Twinj a made for each other couple epi 39

As Mr.srivastava completed twinj were lost in each other’s eyes unknown what the situation was. They both were struggling to control their emotions. Twinkle didn’t thought for a second that her worst nightmare in 3 years n her best n beautiful dream will stand by her like this. She was thinking of the first day when she joined sarna business n kunj wished her all the best . (as mentioned in last epi..all was a dream for twinkle.kunj didnt uttered a word till that time sorry fr the confusion the real scenario begins now)

Same situation was with kunj. He was like lost in twinkle. In 3 years what his situation was..only he knows . They wanted to hug esch other tight n start their married life once again..but he knew the mistake was tragic n it needed time..
They both were making their foot’s way to each other but it was stopped by Mr.srivastava and they both realised .

Mr.srivastava- arey is glass will hurt your foot..step back.

She obeyed .

Twinkle-) sorry mistake this glass slipped from my hand. I will clean it.

She bowed and started picking it. Kunj also made his way the same. He just looked in twinkle’s eyes . They had a short tym euelock coz twinkle was quick enough to break . She managed to divert herself knowing that kunj was starring her. Knowingly kunj hurted the glass in his finger. Twinkle also like a lover and a loving wife showed her concern at its peak..

Twinkle-: Kunj..wat the hell..can’t u take care of urself..everytym why u hurt urself.

She started treating her finger when kunj winked. Twinkle didn’t got so she raised her eyebrows.. kunj indicated her that she was caring the wrong finger. She made a awkward move. A voice again disturbed them again. It was so obvious Mr.srivastava.

Mr.srivastava-) what u both are doing..stand up ..there are many to clean it ..

They stood slowly. And kunj fell on the rolling chair like a boss and a killer smile plastered on his face.for Which twinkle died till these years..

Mr.srivastava-: so Kunj…lemme introduce you. She is our..( before he completed kunj interrupts)

Kunj-: our most talented superb n gorgeous crime reporter n maths teacher moreover my partner-in -life..I mean partner in crime..Ms.Twinkle taneja
(Indicating towards yuvi ..who was shocked like hell n fuming )

He is MR Yuvraj Luthra. Right sir

Mr.srivastava-) how u know them..I mean they never told you that they know u..

Kunj-: vo actually sir…jiske saath jindagi bitani..I mean jinke saath kaam krna hota h unke baare me mai saari information rakhta hu..saatb hi unke padosiyo ki bhi ..

Twinkle-: sir..u were making bridges of his qualities but he doesn’t knows how to speak every tym I mean I mean .

Mr.srivastava-: twinkle..u seem to be quite shocked..n yuvi y ur face turned pale..?+

Kunj-: sir..I dont know fr yuvi..but yess twinkle is very shocked sp she forgot the difference between left and right..
Taunting her for earlier incident.

Mr.srivastava laughed his heart out on this humorous reply.

Yuvi was still but was noticing every action of twinkle since kunj came.

Kunj-: aur sir please call me tum n no aap..coz tum looks more close n not formal as aap..(actually this line was said by twinkle when they met first n kunj was taunting her indirectly) m I right ms.taneja.

Now when Mr.srivastava was ready to send Twinj in their cabin yuvi interrupted.

Yuvi-: mr.sarna..u have from such a long n tiring journey..u should go n have redt at home..

Kunj-: don’t worry Mr tiredness was washed as I enterd here..
Kunj adjusted her blazer in attitude n yuvi fumed .

Mr.srivastava took kunj to introduce him to everyone. He soon set all the workers with him. All the girls started hovering on him . Yuvi became more furious on this..

Kunj-so I would clear one thing ..dont think kunj kunj always..just come to me whenever n wherever u want to ..banda always hazir it clear my beautiful ladies.
This was not at all digested by twinkle. She was red due to anger. She was bogged coz she didn’t knew why kunj mattered her so much. Seeing twinkle lyk this kunj forwarded his hand to a girl

Kunj- hii..miss can I know your name

Girl-: (shying) kajal

Kunj-: hayy..teri aankhon se chura lu..

Twinkle banged on the door slowly.

Kunj came near her n naughtiness in his voice said -: slowly…otherwise volcano will errupt

Twinkle-ohh babaji..he got more these 3 years

Kunj-: don’t worry..u were not there to make me best but now we are together na I will again become the best of me..

Twinkle gave a disgusted look n moved her face away. Mr.srivastava instructs everyone to get back to work..

Kajal looked lustfully towards kunj n he gave her a flying kiss just to make twinkle jealous.

Mr.srivastava again told them to go n work in their cabin .

Twinkle-: sir..but a single cabin will not work..can I take a single separate cabin

Mr.srivastava-: twinkle..try to understand..if he will have ny problem where he will go

Kunj( childish manner n face) yess ms.taneja where will I go.?

Twinkle made a offo look n made her way to her cabin. She patted her heels loudly.

Kunj-: apne fvrt nude coloured sandles ko why are u scolding…it will hurt your feet biwi…
Twinkle stared but left .

When yuvi got a chance to get to twinkle..Mr.srivastava ordered him to take the tickets and show some files.. yuvi fumed but followed..

Kunj made a big smile n screen freezes.

Precap-: tashan-e-ishq..

So hows the epi..n m not getting enough cmnts pleas do cmnt so that I would post regularly.

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