Twinj a made for each other couple epi 6

Episode starts with kunj reaching home. Usha welcomes him and makes him sit on the sofa.
Usha- How was your trip..
Kunj- very nice mom..
Usha- how was th places..
Kunj- nice..why are you asking me the same question again and again.
Usha – first you promise that you will reply me …and will not get angry
Kunj – ok maa..
U- u liked the trip
U- u liked the hotel
U-hotel me rehne.wali pasand aayi
K- vo..vo to kab se pasand h…
U- really Kunj
K- this is not what I mean..
He shies and goes. Same happens with twinkle also.
Leela- usha
Usha- leela,as we thought it happened the same. And I know that it is twinkle’s bday and Kunj will definitely plan smthng . There we.will announce their engagement.
Kunj hears all this .
Twinkle calls kunj
Kunj doesn’t picks up .


Kunj wakes up and sees 20missed calls of twinkle.he keeps the phone on bed.
He goes to washroom and suddenly hears some turblence. He sees twinkle coming from window. Kunj is shocked he goes and brings twinkle into the room.he locks the room. SHe grabs kunj’s collar and says – what has happened to u . U have forgotten today’s special day also u know I can’t sleep without talking to you.
Kunj closes her mouth and says -kitta bolti h tu..sorry pr mai aaj tujhse baaat nhi krunga. Bs aaj raat ko mere frnd ke yahan chlegi vahan couple dance and I want a patner..
Twinkle- kitne baje aana h bolo
Kunj- mai tujhe lene aa jaunga ..
Twinkle- okk bye.
Kunj – udhar se q ja rhi h maa.dekh lengi
Twinkle-lagi bet
Kunj- okk
Twinkle dresses up lyk kunj and wears high heels to match up the height with kunj and goes.
Kunj- smart h kunj teri soon to be biwi.

Scene 2

A hall is decorated with red roses and twinkle’s pix. (He is wearing the same.suit which we.wore on twinkle’s bday in real serial) Twinkle comes and the lights are off .the spotlight comes.on her and.she is wearing the same dress which kunj gifted her.the other spotlight falls on kunj and he sings tumse hi from the movie jab we.met.he comes.near her and.says happy birthday twinkle on his knees and gifts her bouquet of Lily.she is delighted and says happily thank u and accept the bouquet.the lights come and she sees.everyone and asks leela- maa ye sab apne.leela nods no and points to kunj.he sees here and there and winks.he claps and the cake comes . The cake is of three layers and twinkle’s pix are printed on it.she cuts the cake and directly feeds to kunj. He sees leela and eats. He also feeds her. They have a eyelock. Usha interrupts and says kunj kya gift laya h twinkle ke liye . Kunj says she will get it maa. Usha says but we have a gift for twinkle…They announce Twinj’s engagement after two days if they are compatible with each other. Kunj says- mai ye shaadi nhi kr.skta. Twinkle is shocked and cries and says – q kunj kya hua.kunj says- qki.mai kisi aur se.pyar krta hu aur aaj hi mai use propose mai bulau
Usha – ha
Kunj step towards store room and brings white cardboard sheets in his hand. The lights goes off. Two spotlights come one on kunj and other on twinkle. He says- kehte h Christmas ke din hm apne kisi special ke saath church jaate h aur ye sab to.mari ja rhi mere saath jane ko (he shows katrina deepika picx on cardboard) pr mai jaunga keval iske saath he shows a mirror in which twinkle is reflected. Suna h Christmas pe sach bolna chahiye..aur aaj mai bhi tumhe ek sach bataunga..apne dil ki baat(a heart was drawn on the cardboard) ..aur vo baat yeh hai ki I really I love u (written on cardboard) to hamesha mai tumhara saath dunga chahe saalo baad tum aisi na ho jao.(a old lady is on the cardboard). He throws all the cardboards and expands his hand.(shahrukh Khan’s signature step)
She has tears in her eyes but she runs and hugs him. he hugs her . Twinkle says- I thought you love that …Kunj interrupts and says- see u don’t think so much..
Twinkle- why.
Kunj- because
Twinkle-because what..
Kunj- because when u think you create a new mess..
Twinkle breaking the hug says- kunj
And they burst out in laughter.
The lights come and leela and usha hug kunj and twinkle. Twinkle says even I have a surprise for you kunj.please come ..
A girl comes.wearing jeans top and a.short jacket . (She is Kunj’s.sister. u can assume neha marda as for that)
Kunj says- Shanaya
She runs and hugs kunj .
Shanaya- bhaiya Very bad u haven’t told me and searched my bhabi also..
Kunj- No its nothing like that..
Shanaya- ok leave all that…now I have came na just see how fast I am turning into buaa..Ri8 twinj..bhaiya and bhabhi
Twinj gets embarrassed
Shanaya- so ladies and gentlemen as my bhaiya proposed bhabhi …she shuld also propose ri8..
They all agree
Kunj winks twinkle.
She.takes the mike and starts singing. Premika from dilwale.

Suraj nikalta h tere liye
Chanda me dikhta h chehra tera
Jab se bani re bani mai teri premika..
Mai teri premika …
She comes.near him takes the rose and says- I love you kunj.

Everyone claps…

Shanaya announces a dance …

Twinkle asks kunj will u dance with me.
Kunj says but this shuld be my lyn na..
Twinkle says so what kunj u say or I say its one thing now.. ri8
Kunj says ri8
Shanaya comes and says yes the love birds got the time and started.romance immediately..come u both are the center attraction of today’s dance.
They both dance as a couple on the song gerua from dilwale.
Leela asks twinj to cum and have food …
A table is arranged where Twinj are sitting together .. The families are also present. Bubbly takes some selfies with kunj .and family. Bubbly comes and says twinj we shall have to go now. Twinkle- bubbly u go I am coming. Bubbly nods in yes and goes. Twinkle brings kunj in a corner and says – u will not take the advantage as other husband and boyfriends take.
Kunj – see before marriage I will just touch u ,see u ,call u and hug u .But after marriage I don’t know what Will happens..btw what have u thought for shanaya’s wish.
She crosses her fingers across his neck.
Twinkle-ok my baby..ur wish will soon be filled. But now I have to go
Kunj- no twinkle..plzz wait for some more time..
She hugs him and he hugs her back.
Twinkle- feeling better
Kunj- hmmmm
Twinkle says o.k.bye then and she runs .
Kunj smiles.

Precap- twinkle’s accident..chinki is dead .

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