Twinj a made for each other couple epi 44

The episode starts with yuvi  sleeping on couch . He gets a call from twinkle asking if he is ready for the launch of Twinj political party  event of their office.

Yuvi-: twinkle..I really dont wannna go..m sleepy n tired too

Twinkle-: but the thing u gifted me will u see it then..

Yuvi-:/okk get ready fast..we will leave together at 8:00 pm. What say..??

Twinkle-: okk done..Bye

Twinkle remembers a flashback.!

Yesterday in office-:

Yuvi enters Twinj cabin.
Twinkle was busy in his laptop and twinkle had just ended her talk wid leela .

Yuvi-: hey twinkle

Kunj looks on .

Twinkle-: hii

Yuvi-: u heard for the launch party

Kunj-: aee lo ji…ise kehte h begani shaadi me abdulla diwana ..hmare liyr party rakhi gyi h aur hme hi nhi pta  hoga

Yuvi-: tu..chup nhi reh skta kya

Twinkle-: never mind..carry on

Yuvi-: so I brought this for u..wear this only

Twinkle-: thnk u so much yuvi..but I had clothes why u brought it again

Yuvi making kunj jealous-: (keeps his hamd on twinkle”s cheek..!) Coz I want that my baby should look the best one and she doesn’t finds difficulty in choosing clothes..

Twinkle-: how sweet..thnkk uh so much.

She opens it and finds a blue black combination onepice brfore her knees..

Twinkle-: yuvi..this dress is too short I ..I can’t

Yuvj-: shh..jaan..I will be with u ..please

Twinkle-:/acha okk..but only for uu..

They smile n fb ends..

Twinkle thinks -: kya kunj ko sach me koi fark nhi padta ..  has he really forgotten me .. does he hates me .. …babjii..has he didn’t forgot what happened in past…he didn’t tried to find the truth…..3 years back he didn’t liked if anyone stare me but now…no what I m thinking yuvi is my present and future..that’s all..!

At 8:00 pm

Twinkle dresses elegantly with a puff and black ear rings n criss cross sandles . Red lipstick makes her look more beautiful..

Yuvi-) wah..looking hot

Twinkle-) Phewww…i know……say something new..
Yuvi-: Arz kiya h …surajj aur pashchim..

Twinkle-: okk..we are late continue later..
They reach .

Yuvi sees a man and leaves . Twinkle gets furious . She adjusts her look and enters the venue.

Twinkle slips hitting the flower basket and kunj holds her . Flowers falls om them..
Sajna ve plAys..

Yuvi breaks the glass in his hand.

Kunj-: waah re meri syappa queen..

Mr.srivastava introduces them to Mr.sinha (their business partner)..

Mr.srivastava makes Twinj sit together.

Yuvi comes -: twinkle darling cum..I want u to meet some of my bestirs…

Kunj knows that twinkle doesn’t likes to meet besties of ny boy especially ??

But then she goes. Yuvis frndzz blaze n Cruz stare twinkle dress..

Twinkle doesn’t notices this … Kunj comes n extends his hand towards twinkle for a dance and no doubt twinkle was damn happy but she was little shocked too..she accepted and they movd to the dance floor and danced on the song bol do na Zara from azhar.

In between the dance.

Twinkle-: kya h ye sab chodo mujhe..limit na bhiole apnj

Kunj -: tu side me aa to pehlr

Twinkle -: what never…

Kunj -: Teri zip khuli h

Twinkle_: tm jhoot bol rhe ho

Kunj zips it and twinkle comes close to him..

They shy but smile

Twinkle-: thank uh

Precap -‘: twinkle is going to be molested. ??

I know it is very late but i was so busy in my studies. So sry again

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  1. AVANTIKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…….where were u..i missed u nd ur ff so much… 🙁 🙁 and someone also copied ur ff….i was so now m so so so happy to see u ur epi..and please dont get lost again..upadte u muahh

    1. Well itzz a long story so let it be and I promise will not get lost and yess I will post next one today itself paaka..!! Love u thank u mauaah

      1. ok dear as u wish wont force u… 🙂 😉

  2. Missed ur ff so much Nd u 2…
    where were u yr…??
    i thought u left in mid… But thnk god u came back…
    Amazing epi…

    1. Thankk u ruchi ..n no I won’t spare you ppl so easily ?

  3. Oh gosh u r back btw osm epi bt precap……do cont soon plzzzzz

    1. Thnku zayb zikra

  4. block-baster episode. I really loved it. waiting for next. pls update next as possible as u can pls

    1. Thnkuu n yess I will update very v3ry soon now

  5. yaar avantika plzzz frm now onwards post it every day I just loved ur ff…..

  6. Aww missed but awesome episode loved it

  7. Hey avantika welcome back good to see you again and nice episode but I just hope my hero will save her

  8. omg i had really thot u left us in d middle keeping us in suspense abt how twinj vl unite….bt happy u returnd…plz dnt get lost nymr its a request….

  9. since last 7 days i was thinking that u will not write anymore . anwz , good to see u back . yipee . missed ur ff

  10. Avantika finally u r back missed you and your ff a lot but now u r back with a bang

  11. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    amazing episode….

  12. Wow …..awesome avantika…..missed u so much…..please post regularly….

  13. So sorry that I was late
    Episode was fab

  14. Thnkuu everyone. ????big bug hug n lots of love ??????

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