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twinkle is sitting with sad expression in her room….

nisha comes and says what happen bhabi???why r u so upset?

t:see ur bhai is so upset of what happen morning and so iam upset see he is responding my calls or msg???otherwise he used to call me a day 100 times and so many msgs????

n:what bhabi he used to call u this much time but he was not like this before from u have came in his life he has changed thanks bhabi??? by the way wo appse bahut der tak naraz nahi reh sakte aap ka pyar aap ka pass le ayye ga???

t:she smiles???and says if i plan a surprize he wont be angry???

n:y bhabi bhaiya likes surprize carry on and all the best bhabi…..


bebe,usha,leela r doing preparation of sangeet cermony…..

twinkle hides and decided to go to kunj room but leela sees and ask tw where r u going?????

t:no ma i was just coming here???

l:no beta u should not roam here and there bride shd rest….bebe says y beta tomorrow is ur sangget sarnas bahu should look beautiful before all….

t:she smiles and thinks how i will go to kunj room and if kunj will come i wont do anything

leela calls and ask where r u lost go and rest she goes….

she msg nisha for help and she comes twinkle says all….she says ok bhabi i will help u……

nisha goes and says ma,bebe&anty pls come we will go outside to garden they ask why???

because i want to show u a my dance prepration and i will teach u allso pls its surprize to bhaiya&bhabi pls pls they say ok …
and they all ok outside and msg tw to go……

twinkle goes to kunj room and goes to washroom and decorates the tub in washroom and she wears a blue mini short dress

tw is puts rose petals in the tub and she sprinkles water on her face and hair……

kunj returns to his room and hears a noise and comes in the bathroom and sees twinkle and ask her what she is doing here???

tw says in my washroom my shower is not working sooo…

kunj says so u everyday u bath with candles and rose petals…..

she says y kunj says u r taking bath?she says y…..kunj says then take the bath….

tw walks towards the tub and selecutively keeps turning at kunj and stares…..

tw gets in the tub and tells kunj to go till u go how i take bath….

tw sits on the sides of the tub and cleaning the roses petals frm the face and sprinkling water on kunj as she set her hair kunj extend his hands to touch her……

screen frezee….

precap:tw runs the bask of flower break usha hears the noise and come to check kunj room……

pls comments its positive or negative and i promise next epi will be romantic…..

Credit to: zarmeen

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