Twinj a made for each other couple epi 40


Twinkle entered her cabin with a bang and dashed on her chair. She saw a photo frame kept and kept it immediately in the drawer .

Twinkle-: if he will see then he will agein get a chance to irritate me..god please help me..
She saw the bouquet in her hand and was about to throw it when kunj entered

Kunj-: arey ..why are u throwing such beautiful flowers..if they knew earlier that they will go in the hands of such a beautiful angel then they have already died due to shyness n nervousness..

Twinkle stood up with a jerk as a tigress .

Twinkle-: why have u came again..?? Can’t you live n let live ..

Kunj-: lo..u dont know this. I have came as a political leader n your partner.. he hit her forehead cutely..

Twinkle noded in disagreement.

Twinkle-: dont lie ..I know u have came with any other mission ..she raised her finger..but

Kunj-:shh..(he kept his fingers on her lips) how u speak so fluently ..don’t know how yuvraj bears you ( he pinned her towards wall n said in a passionate tone) ..n by the way if u’ll not know me then who will know..??
Btw baby..where is your washroom..??

Twinkle was thrilled with his touch. She loved the touch 3 years back but now..yess she loved it now also but denied to accept.. she was also furious on him to ask for washroom in the tone that seduced her..maybe he wanted to see her disgusted..whatever the feelings were ..she pointed her finger towardss the washroom and he left.

After he left twinkle composed her again and saw the flowers ..he knew how to melt her. She remembers how be used to.bring. flowers for her..the thought that he still remember everything she brought the flowers to smell it n seemed to be lost when a voice broke her dream sequence.

Kunj-dont worry u have put your favorite perfume only..
Twinkle was so lost in the smell that he didn’t knew when he came so close to her.

Kunj-: acha tell me do you still keep my photo in the drawer of your home n see it every morning..??

Twinkle was shocked coz he said true .
But she showed a how do you know kinda face n kunj continued.. he got more close to twinkle n twinkle’s heart stopped..

Kunj..-: now u Will ask that how I know to tell u that..the people whom we love more than our life na ..we know every little se little thing.. everything about them..
So.dont need to be shocked..n vaise bhi tum to meri ruh (veins) me basti ho..!!

For a moment twinkle was lost in kunj’s eyes n his genuine words but then realising the proximity between them she jumped off her chair..

Twinkle-: if you have came in the matter of work then what was the need to flirt with those girls..

Kunj (mischievously) why..u were getting jealous ..he gave a mischievous grin..

Twinkle tossed her glance and said-: jealous n me..not at all..whatever u do or dont do ..doesn’t matters to me ..!

She was jealous beyond extent but didn’t wanted that he should know..but she also.knew that kunj knew that she was jealous..

Kunj shrugged his shoulders and said-: much I matter to you was seen when my finger was cut..! He got more close to her..

Twinkle pushed him away.. -: tmhra kuch nhi ho skta..nothing ..u are a full hopeless case..god knows what sir had seen you n appointed you…it is waste talking to you..babaji why m wasting my time n energy talking to him..

Kunj replied-: coz u are happy that I came..dont show but I know you are getting relief seeing me around you..

Twinkle-: u just see dreams..I m going

Kunj-: I m seeing your dreams only..

Twinkle was now fuming in anger..-: u go to hell

Kunj-: arey I have came from there only.. qki everyplace is hell without you na that’s y

Twinkle-: sado (decay) yahan..I m going to sir..

Kunj kneeing down -: I love you..n gave a flying kiss

Twinkle left the room in anger and kunj said in shy voice…-: hayy..she didn’t forgot a single tantrum to seduce me..

Twinkle entered Mr.srivastava’s cabin..n banged the door.. Mr.srivastava was started at this..

Mr.srivastava-: what happened twinkle….u looking so angry..everything okk na..

Twinkle tried to speak but kunj came n cut off her in middle..

Kunj-: sir actually ur reporter gets angry very anger is always on her nose..

Mr.srivastava-) but what happened..tell me first..?

Kunj-: sir..the thing was this that I thought if we have tl work tgether so we shuld be friends na ..

Mr.srivastava-:/so.what’s wrong in this..this is not a big matter..

Kunj-: sir ..matter is big u listen to

Mr.srivastava -)okk ok u say

Kunj-: I told her that ms.Twinkle taneja or ms taneja sounds can I call u twinkle. Bs she bursted on me..she even beated me with the flowers I brought.. n when I tried to save myself she pushed me locked me n.came to u running..u tell is there any mistake..

He was lying so effortlessly that Mr.srivastava was hell bend to believe him.. he showed a disbelief face towards twinkle.. Twinkle was shocked and still she didn’t uttered a word .. kunj was really a master she thought.

Kunj-: sir if she didn’t liked that I shuld call her with name so she could have told..what was the need of creating a big issue..

His innocent face was so cute that anyone could fall in his lies and made up stories..

He continued-: sir ye to u said that I came across seven seas..otherwise I have lots of offers..(he took his bag.).and if her attitude will go on so I have to..he stood from his chair (/he is just acting to go)

Twinkle-: so go na ..who is stopping you ..leave right now

Mr.srivastava-: shut up twinkle..wait wait..I m sorry on her behalf..she is not like this …dont go twinkle say sorry to kunj

Twinkle looked angrily..

Mr.srivastava-:/twinkle I repeat apologize to him right now

Twinkle-: but sir

Mr.srivastava-) twi..

Twinkle..okk sir (/angrily ) I m sorry

Kunj-: u are saying like u are doing ehsan on me ..say with the love u have ..

Twinkle-) I said na sorry one time..are u deaf..n whatever I have shuld not matter to u..

Kunj-:/u have such a beautiful face why u shout like u eat karela in breakfast..

Twinkle bursted on this -: I m sorry..

Kunj-: aww..if u’ll say so lovingly then who will remain angry..chlo u will also remember that u met with a big dilwala..I forgave you ..

Twinkle folded her arms and looked either side

Mr.srivastava -: and kunj I permits u that u can call her with name ..

Kunj-:/but sir again if she will..

Mr.srivastava-: trust me she will not do anything..

Kunj-: sir..then permit me that I can call her tum instead of aap

Mr.srivastava-: sure

Kunj looking at twinkle-:/thank u sir..

Twinkle pated on kunj’s foot and left..

The screen freezes on their faces..

Precap-: launch party

Credit to: Avantika

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