Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (17)


the episode starts with students sitting in canteen enjoying their free period.. just then seniors came there..(gys u to know na .. ragging in medical colleges..)…
everyone was hell scared/. everyone think that seniors are dominating and they will do ragging n all…
but but but… twist for their opinion..
semniors welcomed their juniors in a humble way. one guy gives speech to get all attention
senior- hello gys.. all of u thi k that we are seniors n u r juniors.. but no need to be afraid of us.. here in our campus.. its all probhited(ragging n all)… n yes friends if anyone is

there who try to do any such kind of activity.. then we have an anti ragging society also.. ui can complain there..
so just e as u are n no need to afraid of ur seniors.. dont hegitate to talk with us n if u face any problem in college regarding any issues.. u can come to us.. we are there for u

but give respect to us respect n be professional.
one more interesting point.. we all are planning for freshers.. we will give u all the details laterr. we have union room.. if u have any good ideas u can come to us… thank u gys..

u please carry on…
all the studenyts clap for them.. they really feel happy as their seniors are really good..
inkle always remained in contact with mahi n uv n ofcourse nok-jonk between kunj n twinkle was also enhancing but between all these things both have started feeling for each

other but they are unaware of their feelings…
now twinkle have started doing internship in SUNSHINE hospial…
Mahi is 4 months pregnent…
Mahi mansion–
uv- yr mahi, plz be quick.. we are going for ur checkup not for any party..
mahi- are comming baba..
uv- yr in aurton ki bhi had h.. hospital jaane ke liye bhi sajna zaruri h kya??
mahi- maine sun lia..(angry expressions)
uv-(mummering)- ha to tumhe sunane ke liye hi bola tha..
mahi- maine fir sun lia..
i m not going with u.. u go alone..
uv- what!! baby doll.. i think u forgot we are going for our baby check up
mahi- ha to u go na.. i m not comming n its final.(sit on sofa facing other side than uv)
uv- baby i think u r pregnent, not me..
mahi-(fake cry)- haaa.. u r making fun of me.. no no no no no.. i will not come with u.. u r very bad..
uv- (bechara) ohh mela baby.. i m not making fun.. u to know na how imp u r for me??
how can i make fun of my baby doll..
mahi-(sobbing) sacchi..
uv- mucchi.. aab chalein.. afterall humare baby ka savaal hai..
mahi- haa … u r too bad.. u only care abt baby.. u dont care abt me?? (fake anger)
uv- (his hands on his forehead)
composing himself.. are nhi baccha… i care a lot abut u na.. u r to very good baccha na..
mahi- (making faces) okk okk ui m comming but u have to promise me that u will never tease me for getting ready..
uv- ha baba pakka..
mahi- aacha chalo to fir humara appointment 4 pm ka h n hum late hore h… kitni baatein karte ho tum uv..
uv- maine late kia?(shocked)
mahi- hhaa,, nhi to kya maine late kia(annoyingly)
uv- are nhi nhi.. baby doll.. u r right.. challo now hurry up.. otherwise we will get late na..
mahi- okk… chalo..
uv n mahi both are leaving n uv making faces( pata ni iska ye drama kab tak jhelna padega)..
When they were leaving, a pair of eyes were watching them giggling( yes ofcoure it was our kunj)
uv saw him giggling n shooting dagger at him… as if he will kill him at any time..
kunj was silently laughing looking at his condition…
kunj(in mind)- thats why i dont wanna get involved in relation of marriage..(thinking about his marriage)
one n half year have passed since i have come here after marriage.. what would have happened with the girl.. i think i should ask sorry from her for my deeds.. but why will she

forgive me after so much bad happened with her becoz of me.. i dont know how will uv bhai n mahi will react knowing about the truth of my marriage.. no no i cant tell them

about this.. theey will never support me n i cant afford to loose them .. oh gd!! what should i do?
screen freezes on confused yel guilty face of kunj……………………..
i m so sorry for late update..
i have been out of station last weekend so i couldnt upload.. hope u will understand n once again sorry…
bbyee.. fir milange…

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