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twing break their hug……
k:we r going to designer as bebe said we have to select a dress for our wedding as it is a special day…
t:we only.
k:ya any prblm???
k:come lets go ….


twinj arrive for wardrobe selection …twinkle says where is everyone

kunj says u are the most special shop is open only for u !!!

just then tina(designer wedding planner)comes and says to twinkle mam sekect a dress if there any prblm say me mam if u want to trial u can trial mam….and mr.sarna loves u a lot mam and ur so lucky mam for u he has open the shop twinkle says thankyou and looks at kunj he is looking at the dress……tina leaves….

twinkle choose a bangle &ask kunj he nods and she choose a dress and ask he nods yes

twinkle select sherwani for kunj &she says i will a sherwani on my wedding day and kunj gets caught and is lost for answer…..

kunj throws an outfit aside &come near twinkle and she sees kunj is approaching….

kunj says tell me one thing twinkle that everytime ur face before me…except ur face i cant see anything !!!!u r so beautiful that what evet u were u look so pretty…

kunj calls tina and ask her to bring as same which twinkle has choosen lehenga for trial….

twinkle goes to trial room and wears and comes kunj saw her she was looking beautifull red clour lehenga with full heavy stone works….and diamond jewllers with long earing…..with open hair….

she comes towads him with bright smile he come to her says u r looking so pretty&hot…….

she feels shy he pulls her closer and kisses her forehead and he carses her hair and pulls her close her dori romoves and she feels awarked and says kunnnj

kunj comes and keeps her had on bare back and put dori…and comes to her ears and say without ur permission i wont do anything so dont get nervous….

he comes close to her face and keeps his hand on her stomach she clutches his shirt and close her eyes and he sees she is nervous and step back she opens her eyes and ask her what happen..

kunj smile and says so r so like when iam very close to u she smile and feels shy and look down.

screen frezee

pls comments guys….

Credit to: zarmeen

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