Twinj a made for each other couple epi 41


So srry guys for not updating it as u know i met wid an accident srry hope u ll understand
and ya plssss support so that i can update it time to time really i got the opportuinity to write this ff
jst coz of ur support plssss keep commenting plssssss in this epi we ll be meeting wid the son of twinkle and kunj, dev sarna as twinkle was pregnent wid kunjs child bt he misunderstood.
now enough of my chit chat lets move to d episode

Twinkle comes back to her cabin and prays to god to give her stength to bear that sadu sarna
she gets a call and recieves it it was her son dev
D: mamma come home fast plssss
T: ya baby m coming
D: ok bieee luv uhh
T: bieeee

she takes her bag and starts to leave she informs her boss about it .

T: sir m leaving
mr srivastava: ya okk u can leave
T: thank uh sir

she left wid her car ..

nxt scene

kunj is searching for twinkle he gose to mr srivastava nd ask about twinkle

K: excuse me sir where is mrs twinkle
mr srivastava: she went home due to some wrk
kunj self talk : now twinkle noody is going to leave u u got disgusted and left bt dont wrry kunj sarna is here
K: sir actually i wanted to stay wid twinkle so that we can discuss everything
mr srivastava : ya sure thats a good idea
K: sir will u give me her address
mr srivastava: ya jst a sec

nxt scene

twinkle reaches house dev hugs her mamma u came
twinkle kisses him on his forhead and gives him chocolates

T: ya baby se what i brought fr uh chocolates
D: thankuu maa
T: m going to change
D: ok

dev watches tv twinkle comes down and tells him to switch off the tv and play in the garden

D: ok mamma going

while playing wid his friends he sees kunj coming wid his stuff

dev runs to him and says daddy u came he hugs him

K: whats ur name
D: dev sarna
kunj gets teary eyes he hugs him tightly and cries
dev takes him in his house and starts shouting mamma daddy came

screen freezes on dev’s happy face……

precap: nt yet decided

Credit to: Vennesa

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  1. It was realy awsome yar keep it up

  2. Venessa this ff is of avantika and there was no son of twinj….moreover her storyline was different….how did Dev come in the story….if you want to write then pls start writing a new ff …..but I must say u actually r a good writer…

    1. Yes I completely agree wid u

    2. u really made me feel bad bt srrry if u want m nt going to cntinue this ff thnkuu for making me realize my mistake

      1. Venessa I’m sorry for hurting u….but u r good writer …..start ur own ff….maybe from this storyline….. But give it a name….and add on ur creativity…

    3. hey i was also thinking that that writer was avantika na??

  3. yaar i think it’s tooo short

  4. hey . u changed ur name ?? but why ?

  5. Lovely cont soon plzzzzz.. Luv u..???

  6. Oh my god venessa seriously no words but darling pls make it a bit long

  7. This ff is of avantika so how cm vennesa

  8. I was a lovely epi bt plz try 2 make it longer yey it was nice

  9. Muskan{News reporter}

    Good yaar keep writing.

  10. Awww so cute n emotional..hey did u think of naming twinj’s son Dev after d name of Dev dixit of kuch rang pyaar k Aise bhi?? Plzz tell na

  11. i m nt going to cntinue this ff srry rashi u really made me feel bad srrry guys extremely srrrry

    1. U can start ur own new ff

  12. Did u change ur name avantika?

  13. hey where is avantika?
    nd who r u?
    plz clear the confusion…i never saw u..
    nd frm where did ths dev come
    m getting mad nw..

  14. its a confusion…I never read this ff by venessas name but the story is similar to avantikas ff….idk im confused,,,but yes the epi is well written

  15. Hey vennesa…dont be hurt…bt plz dont discontinue…plz write…..continue this one only…i really really lyked ur writing..

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