Twinj..a magical land (episode 3)


If you guys haven’t checked the necklace yet, pls check it…it plays a really important role in my ff…..I’m very angry on you guys….expect lovely and romaisha….you all didn’t suggest any of the dragon name…just kidding I’m not….so enough of my talks…will continue after episode…so episode starts

***twinkle’s POV***
I woke up in the morning stretching….Kunj wasn’t there….I wanted to have a quick bath…unfortunately Kunj was there….I’m so foolish not to know naa…at magical world..normally you bathe in green color type of liquid which contains herbs….actually we both almost bumped into each other but We didn’t but something worst happened… His cat made me trip…he caught me using one hands,.then my dragon made him trip….we both fell down….in green herbs….looking like a total monster…but I don’t know why I had to fall again….my hand accidentally punched him real hard on his face…I noticed it was bleeding.. I wanted to help but he covered it quickly….but I noticed that the wound healed… was pretty confusing for me….but I just got dressed in a simple outfit and headed to my class….only to be informed that I had no class….not only me but Kunj Prutosh..and all the rest…..we were told because our magic teacher is a different teacher(guys please be aware all of them are graduate)….we went to an area…..actually looked like ballroom though it was not…..fortune room…our teacher made us sit around a big magical globe or might be called something else though..but the teacher looked damn strict

***teacher’s POV***
My eyes quickly saw the dragon necklace that the girl was wearing…unique..but I needed to test my students ability so we headed to the dragons…there was 5 seats there…each one of them will have to sit on every seat and on any weird move!ents means they’re selected..I went with Prutosh and all the rest
Here’s what I got..

Aarav: wind
Rahul:fire..(don’t ask me how two)
When I moved to Kunj..he slowly neared the the seats and there the dragons accepted him even before him sitting…my rest students were shocked…well except twinkle..and when it was her turn I could not have predicted what happened
***Niya office***
I was so tensed the match is coming and if we don’t play we’ll never be able to…I’ve got to discuss all this to rahul..I’m so nervous…at least I hope that the rest don’t know that actually I’m his fiancae..

***to be continue***

Sorry for the short one guys..I’ll post the next one tommorow…I actually got caught with my uncle’s 50th birthday which is why I was late in commenting and had not net…I know that’s tons of grammatical and spelling errors but pls bear with it and sorry again for late..and ya if you’re reading bffs or haters or lovers..its under maintanence I’m still learning about the debate and preparing the script…pls comment guys..

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  1. Fan

    Super epi yaar

    1. Angita

      Thank you soo much yaar fan

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Mast episode angita
    Really very eager………….want to know what happen during twinkle’s turn
    Loved it

    1. Angita

      Thank you daamini….let’s see then

  3. Ranabulbul

    Aww meri angu mujhse naaraz hai to theek hai
    Dragon ka name mmm mmm loopster or sudo

    Just a suggestion and today episode was amazing

    1. Angita

      Aww I’m not angry as for the dragon name I’m keeping it tragon…shritha forced me,.thank you sooooo much

  4. SidMin

    Cute episode and their fall was too good 🙂

    1. Angita

      Thank you Shruthi…dii. I know fall was my favorite to

  5. Yukku

    nice epi yar

    1. Angita

      Thank you yukku deaf

  6. Baby

    hey angita dear osm was missing dis ff yah its fictional comic mayb bt luving it post nxt asap dear

    1. Angita

      Sorry for not posting often yaar..thanks for commenting

  7. Sayeeda

    Amazing Angita…. Awesome..
    Loved it to the core…
    Love u

    1. Angita

      Thank you soon much sayu di
      Love you

  8. Kruti

    Nice epi

    1. Angita

      Thank you soo much kruti

  9. Awesome epi.. do cont soon ☺

    1. Angita

      Thank you soo much sidevew❤?❤?

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous

    1. Angita

      Thank you sooo much puru

  11. oh wanna know wht hap in tws turn n ofcourse fiancee waala suspense…love it

    1. Angita

      Thank you sujina

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