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kunj comes close to her both looked into there eyes deeply as kunj removes her earring and kisses both ears and removes her neklace and kiss her neck she clutches her shirt and he takes her hair to other side and kiss her back sweetly twinkle cares his hair…..

twinkle opens her by the sound of someone coming kunj is kissing her back neck and she sees tina is coming and ask kunj to stop kunnnj he stops and looks tina comes …..

mam if u have choosen design,jewellery i will send tailor to take ur measurement…..

twinkle changes her dress and comes and hugs kunj he too hug her back she says thankyou very much kunj for doing special for our wedding …..

tailor comes twinj break the hug tailor tells twinkle to remove her dupatta kunj is annoyed as tailor is taking measurement kunj is super jealous and says no need to do all this….

twinkle gigles and says if he doesnt measure how will he stitch …kunj sends tailor and decided to measure twinkle by himself and twinkle says how u will kunj says i will..twinkle teasing him kunj glares her……

light goes off in boutique in kunj lights candle (sajana ve plays)

kunj measures twinkle for the churidhar and kisses her hand and comes from behind and looks like he is close and kiss her neck and then puts her tape around her waist and pulls twinkle closer….

kunj is close to twinkle to kiss twinkle says if u want come closer to me then there is a condition….

kunj ask what????
twinkle says tell me why u sent off the tailor ……

kunj says measurement is done…why raise old issues ……

twinkle says that not my answer…

kunj says ok if i answer then what u will let me to do….twinkle says u can kiss me….

twinkle says u listen what i said tell me…..and says i know u wont say anything…

kunj says yes i agree iam jealous….i agree iam possesive about u….and twinkle u r just mine and i cant share u with anyone …

but after today if u joke about this we will have a fight….

twinkle says even i feel same and you r only mine….

light comes twinkle break from trance and she tries to go away….

kunj holds her and brings her closer and says ….condition isnt over yet …bet is bet….so now i will kiss u ….

twinkle gets shy and kunj say u dint except i will tell the truth and see i did what u did even except now come on fulfil the condition…

kunj close his eyes and comes close but twinkle says tina u kunj moves back and see there was no one kunj says so u cheated me…

twinkle says no mr.kunj sarna iam not cheated u she comes and kiss a small kiss on kunj lips and run away by smiling…..

kunj smile both leaves to sarna mention….

bebe come oh!!!!u came finished shopping were is back kunj says bebe tina will send bebe says ok…..

screen frezee….

hope u like a little bit……

Credit to: zarmeen

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  1. Nice next episode ASAP

  2. Zarmeen u r just osum writer…☺☺ n episode was a good 1

  3. very nice and sweet update ???
    continue soon

  4. Jus sho sweet dear loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon

  5. it was wonderful
    waiting for next part

  6. thanks guys if u r allso writing ff pls tell ur ff name because there r so many ff so i got confussed pls guys…..

  7. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    amazing.. .so romantic

  8. no I don’t like a little bit but I loved it. lovely episode. really great. waiting for next

  9. It was awesome zarmeen

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