helllo guys today iam so happy with comments so i upload today only and special thanks to fatarajo,nataksha,sam,HBD sid-(tamanna),lama,fiona,zayb zikra and silent readers and i hope u like my this epi 17……pls say via comments even silent readers…….


twinkle goes and greeds all .kunj goes to leela and touch the feet she blesses him…..

k:he says bebe u called u urgent whats the matter bebe and serious

bebe:ohhh take a breath son as i disturb u in any special work..

k:yes means no bebe i was just asking…

twinkle blushes ….

bebe:says its good news we had fixed the marriage date its after 5days…

twinj both say what????and they were happy both smile brightly….

twinj feed sweets …..

manohar:he says and the marriage is in mumbai and we r going tomorrow…..

kunj thinks:ohhhh its nice then i can be with twinkle with even a seconds

twinkle and leela greeds and leaves …….kunj passes her a flying kiss she smile and leaves……

here all goes to amristar airport kunj eye is finding for twinkle she comes and greeds all and he sees and gets happy and follow her this bebe sees and says to leela see from now juru ka gulam all tease and laugh usha gives a fake smile and scream evily and thinks i will not let happen this marriage or i will not let this marrige to be successfull….

all goes and sits in seat twinkle goes to sit beside leela kunj drag her hand and make her sit beside him

t:what r u d?
k:what i am your would be husband i have full rights i can do anything?????
t:if u r would be husband then what ever u will do u always in full roamance only u dont think any other and she gives an angry look??
k:he says i am dieing to see u?i cant live without u ?and if i die he gets teared eye
twinkle keeps her hand on her mouth says dont repeat this again i was in tension so…..i too cant leave without u and hugs him he too hugs her back

just then airhoster comes and says sir your phone is ringing pls switch off it sir ….

k:says she too wants to come now only???
t:smile and she puts her hand in his hand and both smile….


all reach farm house and goes to fresh…..

kunj comes out of washroom and sees a gift and note to be would husband my sadu iam very sorry i hurt u….and he opens a gift and sees a watch and sorry card

twinkle comes and looked him run and hug him and says sorry i know u had forgiven me but feel very guilty so i had like it na…

he says i loved it……
screen freeze

precap:twinj roamance♡♡♥♥♥♥

i know this epi was boring but i will upload next epi tomorrow……..

Credit to: zarmeen

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