Twinj a made for each other couple epi 9

The doctor comes and says that Manohar is alive but he is paralysed. It is temporary so no need to shock. Plzz takes the medicine and for the better treatment we suggest you to refer him to Singapore. If your decision is yes thwn plz come and fill the formalities. He goes.
They all decide to go Singapore. Kunj says I and Shanaya will stay here . All agree. Kunj goes to meet Manohar amd he turns his face to other side. He touches his feet and goes . He cries . He comes to his car and collapses on the ground. He shouts why you did this twinkle why..? He stands and sits in his car. After a few distanceΒ  he sees twinkle sitting in front of his car. She folds her hands. Kunj comes out and as always he goes to pick her but he remembers and stops . Twinkle comes and holds his feet .(” It is written on cardboard. As She cannot speak) says I have not done anything like this. Plzz forgive me. It was alisha she wants to seperate us. I love you kunj. Kunj jerks her and says why always you have problems with my loved ones only. I hate you why don’t you get it I don’t understand twinkle. Now leave. He jerks and goes in his car. Twinkle stands still she thinks how to find out who was my hamshakal .


Kunj is throwing twinkle’s and his pictures in the room . He throws the engagement ring in the dustbin. He behaves like jhallis . He shouts and cries. Alisha comes and hugs kunj. He feels awkward but hugs her too. She makes him sit and drink water. She says kunj and makes him lay on her lap. She rubs her hair. He says alisha that twinkle and cries. Alisha says don’t worry kunj .. I know twinkle must have had some problems that’s why she did all this . Kunj says aisi kya majboori kya ho sakti h.. alisha says she didn’t deserved you. Kunj nods in yes. He stands up and says she has just seen my ishq but now she will see my tashan. Watch out. Alisha says what do you mean you will not marry her. Kunj says are u crazy..I will definitely marry her and then you see what would I do.. but u have to support me. Alisha says I m always with you kunj. He hugs her and his lips touches his forehead. He says so be my gf. Alisha exclaims and says what. He says you just have to act.

Precap- Leela goes to jail. Twinkle thinks this is not true . Something is there what maa is hiding. Kunj shows fake conxern for leela and twinkle.

Credit to: Avantika


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..