Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (30)


Suddenly it started raining heavily…
kunj grabbed her arm n they started moving towards building to save themselves from drenching in rain…
but twinkle let out her hands from his grip n started running n enjoying in rain singing n dancing….

Naa re naa re, naa re naa re – (2)
Barso re megha megha -2, barso re megha barso
Mitha hai kosa hai, barish kaa bosa hai
Kosa hai, kosa hai, barish kaa bosa hai
Jal jal jal jal jal jal jal thal jal thal
Chal chal chal chal……. chal chal behta chal
Gilee gilee gilee ha, ha ha ha ha…….
[she was dancing in rain singing… happily rotating here n there in the whole garden… going towards flowers.. touching them lovingly n again started dancing.. signalling kunj to come out n enjoy the rain]

Gilee gilee matee gilee matee ke, chal gharonge binayenge re
Haree bharee ambee ambee kee dalee, mil ke jhule jhulayenge re oh…
Dhan baiju gayee ne hal jote sabne
Bailon kee ghantee bajee aur tal lage bharne
Re tair kee chalee, mai toh par chalee
Par wale parle kinar chalee re megha
Nanna re nanna re, nanna re naa naa re – (2)
[she after signalling him… again started enjoying… playing on swings..
(she became upset as she was not able to swing it alone.. she signalled kunj to help but he didnt come…] she started comming back fro the swing being sad… in the meantime kunj came n kept his hands on her shoulders from back n took her towards swings n start pushing the swing to let her enjoy… she was very happy n laughing whole heartedly…
kunj was admiring her laughing n beauty..
she jumped from there n again started singing n dancing)

Tu tu turu, tu tu turu………
Kalee kalee rate kalee rato me, yeh badarva baras jayega
Galee galee mujhko megha dhundega, aur garaj ke palat jayega
Ghar aangan angana aur panee kaa jharna
Bhul naa jana mujhe puchenge sab varna
Re behke chalee, mai toh behke chalee
Re kehte chalee, mai toh kehke chalee re megha
Nanna re nanna re, nanna re naa naa re – (2)
rain stops n so does twinkle’s enjoyment n her masti..
then they both headed towards their flat..
both were drenched in rain completely…
they entered the house …
k- see what happened… tumhare jhule ke chakkar me m pura bheeg gaya… i dont have more clothes with me also..
tw- ha to.. i also dont have my clothes..
k- now what!!..

aaise to sardi ho jayegi… aachuuu… dekha.. aa aaa aaachuuu…
tw- he he hea aha… ho jayegi nhi,… ho ho…aa aa aachi.. aaachhhiii…ho gayi.. aachi..
bith brust out laughing..
tw- idea….(she went towards a room..)
k- hey twinkle… where r u going leaving me here.. n aachuu… i mean what idea!!. aachuu..
tw- by then twinlle left from ther n came back taking a blue t-shirt n black trouser for kunj..
tw- ye lo.. now get urself changed..
k- what!! ye kiske kapde h.. aur tumhare pass kaise..
tw- are buddhu i told u na… bhai used to come here frequently.. so its only his chothes… go n get urself changed before u get ill…(pointing towards a room)
k- n what about u?? what will u wear..
tw- u dont worry.. m uska bhi intezaam karti hu..

k- okk.. i ill just come in a minute..
twinkle again went tpwards teh same room n started searching forthe wardrob to get someclothes to get herself changed..
twinkle after examining the whole wardrob selected a long shirt of her bro… n get herself changed into it..

tw- aachii… aa aachii.. (looking herself in mirror) ye twinkle.. u r looking an alien n this..(her shirt was slightly aboveher knees n she was not feeling comfertable going before sid in this attire .. so she took a trousern wore that too..)
now she was looking totally jhalli… loose shirt n loose trouser which is actually double her sizee..
she came back to lobby n found sid sitting on sofa.. he was looking hot n stunning in casual clothes..
twinkle saw her first time in casuals otherwise she has always seen him in formals only… she was admiring him.. (lost in his thoughts)
her thoughts were intrupted by our hot n handsome kunj…

k- (he felt someone gaze on him.. without lookingout of his phone.. he spoke) staring is rude!! miss syappa queen..
tw- haww!! i was not staring u..
k-(looked towards twinkle) lost himself in his sweet, cute n innocent baccha wala look…
(yes u guessed it right.. she was looking just like a 5 year old kid wearing her fathers clothes.. sleeves of the shirt were much longer then her arms.. she was struggling hard to walk properly in long trouser of her bro.. which was comming in between her steps)
kunj was spellbound looking at her that he couldnt utter a single word from his mouth..
tw- what!! why are u staring like this.. i didnt had anything to wear soo.. i.. i just wore it..
k- (started laughing suddenly)

seeing him laughing at her.. she ran towards kunj to beat him..
while comming foreward.. her long trouser come in between her foot steps n she tremble n was about to fall.. just then two strong arms held her.. her eyes were closed dur to fear of falling but our hero didn’t let our heroine fall..

she felt someones storng grip on her waist.. she started opening her eyes… both were looking in each other eyes.. a cute n small eyelock..
both came in their senses.. n he helped her stand her properly..
he helped her folding her shirts sleeves so that she may feel comfertable..
now he sat n moving towards her feet.. n he folder her trouser from bottom so that she may not fall again..

all this while she was just admiring him…

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    it was not good….
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    was joking
    it was awesome blossom blast

    1. Aamu

      now i know u will think dis girl is mad,jhalli somehing lik dat
      so for ur information ii m no mad
      full power normal hu
      i was in mood o play a small prank
      ok no bakbak by
      do cont asap

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    Loved it sorry for not being able to comment on your previous episode but I loved both of them 🙂

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  12. Purnima.agrawal30

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    Loved it to the core❤❤

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