Twinj a made for each other couple


hii frndzz…i m a silent reader and aftr reading many ffs i have thought to write one,,,

SCENE 1 – @taneja mansion

A woman is shown wearing a blue patiala suit ..she is leela…

Leela– twinkle bubbly chinki come fast we have to go to gurudware for distributing langar …
a sweet voice comes from the room – yess maa we are coming in 2 mins
a girl comes down wearing a long anarkali suit of yellow colour . she has straighten and bounded her hairs to one side and wearing an earcuff..she is twinkle.
twinkle – maa theywill not cum bcoz they have to go to collge
leela– but twinkle .ok no prblm u com

they come in the car ..and are proceeding towards gurudwara..
leela– twinkle pata h aaj mai apni dono besties se 20 saal baad milungi
twinkle– arey wha maa kya nam h unke
leela– Usha sarna aur Anita luthra
twinkle -acha..chliye gurudwara bhi aa gya aapka sabr khatm..
they both smile cutely,,!1

usha and anita are waiting for leela . they both are wearing blue suit..
leele comes and the have a talk.
till then a handsome guy comes waearin a yellow pathan suit..he is kunj usha ‘s son
he comes and greets leela and anita
they both praise him a lot..
twinkle also comes from behind and greets them .usha is impressed by her..
leela introduces her with kunj .
usha introduces twinkle to kunj

twinj together -hi kunj/twinkle
they all laugh
leela asks anita aboutuvi and sh says that u know na leela uvi doesnt take interest in coming to the plkaces where i want him to come…leela nods in yes
usha- arey kunj jao tm yahan badon ke beechkya kr rhe jao na twinkle ke saath ghumo..
they both go..

scene 2
kunj and twinkle are wandering in a lawn
twinkle — tum kya kr rahe ho aajkl
k- actually i m an personal secretory in apple ..tum
t- oh wow..maine cmplt kr liya h..
meanwhile a icecream seller goes by.
k- twinkle icecream khaogi
t- q ni chlo
they both eat the icecream and talk and laugh and r enjoying
just kunj gets a call frm leela that itzz already 8:oo pm when they wil come..kunj says they are coming..
k- twinkle aunty ka cll tha bula rhi h..
t- thik h (she is sad) to mai jaun
k- nhi..mera mtlb h tumhe bhuk lgi hogi n dinner pe chlogi uske baad mai tumhe drop kr dunga..
t- offocourse..
they both get extreme happy but just represent it with a smile
they both are eating and till then the food is stick on twinkle lips and kunj tells her buy gestures where it is and how to remove..she is unable to understand and asks kunj to remove .
kunj cremoves it and they have an eyelock..bothr lost in each other..suddebly waiter comes for the bill and kunj breaks the eyelock but when he tries to get back he sees that his watch is stuck to twinkle suit..he says to waiter to go and he is coming.
he removes and twinkle is staring him lovingly and smiling..
they both come out kunj openes the door for twinkle
k- tujhe pta h tu pehli h j mere sath front seat pe bethi h
t- acha
kunj sees twinkle sleepy and asks her to sleep ..he tries to makes the seat as a couch..but twinkle denies
aftr some tym kunj sees dat she is sleeping on his shoulder,..he sees her ovingly and cares her

they reach taneja mansion and twinkle is still sleeping.
kunj slowly wakes up twinkle and she is embraced when she finds dathow she ws slleeping
t- thanku kunj
k- ur extremely wlcum
they shakes hand
t- so frndz
k- tum abhimujhe apna frnd bana rhi ho to phir gurudwara me diiner pe q gyi
t-ohh sry mai bhul gyi ki ye to frndshp at first sight tha …
k- frnds ko no sry no thnku .twinkle goes inside
till thn leela cums and sees thm enjoying and gets an idea
she goes and calls usha .usha also gets the same idea..

precap– they all go on a picnic uvi and chinki are introduced

Credit to: avantika

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    1. Thnku and yess I have posted it and see if tellyupdates publish it today

      Thanks again..

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  11. The world’s Ghatia ff award goes 2 avantika.

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