hi!!!guys thanks so much for commenting and reading and supporting my story line……

lets start the epi,

The girl apply mehandi in twhands and she ask a name she says kunj and smile brightly….

kavya thinks what the hell nothing happend to her hnds i done all correct but dont this cheeper women done correct or not….

kavitha sees kavya and smiles
flash back

kavitha mixes the acid in cone and she hers a foot voice and she trys to run from window

kavya goes and sees a acid bottle and the cone separately and she gets shocked and sees a locket and a image in it and she gets shocked and she sees a window open& she understand

kavya says ohhh this all done by kavitha to harm di but why she doing this??? i hve to find out???and i hve to expose u soon???in front of everyone??its my prms….

flash back ends…

kavya gets a msg she leaves…

kavitha follows her and thinks i know somebody is helping u i hve to know and get a proof against u…

she follows her but leela comes and distrack her but she finds kavya is not there……

kavya goes to store room usha is in anger mood and she scolds her and says u wont do any work properly

always u say i will makesure my plan will work but always flops..and she leaves…..

kavitha sees usha coming and hides she goes and storeroom door is opened kavya is in full anger mood and she throws a glass and full anger she says i wont let this tw she has to die how she can marry my kunj he is my lve…

kavitha hers this and captured in her mble and she thinks now kavya ur game is over …..

kavya goes and she hides….

next scence

all the fmly members are enjoying the mehandi function….

tw is sitting and trying to set her hairs kunj comes and sits and make her hair stuck in her ears ..

k:u need water???

t:how do u know what i need?

k:i know everything abut u becuse ur heart is with me..

t:she smiles brightly…

k:he make her drink water….he says tw tomorrow u cant see ur hnd….

t:why???what hppend to my hnd???

k:bcuse tommorrow in ur hnd will hve only my full lve colur in bright shines like a stars that u cant see

t:she smiles brightly……

both of them looks into each others eyes…..

all the fmly members come

kavitha coughs and says di and jiju roamance is over means we will do our rituals….

k:rituals???with one eyebrow

bebe:yes the rituals is two of testing that how much their life partners lve them….

1.groom has to find a his his name in bride hnds.

2.till tomorrow we hve to wait to see the colours of henna then we will know how much the groom lves bride…..

k:he says start start this ritual i will only win tomorrow the shine will like start only…

all of them laugh tw smiles brightly….

bebe says ok ok lets see tw show ur hnds to kunj…

t:she shows her both hnds…..

k:he sees henna and gets confused and says what is this full of something written is this any language…..

b:she says ohhh son thats is design and u hve to find ur name if u cant find say then bride is ours….

k:he says no no…..bebe tw is always mine only…

all laugh tw blushes like a red tomatoes…..

k:he sees all the hnds 3or 4 tms and he doesnot get he thinks i hve butter tw and atleast know in which hand they hnd written

all are busy talking and laughing….

k:he goes near tw she says what r u d???he says nothing and he comes closes to her and she feels butterflies in her stomach and she deeply looks into his eyes and she says kunj he keeps his finger on her lips and slowly touches her face and lips tw feels her touch and cloes her eyes kunj sees and smiles…..

kunj says tw where is my name tw says in my heart kunj smiles and says i know in henna where and he kisses her forehead she lost in him and says in my right hnd at right side he says thanks tw thanks

tw opens her eyes and come into scence and says cheating..

kunj says lesson everyone i had find out he show tw says no no he has done cheating..

k:what i had done say????

t:u had u u nothing go….

k:he smiles…..

bebe says waha waha great son ur won and from today tw is all urs….

twinj smiles brightly….

bebe says go puttar u both go and rest only one day is left for wedding…..

kavitha comes and wait wait i hve to show u some things…

she takes lapton and on the protector…..

screen freeze….

how was the epi guys????

pls comments if negative or positive …

and i had answerd ur questions in last epi only…..

Credit to: zarmeen

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  6. Zarmeen dear as always fabulous
    Ctd asap

  7. sorry guys for confusion i had made some mistakes actually kavitha is kunj friend and kavya is twinkle sisters i had written this names in wrong places iam so sorry next time i will make sure no mistakes i hope ur confusion cleared…..

  8. superb epi ……loved it

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    1. twinkle’s sister

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    post next soon

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