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TWINJ MADE FOR EACH OTHER (must read and comments)


hi!!!!guys do remember me or forgot say who are all remember me and who are all forgot zarmeen i had stoped ff in between twinj made for each other till (episode 26) due to less comments and bakbak ff……

now i had decided to continue but if u guys say plsssssssssssssssss comments guys if i want to continue or not……

now comments only decided to continue or not the ff is in ur hands guys…..

plssss say if ur comments or positive or negative……

if u want any changes allso say guys or u wont want me to continue allso say it guys……

positive or negative…..

after sidhanth exit was vry sad and now the searial is going in bad trp and after that i realized that atleast we can imagine sidmin in ff sooo i thought to continue and thanks for krystal diii that she encourage me to write a ff …..

thanks so much diiii

and i lve all the ff and ff writers…..
thanks for entertaining us……


Credit to: zarmeen

  1. Plz continue

  2. happy ramzans to you also
    and please continue your ff
    missing u

  3. Yeah…u shd continue but plz give brief summary in next episode

  4. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    yaar plz continue. ..was missing u yaar …

  5. Continue

  6. Hay zamreen ws missing u gal where were u no no no ur ff is nt bad bt jus amazing yaar do cont asap don’t be sad bt yaar nly ff r d way to cherish all those moments of our beloved twinj yaar plss plsss plzzzzzzzzz cont asap m waiting eagerly plzzzzzzzzz till then m waiting plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz…… . …….??????

  7. plz continue

  8. ya pls continue……

  9. Ya pls continue

  10. hafsa ayesha

    I was your silent reader but now think that you must start your ff . Your ff was amazing ,is amazing and will remain amazing

  11. Asalamualikum …hw r u? Nd abt ff plz continue…’HAPPY RAMZAN MUBARAK 2 U N UR FAMILY”ap kaha se hu imn kon c state se…

  12. Wa alikum salam….In our culture we should answer for salam so I replied…zarmen today I started to read your ff…you rocked it..Please please continue and about comment you have many silent readers…keep writing…RAMZAN MUBARAKK….Allah may bless you…Haa forgot to say I liked your name

  13. plzzz continue ur ff

  14. Zarmeen plzzzz do ctd bcoz after sid’s exit all ffs r blessings and u r an osum writer
    Eagerly waiting for ur next episode

  15. Zarmeen plz continue ur ff & plz give us the summary before starting the episode

  16. continue please dear

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