Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (26)


After a lot of shopping . both headed towars a restaurant to have lunch as its already 1’O clock.. our twinkle madam was hungry afterall…
both were sitting in restaurant around the table opposite to each other.. kunj asked twinkle to order food.. he will come in a minute..
k- oh miss syappa queen… u order something to eat.. i will just come in a minute..
tw- oh hello… mister.. kha ja re ho tum..
k- aab washroom jaane ke liye bhi tumermission leni hogi kya??(scarastically)
tw- ha theek h theek h .. jao..(making faces)
kunj went from there n twinkle has ordered food..
tw-(to herself) oh babaji.. washrrom gaya h ya vha jaaakar so gaya h… hmm akdu khahin ka..
four people was looking at twinkle with bad eyes..
b1- ohe hoye.. dekh bhai kya maal h..

b2- haa bahi.. h bhi akeli..
b3- to intezaar kis baat ka h… chalo thoda maza to lia jaaye..
b4- ha ha .. kyu nhi.. aaj kal aaisa mauka kha milta h..(they laugh evilly)
they all headed towards twinkle…
b1- ohh madam ji… akale kyu baithe ho… apne maznu ka wait kara jaa ra h..
tw- hello.. who are u?? get lost from here..(angrily)
b2- nakhre to dekho madam ke.. abhi batate h..
b3- was going close to twinkle…

twinkle stood from her chair.. (scared inside but being bold in front of them)
she stood n slapped b3.. n pointing index finger towards them..
tw- dare not to come near me.. i m not scared of u people..
boys saw her in rage n now b1 was going close to twinkle n was trying to touch her shoulders..
just then kunj enters through the gate n watch them misbehaving with twinkle… he became angry n started going towards them to beat them (may be)
twinkle after slapping the other one started leaving from ther…
the boy held her hands… she turned back n started laughing..
this made the boys angry…

tw- do u think that u will gonna tease me n i will gonna shout for help..??
boys- (confused)
twinkle slapped him hard n punched him in his stomach.. with this one guy fell on floor of ground and others were scared n angry too…
tw- is this enough or u still wanna talk to me..(angry)
they all went from there for the time being but befor going they gave her a warning.. for with she gave them a scarastic look..
kunj who was watching all this was amazad by her behaviour..
k-(to himself) woah… so miss syappa queen.. i was not wrong about u.. you can protect yourself..
all people present in the restaura praised her n elders blessed her too..
kunj came to her n asked her if she ordered something to which she replied posetive..
(kunj behaived as if he has seen nothing.)
after having their lunch… kunj asked..
k- so miss. syappa queen.(interrupted)
tw- stop calling me that mr sadu..
k- first u stop calling me sadu..
tw- that u r.. i m not saying anything wrong..
k- whatever.. (scarastically) (fake sweetly) soo miss. twinkle.. where do u wanna go now as its already 4.
tw- (pointing her finger ion her side forehed as if thinking something) umm.. umm .. we can go to beach .. waise bhi weather is so nice ..
k- (unknowingly admiring her cute antics) well well.. aapka hukum sar aakhon par..
after this both headed towards beach..
how was the episode friends..??
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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Monaaa darling it was lovely……amazing…..???

  2. Angita

    Awesome awesome
    Loved the way twinkle’s protected herself

  3. Fan

    Awesome epi monaa

  4. Sameera

    Superbb epi mona

  5. Shatakshi

    Yet another Awesome episode ❤❤

  6. Kritika14

    It was amazing! continue soon x

  7. Very nice epi.. Girl’s power rockes..

  8. Shreya098

    It was superb….
    Loved the way twinkle handled the goons

  9. dreamer..arundhati

    Mana it was fab

  10. Nice nice

  11. Baby

    monaa di amazing episode osm luvd d strong n powerful twinkle post nxt asap di

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome…accha maza chakhaya twinkle ne. …..

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