Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (28)


i m soo sorry friends for being late… please understand.. i didnt get ittu sa bhi time…. m kya karun kaam bhot h… soor soory again… chalo.. now i will start the episode…
are ruko ruko… ek baat to m batana bhul hi gayi…
aap logon se sahi guess kia horror movie ko laker but gys how can u doubt our twinkle.. if she can handle goons .. why cant see watch just a horror movie… no doubt twinkle n kunj will come closer but in some other way… but for that u have to read the story..
sorry soory… bhot bol dia na.. koi ni now come to episode directly..


twinkle n kunj together entring the hall for the movie “baghi”.. Guards at the entrance of hall demanded tickets from them.. they showed him n started entring but guard instruct him to go to hall no-5 for the movie conjuring2.. this hall is for baaghi..
k- but sir.. we bought the tickets for baghi only.. why would we watch conjuring t2
tw- oh wow.. (without listening to kunj talk) sid yr… u are such a sweet boy .. how do u know i like horror movies.. wow i m super excited.. and are u mad tumhe dikhai nhi deta iss hall ke saamne baaghi lke posters h.. but koi n i chalo sid aab hum conjuring dakhne chale h.. i love horror movies.. (excitedly) wow kitna maza aayega na..

(saying thgis she started dragging kunj towards hall-5 holding his hands..)
k- was shocked to see twinkle praising horror movies (his mouth wide open… haww)
she was dragging kunj towards hall
tw- are sid.. chalo na jaldi chalo… movie shuru ho jayegi.. i cant miss the starting… tum chal kyu ni rhe ho..
k- jerked her hands n stood there only..
tw- kya hua..??

k- oh god syappa queen.. kitna bolti h yr tu.. ek hi saans me itna kaise bol sakti h… yr teri gaadi ek bar shuru hoti h to band hi nhi hoti.. kabhi kisi aur ki baat bhi sun lia kar..
tw- what are u sayin g.. yr why are u wasting time.. chalo na(pleading)
k- are listen yr… i didnt bought the tickets of horrer movie.. i nly bought for baghi..
tw- what!! m aaise hi tumhe praise kie jaa re thi.. (making faces) hmm…
koi ni… tthe good thing is that we got the horrer movie tickets n that too for night.. wow i m excited !! aren’t u??
k- his face became pale listening to the horrer movie n that too night movie..
k-(stammering) wh/.. what.. tw twin.. twinkle.. aren’t u afraid of of wa.. watching hoo.. horrer movies..

tw- kya yr sid.. kaise baat kar re ho.. its just a movie.. sacchi me bhoot thodi na h..
k- fir bhi… i mean.. hum horrer movie .. kaise .. i mean..
tw- kya kaise kunj.. obviously aakhon se hi dakhange na.. sis tum bhi na.. kabhi kabhi bacchon jaise baatein karte ho.. chalo aab .. we are getting late..
k- what!! (shocked) i m not gonna watch this movie..
tw- sid..(angrily) what is trhis??
dare not to say no… remember my condition… aab chalo..(dragged)
[omg!! kunj is afraid of horreer movies.. maza aayega… ha ha ah .. aage aage dekho hota h kya!!.. bahut nainsafi h.. humesha girls hi kyu darein… why not boys be afraid.. after all bhagwan thodi na h boys… DAR SABKO LAGTA H… hahaha] kunj again stopped..

tw- whats ur problem sid… dont irritate me okey..
k-(afraid) no.. n.. no .. i i im not c.. co.. ming..
tw- (suddenly realised something)… dont tell me sid that u are afraid of ghosts..
k- (looking down n afraid too)
tw- (laughing) hahahaha.. ha ha .. kunj.. ha ha.. u u.. haha… afraid… of ghosts.. haha… i cant believe thsi… hahaah..
k- stop it… just stop it twinkle okk( angry still afraid)
tw-(supperessd her laugh… )

k- i m NOT comming…
tw- (angry) aaise kaise u noyt comming…. ui have to come n its my order…
k- twinkle… but..
tw- (hold his hands lovingly) dont worry sid… i m with u na… nothing will happemn.. i assure u… u will enjoy it.. ….(requesting with her eues)
k- unwillingly agreed n afraid..
twinklw assured her with her eyes that nothing will happen to u.. i m with u..
bot together went inside the hall… kunj holding twinkle hands…
twinkle was also supporting her..
as soon as they entered…

hoooo…… haaaa… hoooo. oooooo..haaaa…hooouuu..(scary noices are comming) n screen showed a scary image…
kunj became pale listening n watching such scene.. n tightened his girp on her wrist more… twinkle felt pain but she didnt said anything as she know his state… they headed towards their seats…
during the whole movie.. twinkle was watching with so much interest but our bachara kunj was just holding her hands n sometimes to he hid his face behind twinkle escaping to see that horrible image..
whenever he used to be close to hert… she felt goosebums in her body… she was shivering with his touch on her back.. but she ignored n started enjoying her movie..

kunj also felt something good being with twinkle but he was more afraid than feeling anything….
movie was at its climax now… both get afraid n side hugged each other n remained in the same position untill movie ends…

lights switched onn.. they were still hugging each other but as the lights turned onn n noices of peope started comming they came in their senses.. both felt embarassed n went out together…

hello friends … hows ythe episode.. i tried to make it long as well as interested becoz i coudnt post for some days… may be i will not post in week days due to my projects n assignments… hope u understand.. but plz do comments n tell me about ur views regarding the episode..

n yes may be i wont post in week days.. i will preper to post on weekends.. hope u wont mind.. but i promise whenever i will get time in week days also.. i will try tio post… thank u … thanku so much for your support frirnds… plz do comments its seriously very valuable… thank u so much
for ur support uptil now.. hope u will support sfterwards also.. byeeee…

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    amazing monaa ??????
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    loved it

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    Loved it Monaa 🙂

  7. It was amazing! Continue soon x

  8. Baby

    hey monnaa di amazing episode osm missed u alot post nxt asap di luv u di d horror was actually expressed so well dat i m also afraid

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    Amazing awesome

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    It was great and kunj was so funny

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