hi!!!guys iam so sorry i have post my epi after so many days due to exams as now my exams r finished and try to upload daily…..



kunj is seated at the head of the table.twinkle is sitting is on his left……

twinkle is serving food &kunj touches her foot with his leg..twinkle looks at him….

kunj smiles at her and goes near her and ask her r u ok?and he picks up the piece of sandwhich and puts in her plate….

kunj ask twinkle pls give me coffee…twinkle is serving the food with her right hand and her left hand was resting on the corner of the table near kunj.

he looks at that and puts his right hand on hers and holding her hand he quickly pulls her hand below the table ….

twinkle looks at his face and kunj looks at her and says innocently pls give me coffee…

twinkle says ok and picks up the kettle with her right hand and pours him coffee little uncomfortably….

he picks up the coffee with his left hand and looks into her eyes with a smile and says thankyou♥♥♥♥

twinkle feels uncomfortable and looks at him to let her hand go but he ignores it and keeps on drinking the coffee

twinkle picks her mobile and text kunj and smiles….

kunj gets a beep and looks at his phone…

bebe gets annoyed and says to kunj while u r at dinning table u will not pick up the calls or sms so first finish u r breakfast and he smiles at twinkle….

once again twinkle sends another msg….

kunj phone beeps and bebe takes the phone.twinkle intterupts and says bebe let him take the pick up the phone up the could be from wedding planner …..

kunj says no…if bebe says something not to do i wont do that…bebe smile and says pick up as it related to wedding….twinkle smiles…….

kunj picks up the mobile and sees text from twinkle……

screen freeze….

precap:kunj says to twinkle i wont touch or come close to u before wedding……

i know its very boring episodes because my brain is not working properly but i will try to post next epi roamantic…..

pls comments if negative or positive and give some idea for my story line as my brain is not working……

Credit to: zarmeen

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  1. Amazing pls post asap jst cant w8

  2. Awesome episode….but plz try to post little longer and romantic one

  3. Osm epi dear loved it do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  4. Awesome ….. pls post d nxt one asap …..

  5. nice epi zarmeen

  6. thanks to all and i will upload next epi soon but i did not expected will like this epi but once again thankyou so much…..

  7. Nice episode. Just wished it would be a bit longer!

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