hi!!!frnds sorry for late update because my studies and i cant post regularly by the my ff is boring but guys bearing it how????ok for comments thanks a lot and for even silent readers …..


leela takes tw back home now she is alright but weakness is to fit
all r happily welcomes them back home….

leela says to tw u shld fit soon and kavitha says y di u shld fit&fat like before…

tw give an abgry look and says i was fat before she stars hitting with pillow and kavitha gets emotional and stars crying

t:kavitha my beauty why r u
k:iam sorry di for how i behave with u before???i used to blame u for whatever happens but u di support me and given me a good life and ur my best sister in the world di….(ek hazaro mein mere behana hai plays)
t:nooo first stop crying u were small u did when i was small i allso did now stop crying give me a hug.

both hug each other just then uv comes ohhh only hug for sisters and u for me ……

kavitha,tw&uv hugs

t:i love u both but

uv:but not more than kunj jiju na..

t:blushes and says no iam going to miss u alot ….

k:why no we will in touch to u daily that time u will say what this bro&sis not giving romance with my husband….

twinkle blushes kavitha&uv gave gigles and laugh….

leela comes and sees her happy with together she gets emotional happy uv drags leela and take selfe of all ……

leela says iam very happy today…..


haldi preparation is going on…..

leela says to bebe that her drem is fulfilled today&tw is very lucky to have a husband like kunj&family like sarnas who love her very much and today i have no stress….

kunj in his room he thinks i will apply a colour of love to tw first how he thinks?&gets an idea..

kunj goes to kitchen & takes some haldi and bebe comes and wonders what r u d here?

kunj says nothing bebe i came to make coffee and he sees all the girls r standing outside tw room.

tw takes bath and comes outside with(bath robe)with wet hair&body& she hears footsteap and picks up a vase&she thinks its a thief and she will ends up by hitting….

a guy jumps in tw hits him but shocked ohh he is kunj….

tw gets hyper he is shocked to see tw in bath robe and he got lost in tw…

she takes ice&apply..kunj is just looking at her beauty&figure of her body….

tw calls him no response she kisses his cheek he gets shocked &keeps his hand in his cheek and smile…

tw ask him what is the need to get in from window why not door??

he innocently tells her u have a guards at the door….

she goes to find he holds her and says i deliberately have come from there….

kunj says i want to put haldi first…

she wonders how its possible when there is no haldi….

kunj pretends to wonders too she tells him its his prblm.he takes haldi&put on her cheek saying kunj is always prepared…

tw says how i will put haldi…kunj comes closer both of them cheek meet tw close her eyes both of them feel their touch..

t:kunj u love me so much…

k:y,more than my life…

tw gets happy hearing this and keeps her both hand on kunj neck and closes her eyes and waiting for kiss….

kunj gets happy by her response both of them kiss her lips very soft passonate for vile and break and both of them smile….

k:ohhh god i got my honey…

t:blushes and says dont take much honey then diabetic will effect…

k:no tw it wont have any effect we have take atleast 3times a day and i wont daily after marriage if want to give more no prblm

she shy and try to run but kunj drag both fall on bed …

kunj on top of twinkle

tw shy and moves her face towards otherside kunj kiss her neck tw clutches bedsheet in nervous…..

tw not she could not controll she to kiss kunj cheek….

outside kavitha calls tw di r u ready????

tw come in scence and pushes kunj and both compoaes them self.

tw says i will just cone in 5min

tw says to kunj to this happen because of u see iam late ohhh then u shld stop me na…..she blushes and says him to go he goes to open the door and she says what r u d???kunj says why u dont want me to go???why u want me to give more honey???

tw says only this matter goes ur brain go from otherwise u will knkw what will happen he goes from windowand gave a flying kiss she smile and gets ready…


kunj is sitting wearing yellow shervani and tw comes wearing light yellow saree….both sit next to each other…

usha calls maya she takes what anty good news say soon tw died na….

usha gets angry ya she died u will come ya i will come…..

bebe apply haldi to tw&then kunj in his hand,leg…he says why here all bebe y just aplly in cheek then ritual is finished….

bebe says no puttar how much we apply that much ur love strong&more…

kunj then u can apply where ever u want bebe if u say shall i remove shervani all laugh bebe badmazh(noty boy)

then all comes and apply..

maya comes and sees decoration and thinks what is happening here and she gets angry seeing twinj happy..

usha comes and says see she died maya ask why u lied to me…usha says wow u had done very big thing that she will die….

mays says what if she did not die in first plan i have next plan that time this shld die only then only i cant get my kunj otherwise after marriage u too have a plan…..both of them smirks….

bebe says haldi is done now borh go and take bath…

screen frezee

precap:mehandi function….

i hope u liked a little bit…..

Credit to: zarmeen.

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