Twinj a made for each other couple epi 43


Gyz I haven’t written epi41 but it was published by venesaa..I dont how n why ..I request everyone not to continue their story under any ff .. !!

The episode starts with kunj yawning and resting on the sofa kept in their cabin.. Twinkle comes wiping her tears after a emotional chat with leela .. Kunj notices this n thinks for what must hve happened to her..  Twinkle messages yuvi to come n console her but he doesn’ twinkle is a bit frustrated..

Kunj-: hii twinkle

Twinkle-: very intelligent han..Yuvraj he didn’t came but he sent his follower to wipe my tears ..

Kunj-: I m not his follower okk..n I haven’t came to wipe your tears..

Twinkle fumes..

Kunj-: but take it u’ll also remember who kunj sarana is..
He offers hankey..

Twinkle accepts n wipes hr tears n then her nose..

Kunj-:  Ugh.. Twinkle when u’ll change ur habit..

Twinkle-: I ll clean it n give ..dont worry ..(khadoos tune)

Kunj-: now will u tell me ur sad story or we will sing SAGAR KINARE..DIL YE PUKARE..

Twinkle-: brilliant game…3 saal pehele dhake maar ke nikal do..aur fir aake sympathy ka natak kr u know what now WE ARE OVER..JUST OVER…to its better u.we should mind our own business n part ways like we were till now..

Kunj came closer n pinned her to wall..

Kunj-: we ain’t over…n u urself proved this by saying WE ..good night …

He left .. Twinkle was in a devastated state once again..stuck between her present n past.. !!

Twinkle picked up her accesories to leave but Mr.srivastava ordered her to note all the points necessary for this mission..

Yuvi -:/ I will drop you home..ok so be calm n don’t take tention..

Twinkle just nodded with a fake smile as she didn’t wanted to speak much.. yuvi left as he saw Mr.srivastava staring him..

At 11 in night..

Twiraj come out of the office..there is a duke standing before them of black n red color..

Twinkle-: yuvi..your car..??

Yuvi-: I wanted to take u on  a long drive so I brought it.. ! U liked it na

Twinkle-: hmm’…( she remembers a flashback that will be described after this paragraph)

Yuvi tries to start the bike but it doesn’t.. He sees the tyre punctured..

Twinkle,: what is this yuvi..cant you just examine all this a bit before..??(she is super angry)

Yuvi -) just give me 5/mins jaan..i will fix it now..

Yuvi tries to repair but another tyre also gets punctured.. Kunj is shown now with a hearty laugh n a heroic smile . …

He remembers a flashback ..and twinkle also (as said earlier)

Fb shows-:

Twinj are ready for their date ..they’re not engaged yet.. Kunj tries to start his bike but it doesn’t. Twinkle gets furious n says why dont u sell your khatara somewhere..sorry sorry no one will buy it. So probably burn it..

Kunj-: don’t say like this twinkle..its my first love..!!

Twinkle-: whatt..u are chosing this instead of Don’t come to me now…:-(

Kunj-: twinkle listen twinkle..

Twinkle runs and kunj runs after her..!

Fb ends..

Kunj smiles n says-) see the face of twinkle. ….mai janta hu use..bada aaya tha meri twinkle baby ko drive pr lene jane wala..

Fb shows kunj listening Twiraj conversation n puncturing yuvi’s bike ..

Twinkle-: enough yuvi..I m goona take a taxi and go..thanx fr your help..

Yuvi-: pr Jan how will u go..? Shall I come..

Twinkle denies.

Kunj-; chl hat..uska kunj h uske liye .dekh tuuu.

Yuvi convinces her to go but she should call her once..

Twinkle waits fr taxi .

A taxi comes. And twinkle sits .

The driver is shown..(Guess who is the driver..yess its Kunj)  A beard man is shown actually he is kunj disguised as driver..!

Twinkle-:/babaji please help me..where are uu..m so confused right now ..

Kunj -: Kya hua madam ji..

Twinkle-: kuch nhii..chup chap chlo smjhe

Kunj thinks : she didn’t changed till now..syappa ..queen!

They reach ..!

Twinkle steps and goes in her flat and sees from her balcony….

Twinkle-: I know kunj..u must be coming after me to check if I reached or.not.

Kunj hides behind bush.

Twinkle sees kunj.
Kunj also sees her ..

Kunj blows a flying kiss and twinkle closes her eyes..!!

Precap-: (ur opinion)

Gyzz cmnt freely what u wanna see.. and today’s the birthday of our friend..

Happy birthday to u salma..lots of love from tashan-e-ishq fan club..!!

Credit to: Avantika

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  1. Awsome episode

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    She is a really gr8 friend and brilliant writer as well so let’s wish SMC too…maybe in her FF…that’s why she is missing from 30,31.
    Happy Birthday Salma…
    May the good Lord bless u and may u have a wonderful year ahead…
    From Maria…

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    1. It was awesome …… excitement I wrote ‘I’ instead of ‘it’.

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  19. Nice episode eagerly waiting for the next episode loved it

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