hi!!!!guys I am so sorry for late update u must be thinking that I post late and just asking sorry but I am really sorry I am suffering from viral fever so I could not post and ramazan is going on once again I could post it reguraly……


tw mobile flash kavitha and she hears and gets shocked…

ka:Di usha anty is going out follow she is going to police station I can’t follow mom is with me so…

tw:police station okkkkk she follows her….


usha goes and bails kavya and she gives a cash to inspector not to tell to anyone that I had bailed kavya…..

u:kavya u r just edit u shld not done this much angry see ur angry bought here u just go now and pls don’t try to contact me and don’t come to my home whatever I want to do I will do now…..but I won’t let twinj to be together…

ka:okkkkk but give me money….

u:she hangs a money and says I have booked a ticket for London u go….

kavya leaves….

tw hears their conversation and gets shocked And she goes and stand in front of usha she gets shocked seeing tw…..

t:wow!!!!!mummy u r great u done this to ur son who love u lot and respect u….

u:she gets shocked and says what happen u know my reality that’s it but now u will go and say to kunj but he won’t believe u because he believe me not u…..

tw:mummy he believe me or not is second question but I won’t say abut u to kunj because I don’t to break a mom and son relation its very pure relation when he will get to know abt this he will breakdown and abt believe my kunj will belive me he is so nice ….and he loves me lot and believe me more than himself….

u:she gets angry by he believes her and she says that what I don’t want I know u don’t love my son ur doing this drama for money that’s all and I don’t want like cheep my bhahu….and u will steel my son from me….

tw:she gets teared eye and ask her mummy u think abt me like this I love him by his heart not money …..

tw:she says OK mummy I will stand like how bahu u want and I won’t steel u r son from me he will be urs son only and I will win ur heart….

u:u will never be like my bahu and u won’t win my heart……

tw:she says then why u accept this proposal mummy….

u:she says ya u had asked correct question I want to accept in pressure of manohar and bebe and if u want to marry kunj u want to accept my condition ….

tw:I will accept whatever condition is right…..I will u r heart in six months….

u: u r intelligent but I am not fool
within six six months u will show fake love and bear kunj’s offspring in your womb and not one can’t throw u out of house first u here my challenge and accept or leave my child I will marry my choice to him I will say that u left the marriage and went u done this all for property…

and she says the condition is till u won’t made my choice u won’t consummate a marriage with kunj till six months….and u will do duty of wife and u ssld not physically intimate and u shld promise u won’t let kunj to come near u and don’t say to anyone accept or leave my son this is the conditions….

tw:she hears and gets shocked…

screen frezee…..

precap:marriage is going on ……

note:they r all in farm house for twinj marriage….

how was the epi???

till me by ur valuable comments…

positive or negative….

what will happen tw will accept the condition or not and shoes marriage is going on….

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  1. Apoorwa

    twinkle will accept for sure and epi was mind blowing
    post next soon

  2. Fan

    Nice epi..

  3. Ria

    Amazing one.

  4. Dreamer...arundhati

    Zarmeen epi was a treat a read
    Precap was thriller
    Ctd soon dear

  5. she will acept for sure s she loves him with heart not for physical
    anyway its amazing

  6. I thnk twinki will accept…
    Btw loved d epi….
    N get well soon….


    nice idea to stop twimj consummation scene

  8. Sayeeda

    Soooooo sorry for commenting late ….
    Loved the episode a lot …This Usha …aahhh such a bad she is …just hate her …I think Twinkle will agree
    Missed ur ff ….nd get well soon dear….post soon

  9. Shatakshi

    Hey zarmeen it was too good
    Loved it??

  10. osm zarmeen get well soon

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