Twinj a made for each other couple epi 32

Kunj hurriedly comes down after freshing up for the office. He comes down and sees manohar tossing the coin and thinking something deeply. He looks angry. Kunj comes and greets him . As always Manohar ignored him. He sits beside him for a tapk and Manohar leaves. Kunj thinks what happened to him now..god knows. He calls twinkle and no one answers. Kunj angrily and loudly calls twinkle. Maya comes with a coffee in her hand. She is dressed up like twinkle. Kunj says maya u brought…..where is twinkle ..something wrng… maya nods in no. Kunj sips the coffee.. he doesn’t likes it and throws the cup away. Maya think my plan is working..gud gudd…kunj.see what I do now.. She acts crying and

kunj says- nooo maya …coffee is excellent but I am addicted to twinkle’s coffee..!!

Maya fumes in anger..
Maya- okk u wish..

Kunj- bt maya where is twinkle and maa and bebe..

Maya- actually kunj..they all have gone somewhere..

Kunj- together..??

Maya- twinkle was behaving weirdly tday..

Kunj- why..she said something to you..

Maya- yess..I mean noo..leave na kunj u go office..

Kunj- maya ..tell me..if she had said something bad..I will not leave her..

Maya- she she was talking to someone on phone .. And saying.. that she will end everything tday..and then happily ever after.. !! And when I asked her abt dis..she talked to me harshy…but u please don’t say anything to her..tumhe meri kasam..

Kunj nods and keeps her left hand on her cheek..

Kunj- why u are so good ..

Maya- coz I have a bestest friend and u know na company affects..

They laugh..

He goes.

Maya says kunj I love you..ohh god..can’t wait to become maya kunj sarna…yaaay

Scene 2

Twinkle bebe and usha are serving langar in gurudwara as it was usha-Manohar wedding anniversary.. usha hurts her hand and twinkle rushes to her. She holds her hand. Bebe come running and twinkle shows her hand in order to stop her. Kunj sees this but doesn’t know what the matter actually was..he was definitely scared by the he reacted like that. Kunj comes and slaps twinkle hard..

Kunj-how dare you…u came to this extent that u will hurt this bebe she loved u like her daughter and maa she always support you our wedding she made it done.. but you..Shame twinkle..

Twinkle is crying with her hand on her cheek.. she goes running.. Beebe calls her but Kunj stops .

Beebe says kunj this was not correct..matter was something else.. mai.kuch nhi suunna aap ma villlage chle jao..plzz
He folds hand.

Bebe and usha nods..

Kunj thinks… !!

Precap- Yuvi to come to sort the differences between twinj.. new entry..!!

I know it wss not long but u know abt exams I am not free actually.. sorry and a confession to all that a commentator told me. That my ff is totally different from the theme I.e. tashan-e to tell u that my that how a made for each other couple live a happy life aftrr many hurdles coming their way.. !

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  1. Thankss a lot for posting the epi avantika!! Nd its vry nicc

  2. Oh finally yuvi is not a villain here please is maya crap ko nikalo jldi nd bring twinj closer clear the mu nd i want a separation track where kunj realise he did all wrong please

  3. Its superb…its not different from theme..I love it..n u r superb writer….

  4. avantika it was awsme dear…u knw wt i had to search dictionary everytime b4 cmnting..u r a brilliant writer..nd all the best 4 ur u

  5. Avabtika dear it was amazing….lovely….post regularly….. I dying to read the next part…..

  6. Uuupppdddaaattteee fffaaasssttt. Dddeeeaaarrr………:):):)

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