Twinj..a magical land (episode 1)


Twinj..a magical land
Girl’s POV

I went into my principal’s room…the principal looked as old as me….a teenage principal…I was shocked….I’m new to the magic school…I was so nervous to meet her..maybe because she was the only one who knew my secret..
***conversation BTW girl and principal***
Principal:_why hello…twinkle..nice to meet you..
Twinkle:hello ma’am

Principal: don’t call me ma’am.. Call me Niya…I’m as old as know..your mom told me bout you…you don’t remember anything.related to your magic right..
Twinkle:nodded her heads and was lost in thoughts
Principal: your room is the dragons..dragons is a very special room so others will be surprised to know you’ve got it..

***Twinkle’s POV***
I was holding onto my necklace…a dragan mom gave it….I don’t know who my mom honestly is actually..I know I’m special…searched from the ancient castle maybe…on my way to the dragons..I met 5 students..they introduced themselves.. I believe I was the only girl but I didn’t mind…they’re name was ..Yuvraj…Aarav..Prutosh…Rahul…Kunj….
They were all very friendly…friendly except Kunj…his face showed some kind supremeness….he’s the most powerful magic boy in the school I a student..only if he knew me..
Three girls then sashayed and came to us..Maya..Chinki..Mahi..
I was told then Mahi was Maya’s sister…she was forced to be with her. Maya was the most beautiful girl in the whole of magic empire…ya..that’s the academy s name.. She then was swirling her hair and keep on moving around Kunj..
Maya:_Kunj you know you’re standing in front of the most beautiful girl
Kunj: you seem the uglies to me

Maya:whatever..wese you’re??
Maya: would you like to join us..I’m sure you will
Me:I’m not sure..I love football and I think I choose them..
Maya:_in anger…really??
She then left..but the group didn’t..

Prutosh the lead of the group:I’m not sure about that…you’ve have to ask Niya for that..

Hello lovely people its Angita..I’m very interested in fantasy so thought to write one on Kunj.. Pls share your views and ideas if possible… And any questions…. Because I know it’s quite confusing

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  1. Jiya_Ani

    Nice angu..

    1. Angita

      Thanks a lot shreyu

  2. Fan

    Awesome yaar..even i love fantasies..

    1. Angita

      Haha….glad to know we’re in fantasy zone..the best son
      Thanks fan…wese tera Nam kya?❤?

      1. Fan

        Hey angita my name is bhavana..may i know how old r u ??

      2. Angita

        Okay bhavana….I’m 14
        How about you?

  3. its cute story……….

    1. Angita

      Thanks aamu
      I’m sure not as cute AS you

  4. Kruti


    1. Angita

      Thanks Lot kriti

  5. Joonakanksha

    Nyc strt soon

    1. Angita

      Thanks joom
      Next episode posted

  6. Bulbul23

    So nice angu and I am always in my dream land most of the times hehehehe jokes aprt nice start and do cont ur bffs haters or lovers

    1. Angita

      Dream land is the best land na!?
      N thanks for the comment yaar
      Love you

  7. Romaisha

    Nice… Eager to read more ??❤

    1. Angita

      Thanks romu
      Mind if I call you that??
      Love you

  8. Sayeeda

    Amazing Angita ….what a great start yrr ….awesome …
    loved it ..

    1. Angita

      Thanks a lot sayuu di
      Love you

  9. Nice….waiting for next part

    1. Angita

      Next one posted
      Thanks for commenting

  10. Hey angita.. It was little confusing but i know it will be clear soon.. Nice episode…

    1. Angita

      Please ask what’s confusing you!
      Thanks for commenting

  11. Purnima.agrawal30


    1. Angita

      Thank nima
      Mind if in call u that??

      1. Not at all dear…you can

  12. Baby

    hey angita amzing yr soo cute episodee and yr ur idea wow luvd it 2 d core

    1. Angita

      Thank you sweetheart

  13. Crazy

    Awsm swthrt
    Good start
    Lovely episode !!!!

    1. Angita

      Thank you soo much for commenting
      Am so glad you commented
      Love you

    2. Crazy

      Love back !!

  14. me 2 love fantasy…
    excited 2 c more…post asap

    1. Angita

      Same group ya!
      Thanks for commenting
      Next one posted

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