hi!!!guys lets today we direct go to epi and for all the mom happy mothers day♡♡♡♡♡


twinkle gets up from tub angrily and says u ruined my plan&she goes to room …

kunj follows her and ask what was ur plan!!!!

tw says since its flop u need to know and u ruined it all….

twinkle says u did do wat that girls bf did in the show&says that girls bf held her hand while taking towel…..but u din and stammers ..

kunj says do u know what happens next….

twinkle says that wat u din do..

kunj says lets me show u in advances….

twinkle is standing kunj starts taking off his tie coat and shirts buttons…..

bebe,nisha r dancing usha says i will get water and she goes…

here twinkle says mumiji and runs the the bask brokes usha heres the noise and knocks the door….

twinj r shocked twinkle says if mumji sees like this what will happen and she hides in almari..

kunj opens the door usha ask why u have locked the door?&u have not fresh up

kunj says no ma i was going but mistake it broken ok i will clean it..and she calls servents and clean it….

usha goes towards almari and he goes and stand ma u go i will get ready i will take out ur dress no maa i will take she nodes and leaves…

kunj opens the door of cupboard and tw is difficult to breathe and with wet….

kunj gives water and she feels relaxed and hugs him he too hugs her tw phone beeps nisha text we r coming bhabi pls go to ur room bhabi tw says i have to go otherwise any one will see kunj says sorry and kiss her on cheeks&she leaves…


leela is finding tw in tensed twinj r walking hand in hand in the corridor glancing with each other lovingly….

leela probably worried about twinkle she checks and sees her them walking toward looking into each others eyes&smiling leela have the sigh of relief..

leela walks towards twinkle and kunj and says thank god at least now my children are smiling …..

twinkle smiles at leela and looks at kunj….

nisha comes and says wow we will have fun in sangeet…

leela kisses kunj forehead and says thanku beta…

since u came in twinkle life i have always seen my twinkle smiling twinj looks at each other and smile…

precap:twinkle in danger…..

Credit to: zarmeen

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  4. thank u chandra i will try to update regularly ****

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