Twinj a made for each other couple epi 36


Title- Twinj a made for each other couple epi 36 (on a new journey)

Narration-: Once upon a time,there was a prince who used to live with her fun loving bubbly princess. But as in every love story there are ups and downs. But in this case the situation fliped in a flash of seconds and everything burnt with tears and sadness . Our princess left her beautiful mansion and moved to a place where she was alone with a hope that yes someone was with her who encouraged her to fight and live. The light of sun rays had a fixed point where they always appeared first. On a beautiful face covered with lots of hairs and a fainted smile. The face was like a moon with spots of tears which she sheded every night. Welcome to the life of Miss twinkle taneja.

Twinkle wakes by the Sunrays and slowly uncovers the bedsheet from her face. Wrapped all her hairs and clutched them into a messy bun . Suddenly she gets a gentle kiss on her forehead. A hand comes on her waist and her hand goes around a neck. Slowly they fall on bed over each other . A romantic eyelock in between them. They are about to have a passionate kiss…wind blows and twinkle comes to reality of this cruel world. Her dreams fall as a drop of tears and gets crushed on floor. She wipes it n take a long breath.

She is im her deep thoughts when her phone rings. She smiles seeing the name flashing on screen.


Yess uvi .. I mean yuvraj luthra. They were from amritsar. Twinkle came to delhi when a drastic change came in her life. Yuvi also came with her to take care as she was heart broken. Yuvi stood by her side as a support system. After some time yuvi proposed her and she accepted as a new phase of life. They both lived in different flats in the swaleh tower,delhi. They worked together in the amity university. Twinkle till now didn’t picked up the call as she was thinking about a unknown man whom only twinkle knew.

Yuvi-good morning baby

Twinkle-Good morning yuvi..please don’t call me baby as it injects my pain again

Yuvi- accepted..anything else madam

Twinkle- no..tell me what happened u called so early..?

Uvi- oh yess twinkle actually I had tell that I mr.srivastava has called us for come there at 11 an sharp


Uvi-so get ready..I m coming to pick you..

Twinkle-yess but I want atleast half an hour as I

Uvi- ohh ho..if u will ask my life also then also it is presented to u..

Twinkle- shut up uvi. Why only my loved ones alwys leave me alone..firstly ku..acha leave..

Uvi-twinkle acha tell me one thing …u picked up phone so late..thinking about

Twinkle was quick enough to make excuses. yuvi..I have made ur favorite chili paneer . I have sent it by the home worker ..have it..n hang up the phone I have to get ready

Uvi..okk..go but remember one thing..I love u


Twinkle is seen doing her household chores . While yuvi is thinking something deep . He has made a evil face .

Yuvi-twinkle still remember has been 3yeRs n then also..but I have a relief that they will never get tgether again ..n that cockroach —- I will crush him if je comes back I cant leave twinkle now. She is mine . If not her sister chinki then she only. But I will achieve her.
Yuvi promise..

Hahaha(an evil laugh with a killing smirk)

Twinkle was as always glamour queen. She knew how to carry her clothes. And she just picked up the right choice everytime.

She choosed a red shirt with a black coat and ripped denims. All her hairs straigt and a maang in between her hairs. She sits in front of mirror and starts combing her hairs . She then reaches to eyeliner and pink lipsticks . She then opens a drawer secretly. She takes out a vermilion box and runs the box over her partition in hairs.,she then fills the vermilion in the partition that was reflected in her mirror. She sees her hand which still had red color. She rubs the color behind her ears. She was a full ritualized girl and so she does this.

Twinkle(indicating mirror)-so mrs. Twinkle sarna u are ready. (And then pointing towards her own self) and mss twinkle taneja u too..!! Muaahh take care

She comes to take keys of her house and opens the drawer acting as if she accidentally opened the wrong drawer. She takes out a picture and says I hate you that I hate u..if u will see me like this ma I will pluck your eyes. So stop staring. I m miss twinkle taneja..n what if you ditched me see I m fine I mean I m excellent ..I have a frnd who loves me so much. And his name is ..leave why should I tell you (The pic is not shown)

Narration -: Twinkle if he loves you then why u reagard him as a frnd. And why u didnt told his name coz u know that who loves you..?

Precap-: Twiraj first day in office. Some new mission. Lots n lots of surprises

So do tell me ur views in cmnts .. sry for the late update. N smc where are u yrr..
Please tell ne if it was interesting I know It is boring. Tell whixh sequence u lovec the most.


Credit to: Avantika

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  1. Awesome avantika…..???

  2. Hey Avantika . Welcome back . I was waiting for ur ff only . Amazing . But confution is that u updated the epi 36 before . Then why it is ? And it seems to be fully different . And plz update regularly . And when our heros entry wll heppen ?

  3. it is interesting plz continue….

  4. Avantika what happen to.your last time ff track is it over can you pls send me the link

  5. hey doubt tht u r a very good writer, n plz dnt get me wrong bt i think just to continue ur srry i think u should not take others credit n hardwork, u knw very well wht i m trying to say, just by making some little bit of changes, i dnt think its a correct thing, i m really srry if hurts u bt plz atleast think once about wht u had done..

    1. Sorry akansha ..didn’t get you..can u please elaborate amd say clearly..!

  6. What happened? It was twinj right? Then why u changed to twiraj?

  7. Avantika what an amazinggggggggggg episode…I have recently injured myself badly on my head and some bruises on my hand….I am getting worse since the bruises r not healing and my head needs to be move daily bu ur is very hard since I banged my head I can barely hold my phone so bye for ya..???don’t think if I don’t reply to ur FF it isn’t good though I reply or not Urs is the best….

  8. u r d best writer avantika i m 1of ur biggest fan. i missed ur ff so much. so please keep writing ur ff. I’m eargly waiting 4 next part

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