Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (27)


the episode starts with twinj enjoying their day together… now they are no more fighting but some tashn is still there between them with shows their chemistry…
they were enjoying n having fun in beach roaming here n there..
tw- sid.. suno..
k- oh my god!! look this syappa queen have called me sid n not mr sadu.. i m very blessed..(fake )
tw- oh shut up please.. m itni bhi buri nhi hu..
k- ohh to madam has accepted that is is bad.. not bad..itni jaldi itna improvement.. sangati ka asar h..
tw- whatever.. byee i m going to play in water..
k- oh madam.. wait.. waves dekhi h tumne.. marne ka shaunk h to jao..
tw- tum to rehne hi do… hmm(making faces).. enjoy karna bhi nhi aata h iss insaan ko..
sahi naam dia h maine isko sadu n akdu..(patting har own shoulders)
k- (watching her doing silly things) admiring har n his heart felt something for her … but he is unaware of his feelings..
kunj too went towards n now they both started playing.. throwing water on each other n twinkle was smiling n laughing whole heartedly..
kunj was mesmerised to see her hairs floeing in air playing with the winds n seeing n angelic smile on her face..
k-(to himself) kitni aachi lagti h haste hue.. god! give all happiness to her (praying unknowingly)
twinkle noticed kunbj lost in thoughts n asked him “what!!” through her eyes.. to which he nodded in negative n again started roaming n playing exploring the beauty of the nature..
tw- (laughing n shouting) bas bas.. i m tired now n she sat there itself on the sand nearby n signalling kunj also to sit with her patting the empty ground beside her..
kunj too came n sat there.. no no he to just lay there..
tw- are sid!! what are u doing.. there is sand.. ur hairs will get dirty.. get up..
k- noo.. i m exhausted.. kitna ghumayaa h subah se mujhe tumne.. aab himmat nhi h..
twinkle is laughing seeing his expressions..
tw-(unknowingly admiring him) kitna cute lag ra h.. ekdum bacche jaisa..
kunj listened her calling him cute n baccha..
k- (suddenly with puppy expressions) i m not cute n any baccha..
suddenly getting up from ground n facing twinkle.. hey look hot , dashing, young businees tycoon is sitting in front of u n u are calling him baccha n cute..(pout expression)
(excitedly) u can call me handsome n dashing.. (in attitude) ladkiyan marti h mujhpe n u r calling me cutee!! .. are u in ur senses..
tw- laughed at her expresssions… m kya karun jis tarehg tum baat kar rhe the bilkul bacche hi to lag re the..
k- aaachaww .. m baccha.. okk. i m going khud hi kar lo mumbai darshan aab tum..(fake anger)
tw- are are..(as he was getting up.. twinkle hold his hands n signalled him to sit again).. okk baba.. i will not call u baccha now.. its fine now… aab to mumbai darshan karaoge na..
k- (in attitude) haa okk okk.. itna masum sa cahera banane ki zarurat ni h…
but i m exhausted now… i m gonna lye here for ten minutes then will will go somewhere else.. (after saying this he was again going to lay on ground but twinkle stopped him in between n signalling him to put his head in her lap)
kunj happily put his head in her lap… (as soon as he did this.. both felt some current pased through their body.. smiling unknowingly unaware of their feelings)
twinkle started caressing his hairs loingly n kunj too was feeling releived being with her..
a couple passes by them complementing them as cute n adorable couple..
this statment bring them back into the real world n both came in their senses n got embarassed..
kunj got up from her lap suddenly … both were going back to their car.. being embarassed.. both didnt spoke even a word n silently went from there…

As the situation was getting uncomfertable twinlle broke the silence n ordered him to go for a movie.. to which kunj nooded him head n both drove towards satyam cinema.(i dont know wether this cimema is in mumbai or not but its in delhi so i mentioned…)
both went towards ticket counter n..
k- u stay here.. see the queue is long enough.. i will bring the tickets..
tw- okk.. come soon..(smile)
kunj went towards the counter n asked for the two tickets of movie”baaghi”.. someone standing beside him demanded for two tickets of “conjuring 2”. due to some confusion their tickets got exchanged n kunj without noticing the ticket kept it in pocket n paid the bil n left towards twinkle…

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  1. Angita

    Just awesome
    Waiting for the next
    Pls cont soon

  2. Shreya098

    Nice epi…
    Loving the way they are coming close…

  3. Kritika14

    Oh god! today’s epi was great! loved twinj scenes andandand are you kidding me? tickets get exchanged so hence they go to conjuring and what happens next will be twinkle to be scared and more and more of twinj scenes … woah woah! waiting for the next part very eagerly. continue soon x

  4. Sameera

    IMG lovely epi mona just waiting for the truth to be reveled soon??

  5. Baby

    omggg monna di amazing w8ing fr nxt episode post it asap luvd dd episode very sweet 1

  6. dreamer..arundhati

    Monaa my gosh wonderful epi

  7. Saby

    Mona darling mazza aagay… The sand wala part was awesome… Loved it…
    I m still ur ff reader…
    And love ur ff ???

  8. Fan

    Awesome epi

  9. Shatakshi

    Monaa I was waiting for the episode
    Loved it to the core
    I m loving this ff❤❤❤❤

  10. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..episode was fab….

  11. Srija

    lovely muuaaahh?????

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