Twinj a made for each other couple epi 38


The episode starts with Twinkle cutting tomatoes and thinking something. She has a smile on her face . But her health seems to be quite upset. Suddenly she by mistake her finger and screams.
Her friend naira (a teacher in the same university) come to her and scolds her for being careless. She takes her to sofa and brings the first aid kit.

Naira-: oh god ..twinkle see how deep the injury is ..where was your mind..

Twinkle-: leave naira..m fine..lemme bring something for you..

Naira-: shut up twinkle..just rest here..I will take myself don’t need to be formal..

Twinkle-: acha baba..tell me how u came here

Naira-: why can’t I come…

Twinkle-: obviously yes…

Naira-: actually sir told me to fetch these details to u about your partner and some deal .thts it

Twinkle-: ohh..thku ..but u could have messaged me why u came such a long way..

Naira-: actually I was hungry so I came to eat palak paneer.. but ( she keeps on speaking but her voice is muted)

Twinkle remembers something. A fb is shown.

Twiinj were in Manohar mansion and twinkle was cutting tomatoes when a hand on her waist came amd kissed her neck. He is kunj. Twinkle kisses him on cheek. Kunj becomes more naughty.

Twinkle-: bs kunj…someone will see us..step back..

Kunj- oh cmmon..papa is in office and maa has gone for her kitty. Cherry amd Annan are inn temple with bebe bhabhi amd ishan. We are alone.

Twinkle- kya irada h..

Kunj,- kuch nhi..firstly u make something I m hungry

Twinkle started cutting fast with kunj teasing her . Twinkle cuts her finger and kunj worries..

Twinkle- kunj u were about to go on a u came so early..

Kunj- jaaneman ..I m addicted to can I be so far from u for a long I came

Twinkle- then go

Kunj – don’t react..kuch papers the vahi lene aaya tha

Twinkle,- arey u should have told me I have sent it through driver..

Kunj- twwwinnkle I came palak panner ..I was hungry baby.

Twinkle cupped his face amd they hugged cutely

Fb ends.

Twinkle- u know is kunj’s fvrt als…

Yuvi hears it and goes.

Naira.-okk..Twinkle give me a levae..take care..

Twinkle cries and runs in her room..

Twinkle falls on bed and cries hiding her face in pillow .

She takes a picture..

Twinkle- don’t know what happened to me..I m feeling so weird today..why I m missing you so much..don’t do anything that hurts me again..please feels like u are near me..Listening me..telling me..supporting me..hurting me..loving me..what to do..and she cries again..
3 years back..the glass broke..I was devastated and yuvi too.. u hearted me can you think that there must be something like that ..chii..

Next day..


A guy comes and stretches his arms..

I m coming..

He hurriedly makes his way from.airport..he is super duper hot and everyone stares him..

He gives an address to the driver and the driver starts driving..the guy opens his wallet and sees a pic and smiles. He stops by a and purchases white lilies. He smells it..

Sxeme 2

Twinkle yuvi and Mr.srivastava are waiting and twinkle is fuming in anger.

Twinkle- : sir..see him..he is so can u take him in politics.. she picks the glass

Suddenly he comes and says- ms..kuch baate dekh ke pta kr lijiye ..banda aapek samne h

They turn back. Twinkle stands from her chair . She drops the glas..
Yuvi is mouth opened..

Mr.srivastava-: so finally u are him twinkle..he is MR.KUNJ SARNA (ohh my rockstar finally came <3 )
The face is shown. He is none other than kunj. Dressed i n a black tux with white flowers

Kunj offers a hand.
Kunj-) hey me..kunj sarna..and u .. Twinkle taneja do u doing

Twinkle shakes hand .
Kunj-: sir..I brought these flowers for u ..but as my partner has wore blavk too like should

Mr.srivastava -: as u wish..all liberties for u..u came to us..big deal for us

Kunj gives her the flowers amd twinkle axepsts it as Mr.srivastava signed.

Twinkle-how u know my name..?

Kunj- I take full biodata of my partner.

Mr.srivastava- so all the best to both of u..I have assigned that.cabin for u both together..

Twinkle exclaims together

Mr.srivastava says yess coz u both have and my friend has arranged a party as.kunj came tomorrow report there..

Kunj secretly wishes twinkle.all the best.
Twinkle looks on
The screen freezes on their faces..

Precap-: Kunj has came so thodi naughtiness..and party..!! :-*

Credit to: Avantika

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