Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (32)


sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…. i know i m late but u know na ki rakhi leaves, so i went to my hometown for the celebration.. thats why i became late… u know what!! wow i got so many gifts this time , from bhai, from mama n much more… i m so happy..
sorry sorry m apni excitement share karne lagi.. but u know i m happy thats why i thought to give a long episode… hope u will enjoy.. continue with the last part..
twinkle was getting ready for going to work..(ofcourse at kunj house)..
she was now ready in her blue long top with just a printed boarder n light blue jeans.., hairs wre half clutched, simple one daimond earings, she was looking simple yet stunning in her dress.. (vo to h hi cute)
she was ready n went to kitchen to have some breakfast.. (yes ofcourse she is studying medical n she very well know that breakfast is essential)
she went to kitchen n after exploring whole kitchen for about 5-10 minutes.. she found milk n cornflakes n she had her breakfast…
she was waiting for kunj to arrive n was sitting on couch in the lobby.. n thinking something… (ofcourse about her moments with kunj, full day out, their rain dance, movie, beach, lunch n so on..) thinking all this a cute smile appeared on her face..
but suddenly her smile faded away thinking about his anger .. she remembered all those memories again n started sobbing silently… without noticing that a pair of eyes are watching her…(yes ofcourse it was our kunj only)

kunj pov—
i was heading towards twinkle’s house.. when i went there i saw the door was opened n without knocking i just wennt in n then i saw her WEEPING n SOBBING… yes she was sobbing silently.. i dont know why but my soul didnt liked her being in this condition..
i just wanted to go to her n hug her n took har all problems away.. but how can i.. afterall i m a stranger.. but why i have such feelings for her?? i dont know whats happening with me.. wait!! WAIT! what it means there is seriously something wrong with her.. her morning cry was not any prank .. YES she was seriously crying at that time..
oh god!! damn!!! how can i be just so much angry on her.. she is so innocent.. she didnt want me to know about her pain thats why she hid it behind the name of prank.. but i dont know what should i dop?
i cant see her like this.. yes .. i have to do something.. i will surely do somethinh.. if nothing much .. i can make sure that she will always be happy…
thinking all this i quitely went ouside wityhout being noticed by her.. if she dont wanna tell me her problems then i wont force her.. thats why i left from there.. n came back to the door n statred ringing the bell… listening to bell she came in senses n wiped her tears n become normal.. or can say try to be normal.. i watched all her actions.. she composed herself n came to open the door..
but u know na.. door was to already open 😉 are tabhi to i could watch her..
as she came i asked her to get ready fast n com esoon as we are getting late(normally).. ishe just nooded n took her purse n came… n we left for my home..
kunj pov ends–

