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twinkle sees the steam in the bathroom&tries to open the door&realized its locked and tries her best….

here kunj is talking with his frnds…

twinkle struggling&callls out leela,bebe&kunj but no avail…..

maya stands out & watches tw in struggling,sweating &coufing…

maya(self talk)this door will open to carry out ur body only keep screaming tw this is ur punishment and start counting ur last breaths this is punishment for loving&marring my kunj he is only mine and she scream evilly and leaves……

tw feels weak and notice a vase in the bathroom ……

kunj searches fot tw everywhere and gets tensed and go to check in her room…kunj comes in room and searches for tw…..

tw passes kunj notice in washroom and breaks the door in efort and sees tw in unconcious condition and carries her out in her arms and trys to rescurrent her….

kunj calls leela,bebe&then calls doctor and stammers and tells about tw passing and her temperature being high….doctor advice to bring her to hospital as she might have suffocated…..

kunj calls ambulance and kunj break down bebe tries to pacify him & tries to revive tw

kunj says to bebe how this happen bebe?who done this if this done this by anyone by house i wont leave them maya gets tensed usha notice this…….

ambulance comes&kunj takes her..

maya (self talk)if they came to know i have did then what will happen she gets tensed no maya be positive i did what i came to do…i done need to be here tw is death

usha comes says but i know that what u did….

maya gets tensed and she says what i done i dont done anything….


when maya locks door & scream usha sees….

flashback ends….

usha says when both r in same way why we both can do this tw to finish….

maya gets shocked…..abd she says what sassu ma apni bahu ku hi marni lage….

usha gets angry and says i dont like her little bit but this kunj is after her only….but i had plan to not to sucess her marriage but u what did for what….

maya says anty i love ur son a lot so…..usha says oh!!!this matter u do ur ur plan if it sucess its right otherwise i have another plan after marriage allso….

both shake their hands …maya evilly thinks if they got to about my reality i will but all blame on usha anty only….


kunj,leela&bebe rush tw to hospital and they take her to emergency room..

kunj is totally going crazy&all is well doc says we have to check asusual prblm

doc ask get oxygendrip….treatment starts….

kunj sitting sad bebe comes &says if u give hope what will happen…

doctor comes kunj ask what matter as she is alright???

doc says she is serious we have to wait for 12hrs if she gets concious is good othrwise we cant do anything kunj gets shocked …

kunj sits beside tw bed holding her hand & waiting for her to open her eyes…remembering here moments with her..


tw starts feeling suffocated and gasping for breath…

kunj calls doc and leela&bebe comes inside and shocked and gets tensed….

the doc ask the nurse to administer the injection they hurriedly ask what happend and the doc without giving an update ask them to go outside&let them do their work…..

leela&bebe reisgnedly takes kunj out who unwilling moves on all wait tensedly outside….

kunj comes to temple inside the corridor and stands in front of the lords with tear splotched eyes shocked&apalled as tears run down his cheeks he ask how can tw face this..when lord exists and ask reason behind it……he ask why happiness always falls an inch in short of meeting her….

he folds his hands and says that doing good never beflas any trouble or harm and them ask why tw is a victim now….if anything happens to my tw i wont forget myself….

today god only have to save tw…

kunj lights up an incense camphor&holds it in his bare hands as they burn into his hands and tells a lord that he shall keep it alight in his hand till the time tw doesnt regain her conscious back..

kunj says that he shall force the lord to bring back to him….the doc continue to try and recive him while leela crys bebe consle her ..

tw starts flatlines while the nurse&doctor starts losing hope saying that they shall not be able to save her now as only miracle can save her now….

kunj says that he shall keep standing here like unity he finally retents in and gives his tw back to him for their marital life ahead…..

bebe rushes through the corridor then bebe scream with such a resolve.

kunj eyes her determinedly bebe comes and tells him while he wants with anticipation that tw regained her scence and she is out of danger kunj is unable to believe it.bebe says that lord heared his …

kunj places the camphor back from his burning hands and rushes to tw room and hugs her bebe and leela too comes and hugs her….and ask her is she fine she nods in yes…..

bebe and leela sits beside her and tells kunj whmsical challenge to the lord after he saw her condition that kunj brought her back to life..

kunj with tears tw eyes kunj and sees her hand and ask her what happened….

leela tells them about kunj swear in front of the lord tw eyes him while he smiles through his tears……


kunj sits beside tw bed and smiles at her and ask her if she is fine and okay.she complies and says that what he did wasnt okay he eyes his burnt hands and then say that he cant imagine anything happening to her and says what would he have done without her.he says that fact that he might lose her made him go bersek .she eyes him tensedly and then says that she is fine ..

kunj hugs her she allso hugs him back both feels peace in their arms just then nurse come they composes them self….

nurse says its time for injection tw gets scared like a little child about the injection…..

kunj tries to assure her while she clutches at his arms while the nurse administers the injection he keeps calming her down and cares her face….

she realized and reamoved her hand and scream in pain kunj stars blowing her hand tw eyes him overwhelmingly with emotions…..

screen freeze….

i hope u like a little bit pls comments if it positive or negative.

Credit to: zarmeen

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