Twinj a made for each other couple epi 7


See gyzz today their is a new.entry of two new characters-
1) Manohar sarna kunj’s father Ronit roy will portray this role
2)Shanaya’s boyfriend Vivian d’sena will portray this role.
Hope you don’t mind.
And natasha I have thought to write.a.twiraj ff asap for u dear..

Episode starts with Twinkle sleeping in a cosy position. Leela comes and cares her hairs. She opens her one eye and says – maa..and sleeps in her lap.
Twinkle- ma u r here in this early morning..we have to go somewhere..?
Leela- nhi twinkle ek maa to apni beti ko kahin na jaana kya kre jindagi ka yhi dastoor h.. Leela starts crying.
Twinkle wipes her tears and says- maa I will.always be with you till I die.
Leela- shut up twinkle..don’t ever try to talk about life and death.
They both hug.
Twinkle gets a message from kunj.
Which reads :- Good morning twinkle
                           I love you…miss u ..
Leela sees it and twinkle shies.
Leela- u cum down and have the breakfast..
Twinkle nods in yes  and smiles..
She calls kunj.
Kunj- uth gyi my lady love..
Twinkle- hmm..tumhara msg dekha Maine..kafi romantic h mera pati..
Kunj- to koi shak h kya..
Twinkle- nhi..pta h maa ne bhi dekha tmhara msg.
Kunj- to kya hua..pyar krta hu.koi chori thodi na ki h..
Twinkle- I love you kunj.
Kunj- hmm..thank you

Twinkle- arey ye kya..tum bhi to bolo na
Kunj- arey yrr abhi man nhi h..
Twinkle- acha ye baat h..bye
Kunj- twinkle twinkle..but she had disconnected the call already..
Kunj laughs ..and sees their pix in his phone..
He says- I love you twinkle.
Usha comes and clears her throat.
Kunj shies and adjust himself..
Usha- kunj niche aa ja ..tere dad aa.gye h..
Kunj- what dad..chaliye. (he exclaimed)
They run downstairs.

Kunj hugs his dad and he jerks him away.
Manohar- don’t think that I have forgotten every thing. I have not forgiven don’t dare to talk to me.
Kunj- dad but I had just taken the side of truth.
Manohar – I don’t care.
Kunj leaves.
He thinks why am thinking that twinkle is not ok. He thinks to call her.
Kunj calls twinkle.
Kunj- hello twinkle. U are ok na..I am not feeling well from morning. It seems that u are surrounded by some danger.
Leela- kunj ye mai hu.Twinkle ka accident ho gya h..
Kunj- what..kab kahn pe h aap log
Leela- we are in shubham hospital.
Kunj rushes to hospital

Leela- kunj acha hua puttar jo tu aa gya..vo kb se tera hi naam.le rhi h..
Kunj- pr maa ye hua kaisa.
Leela- pta nhi
The doctor comes and kunj rushes to the doctor. He enquires about twinkle.
Doctor- See we can’t say anything. Her chances of being alive is less than 1%. She lost too much blood. Her heart beat can stop anytime..
Kunj grabs his collar. He threatens him what kind of doctor u are that can’t save a patient’s life.
Leela says- kunj come with me.
They reach a temple tht has 300 stair. It is a durga temple. It is said that if anyone drinks.the pious water of this temple’s well they can have second life..
Kunj says I will go . Leela tells her but he has to go bare foot and should have proper weight idol of the goddess.

Kunj says I dont care. He starts proceeding.
Otherside twinkle gets critical. Bubbly and Shanaya keep twinj and durga maa’s pic near her. Kunj’s feet get injured .
Shanaya and bubbly prays to God..
Kunj reaches the temple he fills the pot. The priest tells him that he can keep the idol here and can go. Kunj runs.

As twinkle’s heart beat stops the doctor starts pressing the iron on her chest.
Kunj reaches the hospital gate.he runs. The doctors says sorry ..she is no more..
Kunj hears this and collapses on ground. Leela says go fast kunj make her dtink this water. He rubs again. He directly goes into ICU. The doctors stop him..
He makes her drink the water.  Nothing happens. He starts rubbing her hands and pray to guru nanak . Twinkle gets her heart beat back .. Kunj doesn’t sees and puts his head on her hand and says u can’t do this to me twinkle.plzz wake up .

The doctors come and says omg this is a miracle. The doctors makes kunj go out and they observe twinkle. A peon brings a dead body covered with white bedsheet and says sir ur wife is no more. Kunj is shocked. Everyone cries.Kunj in a shock goes after the peon. Peon keeps the body in a lab and goes. Kunj cries bitterly and says why u did this twinkle. He sees twinkle . Twinkle says- kunj wake up how I can leave u ..and she goes. Kunj realise that it was just a dream. He sees a tatto and says this is not my twinkle. He runs towards ICU. The doctors says congrats ur wife is alive. Kunj thanks god. He finds the peon and shouts on him and tries to make him out from his job. Leela stops and says it was just a mistake everyone does it. Please forgive him.
Doctor tells them that they are shifting twinkle in ward. Then just one person can meet her among you all. And please dont stress her.They nod. Doctor says come we have to do ur dressing also. He goes.After he goes the doctor says in the accident her vocal cord has been broken so she will not be able to.speak till 1 month. Please convey it to mr.kunj .

Leela breaks down. Kunj comes after his dressing. Shanaya tells him everything.
Usha says kunj think once more about your marriage. Twinkle will not be able to speak . You will marry her then people will taunt us and our reputation Will also get malign.Now I don’t want to make her my bahu. U will get another girl better than her. Kunj shouts and says enough maa enough. I can’t hear a single word against her. I love her ,, I m not buying a smartphone that I will check its features. I will marry her and this is full and final. Yuvi comes and chokes leela’s neck and kunj frees her. He says yuvi what were you doing are u lost ..
Yuvi says I will not leave her she has killed my chinki . Kunj says what. Leela says yes its true kunj.

A fb is shown.

Yuki comes and tells leela for their Marriage . Leela slaps them and says are u both mad. Chinki where are u . U will marry this uvi he is not capable for u . Chinki comes and says u can’t deny for this marriage bcoz I am pregnant with yuvi’s child.
Leela says wow. Wait am bringing sweet for u chinki. She goes. She brings a gun and says this is not easy but I can’t help it. She shoots and chinki falls . She murmures I love you uvi. She dies.

Fb ends. Kunj is shocked. He consoles uvi .
Twinkle gets consciousness and calls kunj .
He goes and they have a cute scene.
Kunj-u r ok twinkle
She nods
Kunj says – what u did of yourself baby.
She tries to speak.
Kunj says – twinkle dont try to speak. I can read ur eyes. Twinkle nods and smiles.
He her level and they hug.

Hope u didn’t got so much bore. I have also started a new ff named- Twinj a three slot ff . Please take a look.

Credit to: Avantika

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