Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (13)


thank u friends for your comments n support.. n yr lovely i was not able to find your ff.. so sorry.. it would have been better if u provide it through links.. i would have told u abut links but u know what.. i also dont know how to provide links..(lol) 😉 😉
okk okk.. bahot bol lia.. now come to the episode..

dinner time–
uv mahi n twinkle were sitting on dinning table for their dinner which was made by twinkle n mahi together n having their dinner.. twinkle mixed with them as if its her own family.. she was not feeling that its not her family.. she was so much comfertable with uv n mahi..
mahi- are uv, where is sid? when will he come..
uv- oh sorry mahi.. i forgot to tell u.. he have some work in office regarding new project.. so it will take time to come.. he will be late.. n yup u dont worry n eat ur food on time as i know my baby would be hungry .. n i cant take risk regarding my baby’s health..
mahi- (making faces) whatever..
n yes jab sid aaye to usse bolna that i need to talk to him.. get that..
uv- aacha meri maa.. i ill tell himm.. now fine..
twinkle- chukkled listening their talk n u can say knok jhonk..
mahi- are tw why are u laughing haa..
tw- nothing nothing… u r so adorable couple
uv n mahi blushes..
uv- u dont worry twinkle u will also get a perfect life partner..
twinkle’s eyes become moist listening this.. but she composed herself.. no one notices this..
tw- are mahi.. who is sid.. u were talking abt??
uv- my bro..
mahi- no my beat friend(laughing)
uv- haa baba.. tumhara best frnd mera bhai h..
mahi- whatever..
their nok-jhok continues.. n twinkle was admiring their bond..
after dinner mahi told twinkle to stay in guest room tonight n told her the way to room..
twinkle went there n sleep after freshning up..

other side in sid’s office..
sid- thanks mr mehta.. ur presentation was wonderful n karma (sid’s company) would surely like to deal with u..
me mehta- my pleasure mr sarna.. we would also fell nice to work with u..
sid- it would be beneficial for ur n our company..
sid- forwarding hand… have a wonderful day mr mehta..
mr mehta- to u too mr kunj sarna.. my pleasur
n we would start on this project from next week only..
sid (kunj)- sure mr mehta.. we dont have any issues..
both greeted each other n take a leave..
[yes friends.. u r right.. sid is kunj only, sid is his nick name n his family call him sid only ]

@mahi mansion
twinkle is sleeping peacefuly on the bed when someone entered the room slowly without any noice..
screen freezes on the face of twinkle sleeping peacefully n a person entering her room..
how was the episode friends.. i know friends i could’t make kunj’s revelation interesting but my mind gave up on this issue..
yes friends mind it twinkle dont know his name( not as kunj or not as sid)
what will happen when she will come to know about sid being kunj??
n mahi n uv being his own family..
n how is sid .. i mean kunj related to uv n mahi.??
if he is uv’s brother.. why dont he live with his family??
how come she dont know abut uv?
keep reading to know about the answers to these..

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    Awesome epi mona..plz post the next part soon

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    awesome epi….bhot saare Secrets…..maza aayega….

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    Oh….monaa darling….why so short episode….make it longer….but any ways it was good….

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    Monaa so sorry dear 4 not commenting on last epi.
    Luved both. It was fab. U r doing great work
    Ctd soon

  6. AmaZing!

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    Loved the episode hope the man is Kunj

  8. i was awsome.mind blowin
    plz try to post 3 4 tommorow because tommorow is eid sooo plz give us a jacpot plz
    love it

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    loved it…????
    its getting more and more interesting

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