both of them entered in mahi villa.. no one was there in the hall.. (ofcourse with the strict order of uv mahi was in her room , Resting n uv, dont know where he is?)
twinkle asked permission from kunj through eyes to meet mahi . after getting posetive response from him she went upstairs to her room..
as she entered she saw mahi resting oon her bed n reading magazine..
tw- (shouting) hey mahii… hows you??
m-(excited to see her) aww… twinkle u here.. OMG!! am i dreaming?
tw- no bebs u are not at all dreaming.. I M HERE..
(i told u that she has been in contact with mahi from that day, they are close friends now)
m- wow!! u know its so so so so nice to see u here…
(sadly) u know i m stuck by uv to be in this fourwalls.. i m getting so bored…
(excitedly) but now u came na.. i will not let u go.. we will talk endlessly n will alos do online shopping n bla blabla bla..( omg!! she speaks too much)
tw- are mahi mata!! u just relax first.. its not good for u to be too much excited.. (pointing towards her belly) u know na.. u have to care for him also..
mahi became relaxed listening to her..
m- (complaning) you too started.. pahle uv , fir tumhara sadu n aab tum bhi.. mujhse koi pyar ni karta ..(annoyed.. fake)
tw- oh just be quite drama queen.. u know na i love u soo much..(hugging her)
this way they both shared a lovely moment sissy -sissy moment.. their bond is so strong…
after about an hour twinkle asked mahi to show her reports to wich again mahi said..
m- again u started.. yr have u all gon mad!! (angrily) jab dekho reports , medicines , rest n so on.. (mood swings u know)
tw- (brust out laughing seeing her anger) haHAHA mahi.. see see ur mood swings have already started.. i can see clearly what is going to happen in few months.. i wonder what will happen to jiju..
m- (irritated with her talks) now who is jiju.. ye jiju kha se tapka humare beech me..
tw- are buddhu..(slightly slapping har head) now u r my cute si sisso.. to uv will be my jiju na.. whats say! (looking towards mahi with hope.. n puppy eyes) i can call him jiju na..!
suddenly a voice came from behind…
voice- ofcourse u can call him jiju..whats the need to get her permission… vaise u should get permission from one whom u wanna call that.. what can mahi do in this?
listening to voice both looked towards the door..
yes yes.. uv was standing their smiling..
uv- (to mahi) kyu! sahi kha na maine.. (raising his eyebrows)
m- absolutely perfest my hubby.. (thorugh her hands sign)
Like this they spend a lovely moment.. (uv was sitting beside mahi side hgging her like he wont let her go anywhere away from her)
m-(thorugh gestures) (to uv) leave me.. twinkle is watching..
uv-(same singn language) she wont mind she know how much i love u?/
tw- (interupted between their talks) uhhu uhhu… yes yes.. u continuue ur sign language wala romance.. i will just come..
she went from there…
meanwhile uv told mahi about twinkle being her private nurse (ofcourse kunj told him about the twinkle being the same twinkle after he came to their room)
listening this mahi became so excited n as soon as twinkle entered their room with mahis juice n breakfast.. she hugged her tighly showing her love towards her n how happy she is that twinkle will be with her always like her sister..
screen freezes on hugging posture of mahi-twinkle n smiling face of uv..
hello gys hows the episode… i hope u liked it… bhot timelag gaya yr.. plz iss mehnat ka fal to milna cahiyae na.. ek ek comment ot banta h.. plz plz comments zarur karein aur batayein ki aapko episode kaisa laga.. hehe ..
i know bhot ajeeb baatein akr re hu m but plz yr comments are must.. thank u so much.. bbyee.. zald hi mulakat hogi ek naye episode ke sath ..

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  1. Sameera

    Hayeee so cute epi mona
    Sisyy bonding n everything was just amazing
    Just waiting for them to know the truth ?

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Monaa darling it was superb ???????????
    Amazing those emotions were Awsome
    Eagerly waiting for twinj moments
    Great job

  3. SidMin

    Mona Loved the episode cute Kunj’s unknown attraction towards Twinkle too good Loved it waiting for the next part post it soon 🙂

  4. Angita

    Awesome yaar.missed you

  5. So cute.. loved the sissy bond.. eagerly waiting for the next ?

  6. Shreya098

    Finally u posted…
    I was waiting for it from soo long..

    The epi was nice….their sister bond was soo cute

    Waiting for the truth to be out

  7. Kudos dude !!!!

  8. dreamer...arundhati

    Mona plz yaar next epi ho sake to jaldi de dena… I was dying to read this epi… Osum.. Fab

    1. Aww thank u so much for ur response gys.. I m seriously so happy with all ur responses .. Rhank u so much for appreciating n liking my ff

  9. Baby

    hey monnaa di really misd u
    amazing episode luvd it
    post nxt asap di
    d sissy bond was amazing
    n so cn we also share a same bond lyk twhi?
    if u dont mind
    post nxt asap di luv u so mch osm adorable episode
    d twinj scene were also gr8

    1. Tank u so much for ur lovely comment… N ofcourse we can share a lovely bond of sister.. N yes I will try my best to post soon if my assignments allow me to do so.. But plz dont mind if I get late..
      N u know what I dont have any sister.. I just have one devil younger bro.;) n I will be happy to sahe a good bond with u 🙂

  10. Plz write regularly na plz plz plz plz i m requesting to you plz na yaar plz

    1. I will surely try.. N thank u soo much 🙂

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi

    1. Thank u so much

  12. So sorry gys that I can’t be able to reply to ur comments.. Yr plz understand I dont have that much time but I seriously read all ur comments n I hope I’ll go upto ur expectations.. Thank u so much friends for ur response..:) 🙂

  13. Priya_

    Lovely episode.
    Plz post asap

  14. Kritika14

    It was amazing! i surely missed you all this time tho. But now you are back, so post regularly okay ?

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