links… please enjoy…
n yes if something are missing plz compromise… because.. i too cant find …
by reading this also u will be able to understand the story line.. thank u so much… bbyee..

sorry friends but m to thak gayi after giving this much summary.. kal episode pakka… plz maaf kar do.. kal episode pakka pakka as tomorrow is sunday..
bbye.. see ya..”:) 😉

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