Twinj a made for each other couple epi 31

Twinj is taking selfies .. a firecracker bursta and twinj look at each other . Twinkle coming towards kunj and training her index finger on his face  says kunj tday wass our first Valentine’s..and 
Kunj says and.. Twinkle says u made it so.special and memorable fr me. They look in each other’s eyes. Kunj says happy Valentine’s day twinkle Kunj sarna. Twinkle says happy Valentine’s day kunj sarna. Kunj wants to hug bt hesitate fr the first time.. Twinkle senses it and hugs kunj tightly. Kunj hug her back. Twinkle says kunj shall we go frm here..I need some privacy.. she bits her lower lip. And smiles. Kunj says as u wish biwijaan.. Twinkle says chlo phir.. They go with their hands interlocked. They reach the airport with their luggage. Twinkle feels sleepy. They sit in the waiting area. Twinkle sleeps on kunj’s shoulder. Someone is capturing their pics .

Their flight comes and they reach amritsar. Twinkle comes out of airport and takes a long breath. She says ohh soul finally come to me.. Kunj thinks why she said this..I think she was surely missing uvi.. he gets sad. And goes. Twinkle calls her from back. Kunj stops and says now what happened twinkle. Twinkle points towards her dress. Twinkle’s dress is.shown. she is wearing a black damaged jeans a red short top and grey jacket with a puff pony. Kunj says so what.. u lukng absolutely fine.. Twinkle says kunj we are going in Manohar sarna mansion.  Maa will get angry. Kunj says so what now. Twinkle says what waht.. we have to go fr shopping. Kunj says why is there no suit in ur suitcase. Twinkle says kunj so kanjoos take me fr shopping..please.. Kunj says ok come..drama queen. Twinkle smiles in a childish manner..

They reach sarna mansion..  Beebe welcomes them with all the rituals. Cherry fumes. Maya says don’t worry cherry this time their jashan-e-ishq will turn into tashan-e-ishq and then only tashan… she smiles viciously and acts innocent in front of kunj.

Maya- hey buddy ..howzz ur vacation..hope u enjoyed

Kunj-yeah.. bt I wish u would be der…we would have fun ovr der.

Maya-mee..kunj how sweet of you
Kunj- obviously..infact we all will go in some months aftr I get tym frm dis contract..

Maya-ohh ya..kunj am so happy for u..u got literally a big deal.

Twinkle-which deal kunj..u didn’t told me

Kunj-so what was a official matter.

Twinkle-so why to maya kunj.

Beebe-arey twinkle putter…come on…he might have happens sometimes

Maya-yepp twinkle..btw ur suit is bful.. Kunj purchased it right from inox mall .. how come u know

Maya-cmmon..I know kunj very well..itzz his fvrt place fr shopping..and red -black is his favourite color ..

Kunj pats her back.. Punjabi pataka.. u remember proud of you baby..
Maya -ohh kunj u na..They giggle among themselves.

Cherry- wahh maya is do Clever .. I will surely win this tym kunj..I couldn’t stop ur wedding b t not this time..I will surely ruin u..

Twinkle fumes seeing Maya and kunj together.. and acts tired.

Beebe- twinkle u look tired ..go and have some rest..

Twinkle-ji bebe

She goes.

It is 12 at night and kunj comes in room.

Twinkle says where were u Kunj is this the time..

Kunj – I was with maa and bebe and maya I didn’t saw time..

He starts sleeping..

Twinkle – Kunj talk to me what is this .. n why u said Maya baby u can’t say her baby..only I m ur baby got that..

Kunj-twinkle from when u started acting as daily soap biwis..

Twinkle-so what I m biwi so I will be that only..

Kunj-u know what I actually don’t care..

He sleeps..

It is morning.. Kunj comes out of sarna mansion.. he sees twinkle and yuvi together.. he spies. Twinkle is shown pointing a gun at someone.. kunj adjusts his position and tries to see the is bebe and usha tied with rope. Kunj shouts. Kunj runs and slaps twinkle.. Twinkle shoots bebs and usha.. Kunj shouts and breaks down..

Kunj wakes in shock. He is sweating heavily. He realizes that it was only a dream. He sees twinkle not in bed and the time to be 5:00 am .. he gets tensed..

Precap- bebe usha twinkle not in home.. Kunj sees twinkle wearing a burkha and going somewhere silently as a theif. Kunj follow

Thnk u again to all the commentors like tara,sudha,smc etc.. and tara ur ffs are jst awsm..I always comment bt don’t know y the page doesn’t I myself give yu a grand salute .. how beautiful you describe everything. And smc u are to fantastic..fabulous really spell bound..And mahira where are u .. rakshita and sanju ur episode analysis and ffs are also fabbbbbbbbbb… where are u..r u angry..?? If anyone is angry please do tell me .. and if my ff is boring or needs improvement please tell thst also..

Hope you liked the episode and didn’t got so much bore and wasted ur time..

Thanking you
Best regards

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  1. Avantika beautiful twists actually there is no fun Ewen there r no twists everytime we can’t keep Twinj together it gets boring and we twists come it brings them closer ur FF is awesome though I mention it on tara’s too….but what to do u’ll r just amazing writers and ur FF isn’t boring at all…..u,Tara,twinkle,Fatarajo and many more are awesum writers….??????

  2. yrrr please u r scaring me aage hi serial mein itni negativity hai please ff mein khatam kar do please is maya ka chap close kardo and clear of the misunderstandings between twinkle ad kunj

  3. awesme :* please update nxt part tomorrow avantika

  4. Superb avwntika….loved it dear…..

  5. Avantika its nothing like that….Nd we all gonna be angry with you…. U r such a bful writer…ur FF will someday kill me….its super awesome like u???

  6. hey doesn’t matter whether u comment or not i read ur ffs because i like u having said that u read it and liked it as well i would like to thank u…nd u r asking me how i describe thing?? lol..i think u forgot u r my obviously i learnt from u..ur three stol ff made me crazy and i wished that i could write like that…btw this epi was as usual fab..and yeah i agree wid smc..that twinjstaying together makes the ff boring so twists are required…don’t worry we love ur ff and u too…

  7. Plzzz clr d misunderstanding btw dem fst plzzzz

  8. Wow, what a twist!!!!!

  9. Wow! Itz wonderful dud, plz remove twinkle nd kunj misunderstanding.,

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