Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (31)



twinkle came from kitchen having two glasses in her hands n is moving towards kunj..
tw- here(pointing towards glass)… take this… u will feel better..
k- aachuu… what!.. aachu.. is this..
tw- its haldi wala milk..
k- what!! aachuu.. to m kya karun..
tw- kya karun kya matlab.. isse lo aur pee kar soo jao..
k- what!! aachu.. i dont like milk..(yukk wala face_)
tw- what!! are u a kid..!!… chup chap lo aur pee lo… i dont have much time..(angry mode)
k- seeing her anger he gulped the milk in one go…
tw- good boy… now sellp.. (pointing towards room)
k- nono.. i m going home.. mahi n yuvi would be worried.. i cant even call them becoz my phone’s battery is dead..
tw- aachaww… how will u go home this tim ewithout any vehicle..
n phone..(disappointed) vo to mera bhi dead h… aur yha charger bhi nhi h.. my stuff is not here actually… tomorrow i will bring all my stuff here n will settle here only..
k- ….(blank)
she was heading towards her room asking him to go n sleeep in other room..
k-(lost in some thoughts, suddenly spoke) twinkl.. le.. i m scared…
tw- what!! u n scared.. r u kiddding me..
iu yourself are too scary..
k- (scared expressions) i m serious…
tw- thinking something) okk… u sleep here in lobby on this couch n i ill be on the opposite couch… whenever u feel scared u wake me up pokk..
k-(innocently) ok..
both sleep on their respective places..

Both were sleeping peacefully on their respective couch but their hands were joined as if both of them dont wanna loose each other.. [ kunj was holding her hands tightly in his hands..] sunrays falls on our handsome hunk the one n only kunj n he gets disturbed by this n open his eyes softly…
suddenly he got up with a jerk…
k- (himself) ye m kha hu… (look here n there..) his eyes falls on his n twinkles hands n his lips formed a beautiful curve…

kunj pov–
what an angelic girl she is?? looking so cute in sleep.. but when she is awake, creates a lot of problems.. jhalli kahin ki.. jab dekho koi na koi syappa karti rehti h.. khud to problem me fasti hi h aur mujhe bhi fasa deti h.. MY SYAPPA QUEEN…
what!! what did i just said.. MERI.. no no no no kunj beta u r on wrong track.. she is not good for ur health.. just stay away from her…
kunj pov ends….
kunj was busy in his thoughts when a sweet angelic voice bring him back from his thoughts… yes yes ofcourse its twinkle only.. (aur koi h kya inke siva iss ghar me)
tw- (on phone) haa maa… i m awake..(yes u guessed it right, ofcourse its usha only… rembember i told u abt her habit of waking up after her mom call)
tw- maa… aapko to pata h na… aapki call ke bina meri nind hi ni khulti..(sleepy voice)
there talk was going on n on but our kunj was just admiring his angel.. he was lost in her..
tw-(after cutting call) SID… sid..
k- (came in senses) ha han… what!!
tw- kha khoe hue ho..
k- kahin ni… i think i should go now… n yes u too come after an hour.. i have kept my promise now its ur turn…
tw- ha.. okk.. i rembember.. twinkle taneja jab kisi se promise kartii h na to fir vo mukarti nhi h.. get that..
k- ha pokk okk.. samajh gaya m.. now hurry up… (suddenly he realised something)
k- (himself) taneja.. she is taneja.. is she the same taneja.. no no kunj what are u thinking… but she was also from amritsar na.. but her name was to angel na.. kya soch ra h kunj tu.. how can she be her.. but what if its her only.. no no no… itna kyu soch ra h khud hi puch le na…
k- sun twinkle,
tw- ha sid bolo..
k- tu kha se h ,.. i mean..
tw- haaww.. u dont know.. from amritsar only.. punjabi pataka twinkle taneja.. beauty with brains.. (showing attitude raising her coller)
k- (admiring her antics n lost in her) aacha.. okk u know i m alos from amritsar..
tw- sacchi..(excited) u know amritsar is so beautiful.. n its pollutoion free also unlike this mumbai but i like mumbai also.. bal bla bal…
k- are syappa queen bas kar yr.. kitna bolti h tu… tere ghar vale kaise jjhalte h tujhe… aur tera bhai uska to dimag hi kharab ho jaata hoga.. pata ni bechara tere pati ka kya hoga.. vo to ek din tujhe chod kar hi bhag jayega…
tw-(she became teary eyed listening this) thinking about her family.. her parents talk about luthras.. her marriage.. n about her husband leaving her.. she was litrelly sobbing..
tw- (mummering) vo to chod kar jaa hi chuka h..
k- what!! kuch kha tune… (suddenly he saw her spobbing)
k- (concerned) what happened twinkle…cupping her face.. maine kuch galat kha… i m so sorry twinkle.. plz dont cry i cant see u like this.. plz ye i m really very sorry..(he was almost on the verge of crying)
tw- (saw him like this n composed herself) wiping her tears.. are sid.. kuch ni … (suddenly laughing) ha hahaha hah ah… look at ur face sid.. i was just jocking… ha ha.. sid dar gaya.. are i was trying to make u fool.. haha… look at ur face..
k-(angry) what the helll.!! what do u thi k of urself.. how can u do so.. i thought… but u … forget it..
he left…
tw- are sid.. remember ur promise.. u have to pic me up n drop me daily my home only then i will come..
k- i kniow.. u be ready… i will come after an hour n pick u up… untill then just shut up..(angrily)

kunj pov–
how dare she?? what does she think of herself… sab bas uske liye h os duniya me.. jiski emotion ka chahe vo mazak bana sakti h…
but kunj why were u tensed thinking about her… what happening to me?? aaaha.. (frustated)
but that time i thought she was litrelly sad.. i could feel it in her eyes.. that cant be a joke.. OMG what did i do.. yes she was really crying… mere dhyaan hatane ke liye usne achanak aaisa kha.. oh shit how can i??
haw can i be so much anbgry on her… she +was hurt.. but i didnt said anything as such that she will cryu.. is there any problem..?? is it related to her family.. lakin jab vo apne maa aur bro ki baat karti h to vo bhot kush ho jati h.. to achanka kya hua usse..
yess… ineed to find out… why she was upset.. yes i will find it out at any cost…(determined)
but kunj you yelled on her yr… what she would be doing now.. koi ni m jaa ra hu na thodi der me usse pic karne tabhi dekhta hu…
pov ends…

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