Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (1)

Twinj- Marriage, betrayel, Love
hello friends.. i m monaa.. i am a huge fan of twinj n a silent reader also.. i have read all the ff’s of twinj n these are really very nice.. n i m thankful to the writers of ff.. i felt so encouraged after reading there ff’s that now i want to write one.. i have a slight idea in my mind which i wanna share… i m starting the ff on twinj.. i hope u all will enjoy..n if u like the idea please let me know.. aacha okk… now its enough of chap chap.. i should start my ff…

a beautiful morning .. a big mansion is shown but it it not at all pleasent.. everybody is running here n there n making contribution in decorating the house n instructing peope to do the work properly.. (let’s see what is going on)
afte few hours:
oh wow.. what a mansion.. it is looking lovely.. its is decorated as if some marriage preparations are going on here.. everybody seems so happy.. are are talking n giggling.. but someone is here who is not happy..( let’s see who is the person who is not happy in such a beautiful environment)…
leela taneja( twinkle’s mom)- ramu bhaiya.. suniyae ye dakhiyae.. ye sab lkya h ye flowers itne murjhayae hue kyu h.. aapko to pata h na ki aaj twinkle puttar the vyha h.. chaliyae jaldi kejiyae.. in fulon ko change kejaiyae.. baarat kuch hi ghanton me aane wali hogi (ramu bhaiya.. listen n se here.. what is all this.. why there flowers are so dull.. u know na today’s is twinkle’s marriage… please hurry up.. n change ther flowers.. barat will be comming in few hours).
ramu kaka- ji malkin.. abhi badal date h ..( ji mam, i ill change it now)
leela- are sun karan putta tu kha jaa ra h.. ye ek bar catering walon ko to dekh ki sab kuch aache se hua ki nhi ( are karan puttar, where are u going, plz go n check the catering arrangements whether everything is all right or not..)
karan( twinkle’s big brother)- yup my, going.. vaise i have already seen all the arrangements but if u are saying then i will again go n see.. n ha u dont worry mom i ill see everything.. u go n check whether our angel is ready or not.. i ill manage here.. now go n u too change.. jiju n his family will reach here any time
( leela went patting karan’s back n giving him blessings)
leela went towards twinkle’s room.
The room was very big.. beautifully arranged.. stars hangings above the bed.. teddys are arranged on the bed in place of pillows.. pink coloured walls.. n a huge almirah on the corner of room.. a big portrait of beautiful girl hanging above bed ( its obviously our twinkle)
one wall of the room was fully covered with the memories of the same girl ( some school pics, birthday pics from childhood upto the age of 20, college memories with friends, family photos, n all)
a beautiful girl is shown sitting in front of dreasing table in a bridal lahenga.. (mahroon coloured lahenga with some golden antique work, red dupatta matching with the lahenga beautifully placed on her head.. omg she is really looking like an angel in her bridal dress) but what is this there is no glow on her face which a birde should have, she dont have happiness in her eyes rather her eyes were showing some unknown pain which can be understood only by her.. two girls are standing beside her n doing her makeup
just then leela enters..
leela- omg! my princess is really looking like a princess.. u r looking stunning angel.. u are the world’s most beautiful bride i have ever seen ( ofcoure every mother praises her child) but what is this angel one thing is missing… how can this be possible.. how can u forget t beta.. it is necessary to be on ur face beta.. (she was searching that thing here n there.. on bed, under the bed in washroom , in her book shelves everywhere)
chinki 9 twinkle’s friend who was standing beside her )- what happened aunty.. what is missing.. everything is perfect here.. tell me what are u finding.. i ill help u..
leela- no beta , its really important.. how can we miss that.
twinkle (finally she spoke)- are maa.. what is so special that we forgot.. please dont panic.. tell me what is missing.. i ll ask my frnd she will bring..
leela- are beata.. ur smile.. your smile is missing..
everyone looked at her surprisingly.. n all brust into laughter..
but our twinkle was just smiling..
leela- bas puttar.. this one.. this smile was missing.. always stay like this.. god bless u mera baccha.. n ha listen girls do her touchup fast n be with her untill barat varrives.. when barat will be there.. i ill call u. okk. take care angel..
screen freeses on smiling face of twinkle…

precap- marriage done.
its my first ff on twinj.. hope u liked it.. this was the first episode
how was it?
please do mention.. n encourage to write.. thank u friends… seen u soon with the next episode… untill then..
haste rahiyae, kuch rahiyae aur ff’s padhte rahiyae.. 🙂 😉

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  1. its not that good …….i think there r many better ffs out there than this ………u should take inspiration from them

    1. Faber if you don’t know to appreciate than please also don’t say hurt ful words because everyone has their own quality and style.sorry if you are hurt but please don’t make anyone feel down.

      1. Yea I agree with u lover ……
        Should nt hurt anyone’s ff yaar….

    2. Ex cause me its so gd….?????

  2. Shatakshi

    Go for it
    Seems interesting

  3. good one dear I love it and waiting for next episode I love the title marriage love betrayal and this title completely suits current track if tei.

  4. Joonakanksha

    Its was very nicely described …keep it up…
    Post next soon

  5. It’s not that tooo much appealing but its just 1 st epi yaar…I hope you will give us better epis from now….and I will just say that don’t write as all do…don’t add things if they are not of your style…and if u r translating in English then better don’t write in Hindi…I know it may be a bit disappointing to read so many don’ts but dil pe mat lena bas….try ur best to be better… As only hard work makes us perfect….. Ishaan paid a hote hi writer thode hi bantaa hai…keep smiling..

  6. Kruti

    The intro was gud ……hope to see some thing different

  7. sorry to disappoint u.. 🙁 but I I’ll try my best to write good.. its just the intro of story .. real story or u can say twists will start from 3rd or 4th episode.. I hope u all will like it.. 🙂

  8. Shatakshi

    Hey monaa
    I just wanted to say that…plzzz don’t be disappointed…
    N please be urself n create a new style of writing…
    Loved it???

  9. Sayeeda

    Don’t be disappointed dear it’s ur first time nd slowly slowly we all learn to cope up with our mistakes..
    Don’t be sad ; infact u should be happy that u took initiative to try something new…Go ahead with it ….I’m sure u gonna rock with ur ff …it’s just an intro nd believe me it’s good…. picture abhi baki hai …All the best …be waiting for ur next..

  10. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..interesting plot. .plz continue soon

  11. Episode was awesomeeee.. Will b looking forward for ur next episode.. I’m sure u’ll b able to move us all by ur story.. Best wishes for ur further episodes

  12. Osmmmmmmmm monaa n wc to tei family….
    Do cont asap……
    Seems really interesting……

  13. Fan

    Awesome start..plz post the next one asap..

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    nice start go for it

  15. dreamer....arundhati

    Go 4 it dear

  16. osm monna wow

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