Twinj a made for each other couple epi 4

Yuki enters the room together and yuvi gifts chinki something which chinki understands and goes ..After some time yuvi is sitting on the couch reading a magazine. chinki comes wearing a prince gown that is tied loosely on her is deep neck and short till the is of pink color with black border.yuvi is also wearing the same.chinki comes to uvi .uvi picks chinki in his arms and carries her to bed.he makes her lay.down and tries to go.chinki pulls him towards her and uvi falls on her.

Chinki- ab kya hota h uvi
Uvi – ab un  dono ke lips unke man ki baat batate h aur ek doosre me mil jaate h.chinki
Chinki – pr tm tmne abhi vo nhi kaha uvi
Uvi – kya …acha vo..I love you chinki
Chinki- I love you uvi.tu issaq mera plays.
They have a hard and long liplock kiss..

Then uvi covers them from the blanket and while kissing they undress each other. Now they both are nude and rubbing each other the position changes and chinki is now over uvi.he squeezes chinki badly in his arms.

Chinki now covering herself from the blanket goes near the dressing table.uvi comes from behind and kisses her legs then thighs then stomach then her br*asts and then her neck.he starts sucking her.she closes her eyes.yuvi rubs his fingers on her body from head to toe.uvi again carries her in his arms and throws her on the bed.they cover themselves and breaks the intimacy limits.

Scene 2
Itz morning

Kunj is sleeping. Twinkle goes to her and sees him lovingly .she controls her feelings but in vain.she kisses kunj on his cheeks softly but long.she then goes to the dressing table for drying her hairs.she is drying and kunj wakes up.he says to himself – nice kiss twinkle thank you for giving me such a best morning.
Twinkle does not see him.but he is staring at her. She is wearing a top a short top till her br*asts and her top there are many knots to tie .one on the back one on right sleeves and other on left one is one more knot to tie which is between both of her br*asts.she is unable to tie any of them.
Kunj wakes from bed and twinkle wishes him good morning and kunj smiles.he comes near her.she is quite nervous bcoz of her clothes.kunj is close now.
Kunj – may I help u

Twinkle- hmm..plzz
Kunj ties all the knots except the last one .he sees but moves .twinkle grabs his hand and pull him close to her (very much close till her br*asts are touching his chest)
Twinkle- plzz.tie this one also.
Kunj is shocked but he picks both the thread and ties it.his br*asts touches his fingers.he goes.
Twinkle touches all the places where kunj touched with her hands and then kisses her hands and says kunj..
Kunj sees this and thinks – iska mtlb twinkle loves me..I have to check it …yeah
He smils and says yaaaii slowly..
He changes and comes. He is wearing a sporty tshirt and denims.
Twinkle sees him and says waah ..
Kunj says – ek baat bolu
Twinkle- ha bilkul tmhe pchne ki zarurat thodi h..
Kunj- that’s so sweet of you..u looking damn hot cum fr the waiting outside our room.

Twinkle- thank you.chlo tmhre saath hi chlti hu..
She holds his hand.kunj also grabs his fingers into hers tightly and they both smile cutely.
They enter yuki’s room and see them leaning over each other nude .
They both see each other and are shocked .they both run out of the room.
Kunj calls uvi .
Kunj- tum log bahar aao jaldi
Uvi comes as he was and twinkle shies and close hr eyes.
Uvi goes inside and closes the door.he msgs kunj that they will not cum tday.
Kunj tells to twinkle.
Kunj gets a call from alisha he thinks to tease twinkle.
Kunj- hii babes
Alisha- hii
Kunj- wats up

Alisha – fine mai cape town me thi to pta chala tm bhi yhin ho to aaj sightseeing krne chle.
Kunj- tm bulao aur mai na aau mai turant aa raha hu.
Alisha- miss you kunj
Kunj- miss u too alisha.
Twinkle is much angry and jealous uptill
now.kunj says-twinkle aaj tm akele hi chli jao mujhe kuch kaam h..
Twinkle angrily leaves to the room.
Kunj says my plan is is revealed that he was having two phones and there is no alisha at all.he goes in the room and see twinkle crying.

He hurries and sits near her.he cups his face and hug.he wipes her tears and says why u started crying .she says I cant see u with any other girl and whrn u leave me and try to other it is like hell for me kunj ..and sobs..
Kunj- q twinkle aisa q
Twinkle- qki I
Kunj- I what
Twinkle- nothing
Kunj – acha chal chalte h
Twinkle- kahan
Kunj- sightseeing
Twinkle – oh yess
Kunj- twinkle tu roya na kr mujhe acha nhi lagta
Twinkle- q kunj
Kunj – becz u r my best friend..

They go hand in hand to church and pray fr each other’s happiness..
Kunj goes to take a call frm usha and twinkle comes out of the church. Some guys tease twinkle and she runs to a deserted place .they come and try to rape her.other side kunj gets clues to reach her.he runs.

Twinkle shouts kunj.the goons tear her sleeves and is going to kiss her and kunj comes and fights .the goons ask him who is he to care for her.Twinkle interrupts and says pati h ye mera.
Twinkle is injured so kunj takes her in arms.
They are sitting in hotel and kunj asks twinkle why did he call him husband
Twinkle says tht my heart said .it is believed tht our heart always tells the truth it feels.
Kunj says means u regard ur husband
Twinkle replies maybe.
They smile …

Precap- yuki goes back india and alisha is back..

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