Twinj a made for each other couple epi 37


The episode starts with Twinkle walking on the stairs hurriedly and slips. But a guy holds her and catches her in time. The face is shown … he is yuvraj luthra..!! They share a eyelock. A lovely curve forms ln both the face.

Yuvraj-: properly jaan..why to hurry..if u have fallen then..

Twinkle-: but u catched me na..I know alwys there is someone who cares me for so I am free..stop talking negative..

Yuvi-: yupp…I love ur spirit

Twinkle-: acha okk..lets go now..

Yuvraj bowed in front of her and twinkle smiled with all her fakeness as all actions of yuvi she had.seen before in someone else.. they sat in car and drove to their university.

As they alwys every girl started looking yuvraj.. he.was surely very smart and hamdsome.. but yuvraj beated only for twinkle. All girls hated twinkle for this. But twinkle didn’t mattered..coz there was no feelings for yuvi in her heart. A girl staring yuvraj proceeded towards them and accidentally or she wamted to do this (god knows) stepped on twinkle”s feet with her high heels. Yuvraj immediately saw twinkle and cared for her. The girl.fumed and told them.that mr.srivastava was calling them.

Yuvi-: are u okk..

Twinkle-: what okk cam u bear them they are so irritating.. I hate them

Yuvi-: ohh..u r getting jealous..

Twinkle-(laughing) jealous with them…my foot..Never ever

Yuvi-: ya ya..joke this time…after some time u will miss me

Twinkle-: let’s see

They came in the cabin of mr.srivastava when he was busy reading the newspaper..

Twinkle- good morning sirr..u called ..what happened

He folded the newspaper and signed them to sit.

Mr.srivastava-: come rockstars ..he started appreciating them.
Twiraj awkwardly passed smiles.

Mr.srivastava-: see..Twinkle I told u na that my frnd has opened a new political party in which he need supporter who r best in polictics..

Twinkle-: yes

Mr.srivastava-: so..I want u to take part in it and lead u can deal it mentally and physically both..

Yuvraj-: but sir..dont u think it is daily news come like this politican attacked n all such..Twinkle u will not go..I will go

Twinkle- cant u stop talking negative..evrytym talking nonsense..I will surely take part and u can’t take as u are a maths teacher got that..

Mr.srivastava-: I know ur tention yuvi..and I know this also that twinkle will never deny for this I have already arranged a …

Yuvraj-: arranged what

Mr.srivastava-: wait up yuvi..I m telling na..don’t speak in between..! kahan tha main..??

Twinkle-: sirr..that arrangement

Mr.srivastava-: ohh I have called a guy who is also master in politics..he is coming to india from usa after three years..

Twinkle- ohh..but when

Mr.srivastava-: his flight will land near 6 pm approx

Yuvraj -: but sir..this doesn’t matters to me..I think so why u called me..

Mr.srivastava- yess my boy..this doesn’t relates you but I have a deal for you..u have to go south Africa..for a shoot and some teachings faculties.. this will take 25 days most probably

Yuvraj- : but sir..25 days in south Africa..I can’t leave twinkle alone..u know na

Mr.srivastava-: but yuvi…25 days will vanish in a blink of eye..try to understand..u don’t get such opportunities again and again

Yuvraj looked at twinkle and she noded that he should go n she will be fine

Yuvraj- okk sir..when I have to go..??/

Mr.srivastava- I will take the nearest date for tickets n then go..but complete your packing today itself..

He noded..

Twinkle-: sir..can I know his name..

Mr.srivastava-: its all surprise bete…go n carry on..u will get to know everything..!

Twinkle noded happily for the deal but she wanted to know the name atleast..

Yuvi was sad..not because he had to leave but he was worried if twinkle changed the feelings for him.

Twiraj came out in the corridor making their ways to their classes..

Twinkle-: congratulations yuvi..see u always wanted to become a actor amd tday u got the opportunity..

Yuvi-: but I cant leave you…

Twinkle- aww..yuvi…sir said na that 25 days will pass in a chutki..

Yuvraj-: u seem to be so happy. Have you thought to make ur setting with that patner

Twinkle-(laughing) exactly..

Yuvraj pinned her to wall . Amd said if anyone will see her like that he will pluck hi eyes..yuvi promise..

Twinkle assured him and they walked to their respective classes.

Mr.srivastava was watching all this and he called someone..and said..done..everything happened as u thought..

A guy”s smile is shown.

The screen.freezes on the guy’s smile between twinkle and Yuvraj.

Precap-: twinkle is shocked to see something and drops the glass. Yuvraj is shocked too..

How’s the epi..I think u all are not liking I got less comments.. amd tara didn’t commented I m quite shocked for that..and if anyone has any problems with ff ..they cam send it on my id -: [email protected]

Best regards

Credit to: Avantika

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  1. Hiii am a silent reader but really love ur ff avantika..?I jus hope that guy is Kunj ?…waiting fr next epi ☺

  2. Awesome avantika…..I think that guy is kunj…..yaar yeh bhi bata do ki next episode kab upload karoge…..

  3. Hey nice avanthika.. But update soon… I have a doubt.. In d last epi too u posted sumthin like dis nly.. Like a surprise guy twinkles n uvi offer etc.. But I felt dis one to b btr.. Cntnue dear.. ND updae asap… Plzzzz…

  4. I think the guy is Kunj…….anyways ur episode was good…….keep going……

  5. ya i thnk in some previous episodes i have read a kind of such thing lyk twinkle thinking who is the guy n worried … nyways i lyk it a lot…

  6. I am sure that the guy is kunj and how do u write so beautifully….. ur an amazing writer….

  7. the guy will none other than kunj,,,,

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