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it was most roamantic scence.

kunj pulled twinkle by waist and bent towards her and he started feeling the softness of her neck and he kissed on her neck and slowly moved towards twinkle cheeks…..twinkle was sivering in excitment and she was nervous yet…

kunj slowly kissed twinkle cheeks and felt her softness and pulled her head back to him he tilled his head down and saw twinkle staring back up at him all nervouly in love…..

kunj came closer to twinkle face eye to eye now….

kunj could feel her nose against his and twinkle breaths heavily ..he leaned further down inching ever so close the first touch sent shockwaves up and down in twinkle body their lip brushed…

kunj gently so softly trace twinkle lip with the warm wet tip of his toungue he run his toungue just the tip around the fullness of twinkle upper lip curving around the corner and tracing along her lower lip…..

kunj could feel the softness and sweetness of twinkle lips .twinkle for the first time felt the taste wounderful…

twinkle stroke the silky inner lining of kunj lower lip then up again to do the same to his upper lip……

their lips meet each other they kiss pasonate kunj hands pull twinkle closer twinkle body tight to his.there eye were closed and both did not want this movement to go away .slowly both opened their eyes and both looked at each other….

kunj sees twinkle and says this is our both first kiss .

i always wanted my first kiss to be some one i love and its u …

t:she says i love u too..

just then kunj mobile rings both compose themself and both looked awarked ….


bebe:kunj come to home soon with twinkle she with u..

k:he thinks what happend bebe called us soon he looks at watch its 9:50pm….

twinj reached sarnas mention….

hope u like pls comments and no one answered my questions allso…

Credit to: zarmeen

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  1. Wow so much romance . I think temperature is so high that the thermometer bursted đŸ˜› anyways lovely ff zarmeen loved it

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  3. So much romance loved it

  4. HBD sid-(tamanna)

    amazing ….loved it…

  5. Marvelous episode Zameen…..plz some more romance ? ? ?

  6. about questions , i don’t know anything as i don’t run facebook

    episode was awesomee…………..

  7. Osm epi dear loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon plzzzzz

  8. Osm yrr….

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