Twinj a made for each other couple epi 42


The episode starts with Twinkle being all the way frustrated and scolding her laptop in order to cool her anger.

Twinkle-: he was acting so talentfully  in front of sir next Oscar’s  winner will be Mr.kunj sarna  only ..    man to kr rha h ki…

Kunj-: Kya..gala dabana chahti daba lo ..

Twinkle-: u came again .. please leave for now ..

She folds hands..

Kunj -:(/in a sweet way.. expanding names n words)  twin..nkle .. jii..  what is this u will behave with me like this..

Kajal came from behind.

Kajal-: (in a seducing way) come kunj..u are at a wrong place..its lunch time come and have something.. amd you twinkle..behave urself idio
Kunj shuts her and leaves in anger..

Twinkle-: pehle that maya n now this twinkle ..he doesn’t have vacancy of girls..huh (haha lol moment gyz)

Twinkle was staring at her window . Yuvi comes and gets overwhelmed for kunj not being there and he finally got a chance ..

Yuvi -: are u

Twinkle-: for now ..m so tired without doing any sort of work ..dont know what will happen if I will start my daily chaos n workings ..

Yuvi -: so ..lets go n rest for today.. hmm

Twinkle-: dont know why I m not feeling good today yuvi

Yuvi-: I know..that kunj has came the things would definitely go wrong ..dont get flowed in his foolish acts ..n also dont think dat I m jealous I just dont wana make you sad again ..

Twinkle-: yess uvi..

Yuvi -: acha come..

Twinkle-: where

Yuvi.,: I have already msged u n now u come after me in five mins

Twinkle-: means some surprise..

Yuvi smirks n says -:/I don’t know


Twinkle comes and everyone welcomes her . Twiraj sits on a table .

Twinkle-: yuvvii..I thought there was some surprise but its normal

Yuvi-: so..should I arrange surprise every day..

Twinkle-: nope..

Yuvi-: so twinkle what u waana eat

Twinkle-: I just wish that I get my chocolate smoothie..

A waiter comes n gives her the smoothie n grilled sandwiches..

Twinkle excitedly says-: oh wow..yuvi so this was what ur surprise was

Yuvi-: no twinkle u know I don’t know ur choixe

Twinkle nods in yes

Waiter-: maam..this is sent by that guy ..near the cash counter

No doubts it was kunj ..

Twinkle thinks-: oh wow ..kunj still knows my čhoixe .. m so haapy ..I JUST L.. areey babaji what I was going to say..why he is so caŕing ..why everytime I idolize him n get influenced so  easily..

Kunj comes near the table .  N yuvi was as usal angry n.fuming

Kunj-: I knew u are tired so I ordered now have it fast otherwise u know na ur headache it will not stop even if you put ur favorite sad n romantic songs of arjit singh n shahrukh khan ..

Yuvi-: he know this

Kunj-: aeey yuvi..u don’t know I know many more things also(taunting yuvi) well kaisa dost h tu..take care of twinkle..look she looks so pale..but dont worry she will be well now(stretching his collars)

Twinkle -: ho gya tmhra can u leave n let me have something

Kunj -: arey miss taneja..u are getting angry like that only..m talking to yuvi na

Yuvi gestured her that he will handle him n she should eat. Twinkle follows as she was hungry..

Kunj-: but yuvi..which kind of friend are u of mine we met after so.much time n then also u didn’t shared a hug like miss …(making yuvi jealous but nothing like this happened…otherside twinkle gets angry thinking he hugged kajal.) Didn’t u forgot me na

Yuvi reluctantly hugged him and said -: how are u ..vaise u made many dole shole..

Kunj : u only think how I could be without my jaan ..

Yuvi was blind by rage but chose to keep quiet..

Kunj continued -: although u both are not inviting me to sit my m sitting by my own only..

He then started ordering many things n forced twiraj to eat . Neither of them spoke a word all while having lunch. But yess Twinj weree deeply happy to have lunch tgether after such a long time..

After the lunch ..

A video call to amritsar…
Ek omkar..plays

Twinkle -: maa..

Leela-: twinkle

Twinkle-: howz u

Leela-: how can I be ….u think ..

Twinkle-: maa..say u made your health more worse na .. 

Leela-: no..I m fyn..

Twinkle-:I miss you maaa

Leela-:/I miss you too my chiraiya…twwinklkke

Twinkle-: han..maa(leela coughs so much coz she is very weak..) what have u made of yourself maa..

Leela-: bete..I fold my hands to request u fr a thingg…Will you

Twinkle-:/(wiping tears) jii maa say..

Leela-: bete I will ask u something that I want from u coz I dont have much..

Twinkle-: maa..what u want tell clearly

Leela-: “Waqt” chahiye mujhe thoda sa..taaki meri chita ko thandak mil sake sakti h ..??

Twinkle-: maa..why u say like this..but you know wht the situations are…

(Leela cuts her from completing)

Leela-: rehn de putter..I think I expected much ..sorry take care bye..

Twinkle-: maa.maaa

But leela already hanged the call ..

Precap-: yuvi’s car gets punctured… twinkle sits on the silent road.. yuvi goes from there. Kunj comes to rescue..!!

Sorry for the delay..but hoped u all enjoyed n congratulations to every Twinj fan for their confession and yesterday episode..n belated HAPPY HOLI n advance APRIL FOOL DAY..!! 😛

Credit to: Avantika

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  1. hai avanthika i missed u so much and nice epi

  2. Nyc one

  3. Hey avantika great episode and yes please don’t celebrate April fool is my birthday and would you mind posting on that day I really want it to be special please and everyone else who has ff please post it for me it’s a humble request I love you all very much

  4. It’s awesome …plzzz update regularly

  5. Hyy avantika i am very happy ie u wr back ………asuasval epi was awesome…..waiting 4 ur next update…..n plzz plzzzz update ur next epi soon its n humble reqst yrr …all the best 4ur next update

  6. After A Long Time ???? I really missid it . Now u will be again… “vanish” for a long time .

  7. Hey ur ffs epi 41 mein kunj meets his son dev sarna and it was also written by venessa nd in 2days epi dere was nthng like that ??????

  8. Hey ur ffs epi 41 mein kunj meets his son dev sarna and it was also written by venessa nd in 2days epi dere was nthng abt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????

    1. Sm1 else made an attempt to write avantika’s ff
      Well this is the real epi

  9. Avantika u r superb as always
    Wow can’t wait for the next

  10. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Avantika, superb episode.
    Keep updating regularly.
    I miss ur ff for a long time.

  11. avantika i missed u alot i was desperately waiting fr ur stry….plz u r going good..plz write regularly.if nt regularly atleast once in a week…

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