Twinj a made for each other couple epi 34

Twinj comes down and Nikki compliments them.

Nikki- wow..u both are looking glamorous…and thk u so much kunj for organising everything so beautifully..

Kunj-bhabhi..u r saying like ishaan is nothing to me..he is the most special…so I had to

Anand-nikki. ..Twinkle…ur guests have came..come n attend them..

They leave..

Maya-ahh..someone is looking hot..

Kunj- yeah….he always looks..

He gets close to her and pins her to wall. Twinkle is watching. Kunj ups his chin and maya shies.

Kunj- maya’….u looking very very hot and s*xy today.. and ur bare back is —-ahh
He touches her back . And zips it.. Twinkle controls her anger in her fist..

Twinkle-kunj ..chii..I didn’t expected this from him…and see to maya..
Iski to..

Yuvi comes from behind and says control I have came na..everything will be sorted out..
Twinkle nods.

Kunj announces ishaan’s gift. A video is shown where kunj is roaming in a big palace. The name is written ishaan villa.. everyone claps.

Kunj- so..this is the first gift for my little ishaan..I love u to chachu.. he comes running and kunj picks him .

Ishaan-(in a childish voice) I love you too chachu..n the palace is so nice..

Anand- but u came u got dis idea..I mean itz so expensive..

Maya- ohh actually..on that day we had gone for seeing fitoor in that movie..ishaan saw it and asked kunj for it..

Twinkle-Maya u had gone to see movie with kunj..

Ishaan-yess chachi..and we all had so much fun…in sharing

Twinkle fumes.

A voice is announced. It is of uvi.. Kunj looks on. They hug . Maya flirts with yuvi.. Twinkle thinks yuvi knows how to deal with her..excellent now I wil thrash her.

Yuvi dances on happy birthday song with ishaan.  Maya asks kunj for a dance. Kunj nods and goes twinkle is sad.

They dance on tenu leke. Uvi calms twinkle. While kunj and Maya are dancing. Kunj stares twinkle and uvi.

Uvi- twinkle..calm down everything will be fine ..

Twinkle-yess uvi..but when..itxz more than enough now

Uvi-i know twinkle..but we have to do it.

Twinkle goes . Every couple joins kunj and Maya except uvi and twinkle.

Kunj-soo…who else has guts to compete  maya..

Twinkle-mee..I m gonna beat her

Kunj-twinkle she is dancer..u know dancing..

Twinkle-wait and watch…

Maya dances on tu issaq mera wearing short dresses. She tries to seduce kunj  Some women taunts . Uvi smirks and says this twinkle na..she knew what maya is upto..n it happened the same..wat a plan..

Twinkle dances on mohe rang do laal.. dressed as a bride. She points at kunj in whole song. Maya fumes. Everyone claps and nikki brings the cake for cutting. Kunj announces something. Twinkle is stunned. Kunj shows the divorce papers.. Twinkle breaks Down. Twinkle blames maya for this and slaps her back. Kunj is abt to slap twinkle but uvi stops. Kunj is angry.

Prexap-: twinkle and kunj tiff ..badi wali tiff ..kunj tells abt twinkle being pregnant with uvi’s child.. Twinkle packs her bag

Hi everyone.
How are you all?Smile
Actually i got some idea of writing an ff.

What will happen if twinkle comes to know that she is adopted, she is someone’s else daughter.
And at the same time twinkle’s step sister accuse kunj of rape attempt on her(mahi) and police arrest kunj?
Will twinkle be able to gather herself, that too when noome is with her because kunj is in jail?
Will twinkle believe mahi or will she trust kunj?
How will kunj react to all these things?
Will leela and rt do partiality with mahi and twinkle?

So how do you like my idea?
Plz do tell whether i continue this or not

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  1. awesme avantika :* we missd ur ff
    for so many days u didnt wrote

    1. ws my exams.dear..then also..I will.try to post next one soon

  2. Itss Amazingg Avantika!! Misse u a lot,, nd i liked ur idea, seems interesting! ; )

    1. Thnku so much sunaina …glad that u cmnted

  3. avantika whatever u write makes me feel whatever u idea is i dnt mind as long as u keep writing ..i have a request avantika can u write those three slot ffs? wht i mean is the short ones..they r just fab..and u ar n incredible writer!

    1. Sry tara..didn’t understood ur point..plzz clarify..and thnx fr the compliment.. :-*

      1. u remember ur three slot ff?? m talking abt that…can u plzz write another of that kind..they are amazing..

  4. fed up with kunj and maya i really like ur idea of accusing kunj in rape case go a head darling he should know what happens when our beloved people dont trust us and accuse for something

    1. Sudha di..that rape case will be a new ff of 2 to 4 epis only..and in this there will be a separation track as u all said..

  5. Awesome avantika ……next post jaldi…..

    1. Thnku rashi…

  6. Awesome
    Really liked your idea

  7. awesome.
    idea seem interesting plz continue

  8. after these days u r back wid this lovely ff & ideas…I really missed all ffs

  9. Nice, amazing avantika….. after a long time i missed ur ff

  10. great ideas avantika keep going

  11. great idea Avantika! i really like your idea. keep writing ur ff

  12. Mindblowing,keep it up avantika you are a best writter…… Your ideas is also superb but clear misundersting between twinkle and kunj…….

  13. Thnku aarush,sonali,,loveleen,sanu,prapti,tamanna,saibo..glad u all cmnted I think u all cmnted fr the frst tym..??

  14. No avantika i commented many times This is rlly nice

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