Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (19)


ohh i m sorry friends for the irregularity but pata ni time hi ni mil pata n upar se results ki tension aur saath saath college bhi start hone ko h.. soo… kya karun?? i hope u will

understand.. n uff my coaching.. dimag kharab kar rakha h iss nanhi se jaan ka.. yes but i promise i will try my best not to dissappoint u..
chalo cahlo bhot bol lia aab kaam ki baat par aate h…
hanji to..
ur guess about twinkle being nurse/ caretaker of mahi can be true.. u will get to know in this episode only..
n yes uv being sarna is a suspense?? u will know it soon in upcomming episodes..
n if he is a part of sarna family.. he must know about twinkle?? n twinkle must know about uv n mahi too… but kya karein .. thoda sa sabr karo.. u will get to know soon… vaise

bhi sabra ka fal meetha hota h…
i know kuch jyada hi bol dia.. but plz kabhi kabhi mere bakwas she lia karo… jab m frustate hoti hu aur share karne ke liye koi saamne ni hota to m bhot bolti hu..
aacha aacha.. sorry aab ni bolungi.. varna chappal juttae dikh re h mujhe mere dur drishty se(lol).. chalo come to the episode…
uv has received d details about the intern on his phone… he was shocked to see the name to twinkle first but then thought..
uv (thought)- how can she work in hospital.. she is studying.. i remember she told me about her college… never mind.. i dont think it would be that twinkle.. chalo uv beta..

twinkle manao kaam par lag jaao 😉 . yr paya karayegi?? the great uv sarna ek intern ke piche.. ohh god kha phasa dia..
but never mind uv.. u r doing all this for ur life afterall. yes mahi n his baby is his life..
chalo beta kkam shuru karo..
he was about to go just then he thought about doctor’s words.. never leave her alone..
in mind- yess yess afterall she is mad women.. but jo bhi h mere hi to h..
he then thought to ask kunj to take care of mahi untill he come to convince the girl..
he was about to call kunj regarding this just then his phone rang… ofcourse regarding his office issues..
{remember gys.. kunj n uv have different companies.. they dont work together}
offfo… iss call ko bhi abhi aana tha… aab mujhe jaana hoga.. but mahi ko akale chodna sahi hoga kya??
he then remember kunj again.. this time he called him..
uv- hello bro..
kunj- yep.. tell me what u want!
uv- how do u know??
k- offo.. tabhi to tune call kia na.. varna tujhe tere bivi se fursat mile to tu mujhe call bhi kare…
uv- haa to aab bhi kaunsa tujhe yaad kia mahi ke lie hi to call kia h..(mummering)
kunj- yr kam se kam iss volume me to bol ki mujhe sunai de.. ye ghun mun , ghun mun kya laga rakha h.. its very irritating..
ek vo syappa queen kam h iss kaam ke liye jo tu bhi shuru ho gaya..
uv- what!! syappa queen??
k- nothing.. u wont understand.. u tell about ur work otherwise i will cut d call..
uv- oh ho shant .. itna gussa..
k- nothing.. u plz continue..
uv- told him about the inten n his important meeting n mahi being alone..
kunj- being a good friend of mahi.. how can he ignore her health ofcoure his soon to be comming champ also.. (aftell he will gonna be chacha soon)
k- he assured him to take care of mahi n about the intern also..
uv- thanks yr..
k- no worries when ur bro is here.. u just send me her details .. i will bring her at any cost till then u ask our maid cum caretaker to take care of mahi..
i will seee about that girl..
uv did the same…

kunj now called the girl.. (alsi kahin ka.. aaise sensitive matter ke lye milne nhi jaa sakta tha)
kunj- hello.. mss.. whatever u r..(uv just sent him her address n her phone number… ) we eed ur help for tasking care of my friend cum bhabhi.. as doc mishra already told u

about her condition..
tw- why dont u understand in one time.. i dont wanna join as someone’s personal nurse.. i wanna be in hospital only n all patients are same for me.. i never differentiate

between them..
k- what the hell… but he comntrol himself as its matter of mahi..
listen miss i can give u whatever amount u want but u have to be in our home for my bhabhi ..
tw- listen mr whoever u r.. firstly u need me.. i dont.. i when i said i wont then i wont… cant u get a simple thing..
k- now hell angry… what do u think of urself haa.. i wont let u live peacefully.. mind it..
tw- whatever.. i wont be scared from u.. do whatever u want but ny decision will not change…
n she cut the call….
kunj is hell angry now n he is determined to make her come…
kunj- in mind- i wont spare u miss whatever u r.. u have to pay for ur behaviour… i will see u.. afterall i m KUNJ SARNA.. n u have u face d consequences for ur behaviour..
episode ends on the angry n determined face of kunj
how’s d episode..
batana zarur.. please..
bbyee.. soon be here only on tu with next episode…

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